Swot analysis learnwell oy for segundas lenguas project june 2012


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Nuevas Tecnologías (SLNT) is an international project in the educational sphere involving partners from Spain, Italy, Romania, Latvia and Finland. A Swot presentation was done for each of the institutions in the partner countries, in order to highlight the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the language training field.

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Swot analysis learnwell oy for segundas lenguas project june 2012

  2. 2. SWOT ANALYSIS OverviewStrengths Weaknesses• Over 15 years of experience in LT and6 years in translations. •Small full time ”core personnel” S W• Competent teachers , translators and •Outsourcing a number of tasksIT personnel •Small office premises• Ability to work in differnt areas relatedto language and use different programs.• A very good relationship with socialpartners: ie. Swedish Cultural FundOpportunities Threats• Huge dissemination opportunities • Large competition in the field20.000+ followers on Scribd and of language training and O T20.500+ users on The Language Menu translationwebsite.• Extensive network of EU partners • New entrants, loosing clients• Corporate Language training – • Changing patterns in the worldonline assessment testing of work•Social media presence • Changing economic situation.•mLearning applications 5 June, 2012 Learnwell Oy www.learnwell.fi 2
  3. 3. SWOT ANALYSIS S Strenghts Translations Language Materials for training Translation and teachers interpretation, Complex website Training programs proofreading, in 18 languages for with 18 different editing services private and tools for teachers in 40 languages. corporate training to create teaching materialsStrength• High-quality,effectiveness.• Experienced, Strengthinspiring teachers • Free use of tools for• Tailor-make Strength registered users.courses, flexibility, • Web site addressedinteractive, up-to- • High-quality to teachers anddate material translations students•Flexible schedules •Good • Material bank• Long-term clients communication • Games •Good reputation • Picture gallery 5 June, 2012 Learnwell Oy www.learnwell.fi 3
  4. 4. SWOT ANALYSIS Weaknesses W Small full time Outsourcing Small office personnel tasks premises Weakness Weakness •Hidden costs Weakness• Flexibility problems •Risk of lack of customer Limitations in organizing• Availability of focus courses and otherfreelancers may change •Potential loss of managerial events control •Tied to financial situation of another party 5 June, 2012 Learnwell Oy www.learnwell.fi 4
  5. 5. SWOT ANALYSIS Opportunities O Extensive Dissemination network of EU opportunities partnersOpportunities Opportunities Opportunities•Coordination and •Extensive number of Opportunities • Organizing tailor-partnership in various followers on the Internet •Developing online testing made courses forinternational programs •Enlargement of domestic and system for major languages private and group-•Learning and experience international network •mLearning applications tuitionfor the future5 June, 2012 Learnwell Oy www.learnwell.fi 5
  6. 6. SWOT ANALYSIS Threats T Competition Economic New entrants situationThreats Threats Threats New entrants fromLarger competitors developing Economic situationmay offer lower countries like India, affecting both privateprices and corporate clients offering services at lower prices5 June, 2012 Learnwell Oy www.learnwell.fi 6
  7. 7. SWOT ANALYSIS Positive factors S O Corporate Language training – online testing Language training Major competitors do not use online testing for corporate clients High-quality translation and Good reputation interpretation Gaining unique International network experience of participation and5 June, 2012 coordination of projects Learnwell Oy www.learnwell.fi 7
  8. 8. SWOT ANALYSIS Negative factors W T Small full-time personnel Large competition •Third-party risk Outsourcing tasks •Finding reliable partners is time consuming5 June, 2012 Learnwell Oy www.learnwell.fi 8
  9. 9. SWOT SUMMARYLearnwell Oy is acting in three mainbusiness areas: language training,translations and creation of teachingmaterials.The company cooperates with variouspartners such as: high schools, privatelanguage schools, government-runeducational centers, communication andconsulting companies, cultural funds,Finland’s weekly English newspaper, SMEs,NGO’s.Learnwell is currently involved in a numberof international programs in the field ofeducation and training.The competition in this particular area isstrong, but Learnwell has however gaineda competitive advantage.