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Presentation on Single Sourcing Online Help and Classroom Training for Lavacon 2012 by Beth Gerber, Lightext

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  • TrainersPolicy and procedure writersDepartmental support personnelManagement as communicatorsOthers who create specific user support materials such as job aids, user manuals, etc.
  • Individuals Required to Facilitate the New ModelBlended knowledge and skills in training, writing, and business analysis Strategic thinkersThose who can work in partnership with their clients to ascertain end user and customer needs. Result: The Learning Professional
  • The Learning Professional Make up
  • Industry knowledgePrimary area of expertiseMust have added value in complimentary arenasCurriculum DesignPolicy and ProcedureSystems ManualsUser GuidesBusiness Analysis
  • Connect delivery by using the right toolsHave expertise on one or more applications for:Online help developmentComputer based training/simulationsWebinarsSkill building games Flow chartingTest scriptsSingle sourcing to other devices
  • Single source your contentUse the single source as the basis for all training and proceduresEnsure content is always readily available, accessible and up-to-dateCollaborate with business partners and other support persons to not duplicate effortsUse tools to enhance knowledge and ensure they are interconnected in the classroom and on the jobTeach individuals how to use learning tools and how to provide feedbackBuild partnerships, create learning plans
  • Learning Professional Example – (FRB – ACI systems training example)We were requested to develop training for a new online banking system. The bank was hiring several temps to augment their call center staff. These temps were to be trained on the new system, but also were to receive New Hire training, Sales and Service training, and email communication training. They also received some training on the “old” online banking system so that when they spoke to customers who had used the old system the reps were familiar with the old system.Needs Assessment - Our trainer (Laurel) did a needs assessment and realized that the project size and implementation timing requires more resources, we were able to make a case to the client to add resources to our project.Documentation / Training Materials - Our training team recognized that the best solution was to single source documentation that could be used for the training materials and incorporated into the bank’s online policy and procedure documentation for the Call Center representatives.User Acceptance Testing – As our lead trainer was developing the documentation/training material, she found problems and issues that needed to be addressed before the system went “live”. A daily conference call was held with the client’s project team to bring these action items to the client’s attention so they could be addressed and resolved. The client realized that our trainer did User Acceptance training for the system.Training Delivery – The lead trainer was also very involved in the scheduling and planning of the training delivery, and of course the delivery of the training itself. The participants were broken up into 3 groups and trained in phases. Training included a week long New Hire training, a 3-day Sales and Service and Email Communications training, training on the old online banking system and finally training on the new online banking system. Post Implementation – The lead trainer has also been involved in post implementation tasks.Although our resource was initially brought in to just write training curriculum, she is a true “Learning Professional” and brought all her skills to the table in working this project. As a result, she is continually requested by this client and works steadily.
  • Lavacon100712

    1. 1. Single Source Content for Classroom Training and Online Help Beth Gerber, Lightext, Inc.
    2. 2. About the Speaker Beth Gerber • President and Co-Owner of Lightext • Former banking Vice President • Consulting focus policy and procedure and customized training programs for the financial services industry • Training focus on Adobe software and Professional Development courses
    3. 3. A few of our clients…
    4. 4. and clients from the past…
    5. 5. ChallengesVision Frustrations
    6. 6. Uses of Policy & Procedure •Policies Only Regulatory & Audit •Subsets for Management Policy & •Online Help Procedure •Process Flows •On the job Desktop Training training •Classroom Online •Call Center Help •Help Desk •Systems Manuals Guides •Job Aids •User Guides
    7. 7. Traditional User Support Model • Trainers • P and P writers • Departmental Support personnel • Management as communicators • Others who create specific user support materials such as job aids, user manuals, etc.
    8. 8. Problems with the Traditional Model • Redundancy • No coordinated approach to learning • “It’s a training issue…" • Inconsistent, conflicting and insufficient content • Good documentation or training can get buried • New communications tools overlap old ones
    9. 9. Improving this learning model • Learning happens based on appropriate, clear and consistent communications • Trainers and writers recommend the best strategy for learning • Single sourcing of core content• Basis: 50+ combined years in training and writing and utilization of over 50 consultants on assignments
    10. 10. Individuals Required to Facilitate the New ModelBlended knowledge andskills intraining, writing, and Strategic thinkersbusiness analysis Those who can work in partnership with their clients to ascertain end user and customer needs. Result: The Learning Professional
    11. 11. The Learning Professional Make-up
    12. 12. The new baseline• Talent• Professionalism• Desire• Flexibility• Hard work and dedication• Aptitude• Ability to see beyond the paycheck VALUES
    13. 13. The new baseline• Industry knowledge• Primary area of expertise• Added value in complimentary arenas – Curriculum Design – Policy and Procedure – Systems Manuals – User Guides – Business Analysis KNOWLEDGE
    14. 14. The new baseline• Connect delivery by using the right tools• Expertise in applications for: – Online help development – Computer based training/simulations – Webinars – Skill building games – Flow charting – Test scripts – Single sourcing to other devices SKILL WITH TOOLS
    15. 15. Learn to think strategically• Single source for training and P&P• Ensure content is always readily available, accessible and up-to-date• Collaborate with business partners• Use tools to enhance knowledge• Teach individuals to provide feedback• Build partnerships, create learning plans
    16. 16. Improving Sustainability Single Source for Multiple Purposes Augment and Incorporate; Dont Duplicate Content Consider Optimum Organization for End User Online Library as a Foundation for Learning
    17. 17. New Online Banking System Learning Professional Training for Call Center Representatives Example #1
    18. 18. The Learning Professional’s Role• As a Consultant • As a Business Partner – Identify the learning – Implement solutions need that support your – Recommend the client, not your agenda appropriate learning – Always consider the solution ultimate customer need – Ensure the specific solution fits into the whole
    19. 19. Thank You!Beth @lightextincPam @lightextpamLightext,