Business english course


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Business english course

  1. 1. ACELPC Business English for Professionals ACELPC Business English for Professionals can help you: Improve your ability to do business with international clients and colleagues Enhance your employability Increase your chances of career progression Validate your English communication skills against international benchmarks and best practices Gain the respect of your peers and confidence of your bosses
  2. 2. Whoshould thistakecourse?• Business Professionals whowish to take their career to thenext step by improving theirEnglish language proficiency• Line Managers, DepartmentHeads, Corporate Officers whowill be able to contribute tothe company’s bottom line withimproved communication andpresentation skills• Ideal for non-native speakersof English who are employed Invest in your workforce talent potentialby companies of today ACELPC’s Business English for Professionals can help you benefit from employees who are able to use English todistinguished communicate effectively and confidently in a wide range of international business relations. Customized courses exclusively designed for your company’s employees will target the key topics identified as your immediate needs. This would be ideal for expanding companies and organizations that want to incorporate continuing education and training for their employees. • Develop employees’ business English communication skills We can customize • Live Online solution - Cost effective and innovative learning delivery that guarantees engaging learning courses specifically experience for corporate • No travel expenses accounts who want to • Structured training – interactive, flexible, and informal enhance the English • Manage employee participation and time with least impact on work productivitylanguage skills of their • Improve communication between international hubs employees. Contact • Structured way of monitoring professional development our Course Director • Standardize staff competencies, for more information. • Improve your recruitment quality, succession planning, and talent bench strength Email here
  3. 3. Course The ACELPC has designed the Business English for Professionals Course to enhance your language skillswithin a business environment. Where the main goal in business is to inform, influence and convince,the course aims to capitalize on improving your English communication skills to achieve success in Standard Business English Intensive Business Englishyour professional careers. Using real-life business organizations, scenarios and economic concepts The standard course takes you through ten modules The intensive course will add three additionalas the content base, you will be paying particular attention to topics close to your actual experiences of basic business communication, finance, marketing modules covering international business, business ethicswithin your own companies. Presentation and communication skills are developed in addition to and human resource management. This will take 100 and corporate social responsibility. Total of 132 hoursacademic writing enabling you to further enhance your knowledge for higher management functions hours of live online classes and group activities over a will be spent on live online classes and exercises overand even future education. period of three months. four months. Key Topics Key Topics The entire course will be taken online giving you the flexibility to manage your time and Corporate Organizations. Presentations.completing course work outside of your regular office hours. There will be live online classes with • Company profile, structure and history, • Good presentations: content, structure, preparation,our facilitator/instructor plus readings, group activities and assignments related to specific sub- • Vocabulary of corporate legal status, and language.disciplines of business. • Line departments and their respective • Business Affairs, Problem Solving, and Proposals responsibilities. • Accounting and Finance Key Facts • Reading and Understanding Financial Statements Class size is limited to a maximum of 3 Products and brands. • Global Economics participants. • Product descriptions and development. Class schedule is set at 8 hours per week, 2 • Word partnerships with ‘brand’. Human Resources hours per session. • Presenting products and its advertising campaign. • Vocabulary of employment. • Employment. Recruitment. Technology Requirements Marketing and advertising. • Motivation. Job satisfaction. E-mail account • Marketing terms. • Writing CV, application letters. • Words and phrases for advertising media and • How to conduct yourself in job interviews. Internet connection. Broadband is methods. recommended. Please contact your internet • Writing and presenting an ad analysis. *International Business service provider to determine your connection • Use of Social Media, Blogging, Advertisement, and • Understanding the global market and cultural fac- settings. Press Releases tors • International Travel for Business Web browser: Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Office Communication. • Attending and making the most out of International Netscape Navigator 4.7 or higher, Mozilla 1.0 or • The language of meetings, agreeing and Business Conferences higher, or Safari 1.0 or higher. Your web browser disagreeing. should be able to accommodate both JavaScript • Writing a business reports *Business Ethics and Java. • Good communicators, communication problems. • Understanding and living by business ethics • Practice decision-making skills. • Corporate Social Responsibility Once you complete the course, you will • Business press. Writing summaries. automatically become part of the ACELPC • Meeting People and Socialization *Customer Relations member community as a professional. Take • Telephone Conversations • Facilitating Customer Dialogue advantage of the many benefits such as free • Email communication • Tending to Customer Complaints newsletters, forums, member blogs and member • Understanding Consumer Behavior and Rights discounts for other courses. Visit www.acelpc. com/membership *Additional Modules for Intensive Business English Course
  4. 4. About ACELPC We are an international community of English language learners, professionals, administrators, and organizations. Our drive is to inspire and share unique experiences and translate these into growth opportunities that empower them to achieve their goals and be successful. We would like to be a part of your success. Our motivation is to support you every step of the way by providing teacher education, mentoring, continuing education, certification, accreditation, networking, advocacy, and access to valuable information and resources – anytime, anywhere. ACELPC takes advantage of the latest technology to bring forth professional relationships and network of organizations in the most innovative way. REgisTER NoW (this call to action box should link to adownloadable form for registration) Contact details, website, etc.