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20191121 Brotherhood Way Streetscape (Schools)

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November 21, 2019 Brotherhood Way Streetscape (Schools)

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20191121 Brotherhood Way Streetscape (Schools)

  1. 1. Brotherhood Way Streetscape Improvements November 21, 2019
  2. 2. • Update the community on the Parkmerced Vision Plan • Discuss proposed Brotherhood Way pedestrian and bicycle improvements and proposed removal of an existing pedestrian bridge PURPOSE
  3. 3. 01 02 03 04 05 Vision Zero/Better Streets Plan Parkmerced Vision Overview Brotherhood Way Improvements Brotherhood Way at Chumasero Dr Q&A / Comments and Next Steps
  4. 4. Vision Zero Better Streets Plan
  5. 5. CONVENIENT CONNECTIONS • Favor safe, convenient crossings on surface streets wherever possible instead of using pedestrian bridges and tunnels. • Provide pedestrian connections such as pedestrian bridges across barriers where at-grade crossings are not feasible, such as freeways or rail lines. BETTER STREETS POLICY Streets that support and invite multiple uses, including safe, active, and ample space for pedestrians, bicycles, and public transit, are more conductive to the public life of an urban neighborhood and efficient movement of people and goods than streets designed primarily to move automobiles. ACCESSIBLE • Ensure that streetscape and pedestrian projects meet universal design principles. • Install accessible pedestrian signals and pedestrian countdowns at all signalized intersections. BETTER STREETS PLAN
  6. 6. GETTING TO ZERO Rooted in a foundation of equity: STRATEGIC ACTIONS TRANSFORMATIVE POLICIES COMPLEMENTARY GOALS WHAT IS IT? Vision Zero SF is the City’s road safety policy that will build safety and livability into our streets, protecting the one million people who move about the City every day. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? • Adopted in 2014 as policy • Commits to building better and safer streets, educate public on traffic safety, enforce traffic laws, and adopt policy changes that saves lives. • Creates a culture that prioritizes traffic safety VISION ZERO
  7. 7. Parkmerced Vision Overview
  8. 8. Juan Bautista Circle SFSU Lake Merced St. Thomas More P A R K M E R C E D T O D A Y The Brandeis SchoolKZV
  9. 9. TIMELINE • 2007 Community Outreach Initiated • 2011 Parkmerced Vision Plan Approved • 2015 Development Phase 1 Application Approved • 2015-2016 Design Review Applications for Phase 1A and B Buildings Approved • 2017 Phase 1A and 1B Final Maps Approved with Street Improvement Plans (Permit Approvals Pending)
  10. 10. New Merge Lanes to Brotherhood Way Intersection Re-configuration Additional South-bound Lane Additional North-bound Left-turn Lane Additional South-bound Through Lane Additional North-bound Left-turn Lane Additional South-bound Through Lane Additional Points of Entry and Dedicated Right-turn Lanes Dedicated Right-turn Lane STREET NETWORK
  11. 11. St. Thomas More Neighborhood Retail 18 Acre Park Walking Paths SFSU Community Center Meadow Muni Realignment 8900 310K 68 ac Street Improvements School Athletic Fields
  12. 12. 300 Arballo 199 Vidal 1208 Junipero Serra 850 Gonzalez 455 Serrano 95 Chumasero 99 Chumasero 1218 Junipero Serra P H A S E 1 A & 1 B
  13. 13. Brotherhood Way Street Improvements
  15. 15. Proposed Brotherhood Way and Chumasero Dr
  16. 16. 9% GRADE
  17. 17. PEDESTRIAN AND TRAFFIC COUNTS Westbound AM Peak 1738 PM Peak 1637 Eastbound AM Peak 1538 PM Peak 1471 PARKMERCED EIR 2009
  21. 21. Discussion
  22. 22. Contact Us! 415.405.4666 THANK YOU!