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Kooperationsvertrag englisch


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Kooperationsvertrag englisch

  1. 1. KIEL NETWORK Sport & Inclusion Inclusion is ... ... the valorisation of a self-determined and equal-opportunity participation by all people in a societal life independent of their culture and ethnicity, age, gender, sexual identity, handicap or religion (philosophy).. To encourage inclusive Cultures To establish inclusive Structures To discover inclusive Practices With the support of: KIELNETWORKSport&Inclusion Organisation/ 1.KielerGesundheits-und Rehasportvereinvon1950e.V. FrankRötepohl-Bahlmann, 1.Chairman Landesbetriebssportverband Schleswig-Holsteine.V.–LBSV StefanSeidel, ViceChairman/Diversity KielerFenster–VereinzurFörderung sozialpädagogischerInitiativene.V. PeterSoost, ManagingDirector StiftungDrachensee KlausTeske, Chairmanoftheboard(CEO) LuftsportvereinKiele.V. RenéLancelle, 1.Chairman AlzheimerGesellschaftKiele.V. MarionKarstens, 1.Chairwoman SVFriedrichsortvon1890e.V. UlrichPaproth, incomingChairman KielerKanuKlubvon1921e.V. ThiloWeichert 1.Chairman TuSHasseldieksdamm Mettenhofe.V. Hans-JürgenBauer, 1.Chairman TuSHoltenauvon1909e.V. HolgerSchwarzenberg, 1.Chairman LandesvereinfürInnereMission inSchleswig-Holstein–Eiderheim VolkerZimmermann, Director LandeshauptstadtKiel–Beiratfür MenschenmitBehinderung MichaelVölker, Chairmanadvisoryboard SpecialOlympicsDeutschland inSchleswigHolsteine.V. UrsulaAlbrecht, Chairwoman
  2. 2. Kiel Sports Association is founding a network whose aim is to open for people who in the past were either totally unrepresented or under-represented. A first step of our joint endeavours is the participation and integration of ● People with constraints and limitations, ● People with a history of immigration, ● Socially deprived people, ● People of all age groups in existing and new proposals of the Kiel Sports Association. The cooperation will be a driving force and impulse generator to the realisation of new and overlapping sporting proposals which are more easily achievable in association. Together with highschools and other partners new ways will be found to create inclusive sport in Kiel. This cooperation in association serves the target of making it possible for the actors of the organising sports to forge links in the Kiel region on the theme of inclusion and to anchor inclusion in the structures and daily life of the associations. KIEL SPORTS ASSOCIATION COOPERATION AGREEMENT ON THE STRENGTHENING OF INCLUSIVE SPORTS Mission and Aims of the networks 1. Transparentcy and public-relations: A fundamental component of the networks is the equitable partnership of all participants on a level playing field. This is brought about through transparent representation and public relations. As shared objectives we see ● Sensitisation on the themes of Inclusion and Participation in the Kiel Sports Association seen from within and without; ● Active overlapping publicity for inclusive sports proposals; ● Improvements to the online content of sports information as much in individual websites as in links to this information via the Intus platform. ● Extension of the proposals in the framework of the “Fit in Kiel” brochure of Kiel City Council. PREAMBLE 2. Sports political lobbying: Sports politics should be taken into account in a balanced and responsible way in the development rese- arch where inclusive standards are employed in communications and improved. As strategic measures we envisage ● the alliance of interfaces of organisations, universities, and foundations at City and State levels. ● the construction of a sports infrastructure, creation of barrier-free facilities during renovation work and new construction of sports facilities and grounds.. ● the opening of regional sports centres to all target groups in the sense of an unrestricted range of sporting activities. 3. Association Development: In regular exchanges with the Kiel Sports Associations we see the potential opportunity for various sporting activities to be broadened and used. 4. Fundraising acquisitions: For the implementation of inclusive sports projects it is possible to develop these in cooperation with network support. For these projects the support of fundraising from subsidies would be advisable. 5. Networking structures: Cooperating members take it in turns to organise the working sessions. The Associations each take turns in organising the meetings. The preparation and coordination of meetings are organised with mutual support. Unaffected by this are the projects of the participating sports associations of the Kiel area. The costs of the meetings and proposals are born by the host association. For shared projects an appropriate budget is prepared and shared by the participant associations. 6. First organisation structures ... ... will be organised by a steering and strategy group. The network invites further associations and interested people to join the team and cooperate, this creating the development of inclusive sport in the Kiel area. Contact for the cooperation association: Gerd Neuner Peter Dohse Immelmannstraße 10 i · 24159 Kiel E-Mail: We thank the Kiel City Council and the Advisory committee for handicapped persons for the development of this project.