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Hans oum


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hans cuypers

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Hans oum

  1. 1. Flagship Project Open and connected higher education program Open Up Math 4TU.AMI
  2. 2. From which Universities are these exercises
  3. 3. Image CC BY EU2016NL “All teachers in [Dutch] Higher Education provide their educational resources freely in 2025, enabling reuse of each others educational resources.” "I call on institutions and educators to share and reuse educational resources both inside and outside their institution.”
  4. 4. Why Open Education?  Moral  Cost effective for learners  Marketing and profiling  Internal communication  Efficiency  Higher performance (better prepared students)  Research (experimenting)  Innovation Slide CC BY Robert Schuwer Open Up Math Project 4
  5. 5. Goals of the project  Strengthen the 4TU community  Create an environment where sharing and reusing is the norm  Work together where possible
  6. 6. Part 1: Community building Sep – Oct Define the community Sep – Oct Inventory of requirements (questionnaire and best practices) Sept – Oct Inventory comparable communities and way of working Oct – Dec Plan for setting up commnity Oct – De Plan community activities Open Up Math Project 6
  7. 7. Part 2: Creating and sharing educational resources Sept – oct Overview of used resources Sept – oct Invntory demanded learning resources in community Sept – oct Survey for legal aspects and technology Nov - Dec define pilot Jan-Jun pilot July - Aug evaluation pilot Open Up Math Project 7