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Leadership Brevard Class of 2020 Leadership Action Project Presentation: Keep Brevard Beautiful/Litter Quitter “Downtown Melbourne: From History to Sustainability”

LEAD Brevard's Leadership Brevard Class of 2020 Leadership Action Project Presentation: Keep Brevard Beautiful/Litter Quitter “Downtown Melbourne: From History to Sustainability”

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Leadership Brevard Class of 2020 Leadership Action Project Presentation: Keep Brevard Beautiful/Litter Quitter “Downtown Melbourne: From History to Sustainability”

  1. 1. Keep Brevard Beautiful: Litter Quitter Angela Kirshon, Alexis McGuire, Brandon Smith, Jason Berry, Kristen Just, Shane Lappico, George Panton, TC Bowers
  2. 2. Litter: Impact on Brevard County ● ABOVE AVERAGE: Americans discard 4.3 pounds of trash daily. Floridians average 8.3 pounds. ● PLASTIC: The top 10 items found during the International Coastal Cleanup have all been plastic (Since 2017) ● COST: Litter clean up in the US costs $11.5 Billion a year ● THE LAST STRAW: About 182 billion straws are used per year in the US ● RECYCLING: The US only recycles 4% of styrofoam containers. ● INDIRECT IMPACT: ○ Indirect costs include the degree to which litter reduces the value of real estate, deters a customer from entering a business, or a new employer from locating to a community. ○ The environmental outcomes of litter can have economic impacts. This includes lost tourism revenues, expenses for repairing vehicles, boats and ships, restoration of ecosystems, wildlife injury, and eventually the cost to human health.
  3. 3. Leadership Action Project Project / Action Plan / Goal “Downtown Melbourne: From History to Sustainability” ● The Leadership Action Project will serve as advocates for Keep Brevard Beautiful’s current “Litter Quitter” program. ● Litter Quitter is a FREE membership program for restaurants and businesses within Brevard County to encourage the reduction and elimination of single-use plastics and Styrofoam within the business industry. ● The team will work to introduce the Litter Quitter program to the Historic Downtown Melbourne restaurants, in cooperation with Melbourne Main Street. ● The team will be responsible for identifying restaurants in Historic Downtown Melbourne, giving educational material on the Litter Quitter program, inviting the business owners to attend a workshop, and then following- up with those businesses to encourage them to become part of the Litter Quitter family.
  4. 4. Level Up!Bronze Level: Skip the Straw *Must Meet at Least One* ● Ask first straw policy. ● Switch to a sustainable straw option such as paper, metal, reusable, pasta, agave, etc. ● Encourage customers to bring their own reusable straw Silver Level: Get Rid of Plastic! *Must Meet at Least One Plus One Bronze* ● Switch plastic bags to paper bags ● Encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags ● Switch plastic utensils to a sustainable option such as bamboo, corn-based, reusable, etc. Gold Level: No Styrofoam! *Must Meet at Least One Plus One Bronze and One Silver* ● KB Switch Styrofoam cups to a sustainable option such as corn-based, paper, reusable, etc. ● Switch to-go containers to a sustainable option such as corn-based, recycled plastic, paper, etc. ● Encourage customers to bring their own to-go containers ● Deck netting for waterside businesses programs/litter-quitter
  5. 5. Litter Quitter Member Benefits ● STICKER: A Litter Quitter window sticker notifying potential customers of your sustainability commitment. ● Promotional listings on the websites of program partners and social media spotlights ● Mentions of your company in press releases to local media outlets and promotion of your company at public outreach events ● Group pricing discounts on sustainable product lines from major supply distributors ● Networking and education opportunities via local sustainability summits ● An annually organized “day of support” driving new customers to your business ● Litter Quitter members can include their River Lagoon Green Business pledge
  6. 6. ○ Get 8 or more restaurants to join the Litter Quitter program. ○ Spruce up the marketing collateral ○ Foster an environment within the LAP team to help us grow as leaders.
  7. 7. Old Flyer New Flyer Outcomes/ Deliverables
  8. 8. Outcomes/ Deliverables ● Handouts: Creation of brochure flyers to present to restaurants owners and managers. ● Shirts: Designed shirts to create unified and professional look when presenting to restaurants. ● Receptive: Of the restaurants approached, all were receptive of the program and many of them were already doing one of the qualifying actions items in order to qualify. ● COVID: Then COVID-19 hit. ○ Proper follow up was not possible due to the restaurants being closed shortly after the presentations and a decision was made to respect their distance as they recovered.
  9. 9. Our Newest Litter Quitters ● We would like to give recognition to Brevard’s newest litter quitters! ● We were able to enroll 2.5 new businesses ● Maybe you've heard of them? ● Mustards Last Stand, and Mego’Malley’s also included. *Pending*
  10. 10. Outcomes/ Deliverables Impacts of COVID-19 ● Restaurant closures ● Owners priorities shifted to protecting their employees and keeping their business running ● Future is uncertain
  11. 11. Outcomes/ Deliverables Created 2nd brochure to accommodate membership for General Business Owners. ● Revisions to flyer were made featuring General Business Program details, thus expanding the focus beyond just restaurant memberships.
  12. 12. Recommendations for the Future ● The Surfrider Foundation Ocean Friendly Restaurant (OFR) members are growing in beachside areas. We recommend a KBB partnership with Surfrider Foundation to automatically include those Brevard businesses in the Litter Quitter Program who are members of OFR and in good standing. ( ● Vendor expo organized to feature available products for the program.
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