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The importance of the cv inspired by michael jackson | linked in

the cv is still the most important application element. read here why...

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The importance of the cv inspired by michael jackson | linked in

  1. 1. The importance of the CV inspired by Michael Jackson Published on May 26, 2019 Edit article | View stats Alexandra von Muralt Passionate Recruiter, CV-Consultant & Apocaloptimist 7 articles It is an open secret, that netflix is my other big love in life. Sun rising, everybody sleeping, I watch This-is-it, the documentary on Michael Jackson. ‘The importance of the cv’ was an article long on my mind, so forces are combined. More and more me and my recruiter- colleagues are approached with applications missing a cv. Many recruiting tools offer options to enter text or get it pre-populated through LinkedIn/ XING. 10-20s I spend for a first screen of an application. This is what I am looking for: -picture (Swiss Standard) -layout -nationality, work permit - residence details -phone-number - (can also provide me details on the resident) -LinkedIn- Link & Email address and then I enter the details of professional experience, length of positions, education, hobbies, IT skills and then (if any) the motivational letter. What does this have to do with Michael Jackson? In my humble opinion he has always been clear on what he is good at, where he needs others to assist him and was a true perfectionist. Authenticity another word for my view of him. And this is what I am looking for in a cv. I need to get all relevant details of the person to get an intuitive connection to check it towards our company culture. More than once I've supported an application through the cycle for the
  2. 2. personality and the belief in the potential of this person based on a perfect authentic cv. And if you are not good with words, get support in writing and layouting it, have it double- checked or look into what colleagues have created. To find the best job you need to have the best and most authentic application documents. The cv is (still) the core of it. I encourage all job-seeking and career-oriented individuals to check the above listed points and include them in your cv. Good luck in your efforts to find the job perfect for you! Report this Published by Alexandra von Muralt Passionate Recruiter, CV-Consultant & Apocaloptimist Published • 11mo 7 articles It's all about the cv still. It opens the door! #curriculumvitae #perfectapplication #career Reactions Like Comment 5 · 75 ViewsShare 0 Comments Add a comment… Alexandra von Muralt Passionate Recruiter, CV-Consultant & Apocaloptimist from Alexandra von Muralt
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