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Lab 2 Indirect Calorimetry


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Lab 2 Indirect Calorimetry

  1. 2. Materials Used <ul><li>TruMax 2400 Metabolic cart </li></ul><ul><li>Headgear </li></ul>
  2. 3. Methods Have the lay down for 10-15 minutes quietly and then put the mouth piece together and place on the subject and have the subject lay down again. During these 10 minutes the metabolic cart will being taking the V E (ATPS), F E O 2 and F E CO 2
  3. 4. How to set up a mouthpiece These are all of the pieces needed to construct the mouthpiece
  4. 5. How to set up a mouthpiece
  5. 6. How to set up a mouthpiece Using soap helps the green mouthpiece go on easier
  6. 7. Completed headgear with mouthpiece Whenever using a mouthpiece you MUST wear a nose clip! To disassemble: take mouthpiece apart, rinse all parts with warm water and then place in CIDEX solution