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Travel blogging beyond boarders


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An Introductory look at Travel Blogging

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Travel blogging beyond boarders

  1. 1. TRAVEL BLOGGING BEYOND BOARDERS & BOUNDARIES Discovering Overlooked Opportunity Through Travel
  2. 2. Jason Francis – Nomadness Head of Social Media •Social Media Manager •Consultant •Content Creator IG – Nightfall914 SNAP – SMediaSamurai Twitter - Trueomeganexus Contact:
  3. 3. Nomadness Travel Tribe The Tribe, created by Evita Robinson and stemming from her travel series Nomad·ness TV, is an urban, travel, online social community of over 13,000 members. We're the edgy, under represented demo in the international travel industry. In this invitation-only platform, we share stories, advice, photos and conversation about our personal experiences around the world. We are the new age travel movement! •Diverse millenials community. 60% age demo bracket of 21-45 y/o •Members - 80% female and 85% African- American •Hundreds of meet ups all over the world, many now, on a weekly basis
  4. 4. Travel Blogging 101 “If the foundation of your storytelling is not genuine introspection and honesty, you’ve put a cap on your success before you ever achieve it.”
  5. 5. Become An Authority In Time But Embrace The Present Journey •No need to pretend you know it all •Share in the detail the lessons and discovers •Make it more of a life experience vs. a mere trip
  6. 6. Professional Passion –Gardy Guerrier Style consultant and writer, turns his love for travel and his dedication to his homeland into a new business venture, Haiti Got It.
  7. 7. Professional Passion – Aniesia Williams Lifestyle journalist & brand consultant elevated her media clout and network ties to expand her business internationally into travel.
  8. 8. Professional Passion – Evita Robinson Nomadness Tribe founder took personal travel and expat experience to fuel video and personal blogging that laid the foundation for present day tribe.
  9. 9. Professional Passion – Jason Francis “I’ll never blow people away with the number of stamps in my passport or the amount of followers I have. I think outside the box to make travel, business and personal growth connect.”
  10. 10. Professional Passion – NOMADNESS RV 2013 As the growing movement and platform for travel and lifestyle content. Nomadness creates national cross country campaign which draws in sponsors in media, clothing, hospitality industries and more.
  11. 11. •Tourism Boards •Modes of Transportation •Hotels & Resorts •Media/PR Agencies •Clothing & Luggage •Tech Accessories Points of Entry
  12. 12. •Creating a digital storyboard of what you want to share and how goes a long way when traveling. •Serve your community different looks on various sites. •Give the running visual overview via Snapchat or IG Stories for real time moments. Flight, Sight-Eyeing, In the moment acts. • Share stand out moments and images via Instagram. Think Highlights. Consider linking IG to Twitter via IFTTT. •Present deeper long form thoughts on Facebook. Reflections while in your hotel. Perhaps a Facebook Live session. •Source all for your main blog about the experience. Platform Planning
  13. 13. •Aug 29th we launch a new digital product that will break down all barriers of entry to travel for the average person and travel savant, alike. •NMDN Conference Returns to NYC September 24th - Tickets at •Nomadness App Beta Launch Fall Future of Nomadness
  14. 14. Home Website - (Newbie Boot Camp To Join Tribe) Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram - @NomadnessTribe Facebook Page – Nomadness Travel Tribe (Web Series) Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram - @NMDN Conference All Things Nomadness