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190 621

  1. 1.     Lotus 190-621 Lotus REs Notes Domino 6: Building the Infrastructure 90 Q&A Version: L9.0                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
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  3. 3.    1. Luke wants to use a single computer to run two separate Domino servers. Which one of the followingtypes of servers should he use to accomplish this?A. A Virtual serverB. A Multiple serverC. A Clustered serverD. A Partitioned serverAnswer: D2. When viewing the NOTES.INI on the server, Joe noticed the task Rdebug in the ServerTasks= line.Which one of the following best describes this task?A. It enables the remote debugger for agents.B. It monitors the Administration Requests database for errors.C. It automatically detects bugs in agents running on the server.D. It monitors the server for agents that encounter errors when running.Answer: A3. During user registration, migration of users CANNOT take place from which one of the followingsources?A. EudoraB. Lotus cc:MailC. Microsoft MailD. Any LDAP Directory in an LDIF formatAnswer: A4. To which one of the following files does the Activity Log write activity information?A. Log.nsfB. Noteslog.nsfC. Serverlog.nsfD. Activitylog.nsfAnswer: A5. Rolf is setting up a Domino environment consisting of multiple domains. Which one of the following canhe do to make the addressing information from all of the domains available to the companys mobile Notesusers?A. Set up Cascading Address Books on the Domino servers.B. Add the MOBILE_DIRECTORY=1 variable to each users NOTES.INI file.C. Set up Master Address Books on the Domino servers and replicate locally to the users laptops.D. Create a Directory Catalog that includes each domains user information and replicate it to userslaptops.                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  4. 4.    Answer: D6. Which one of the following statements regarding the Certificate Authority (CA) is true?A. The CA issues Internet certificates only.B. Access to the certifier ID must be granted.C. The CA issues Lotus Notes certificates only.D. The CA issues both Lotus Notes and Internet certificates.Answer: D7. Joe is planning on implementing multi-user workstations within his organization. Joe is concerned thatmulti-user workstations will use up a large amount of space. Which one of the following features should heimplement to minimize the space requirements on multi-user workstations?A. Clean-upB. Daily RemoveC. Automatic DeleteD. Automatic RefreshAnswer: A8. Which one of the following best describes a centralized directory structure?A. A centralized directory structure is not supported.B. Only one server has a names.nsf and all other servers reference it.C. A small number of servers store a full Domino Directory, while most servers store only configurationinformation.D. A small number of servers store configuration information, while most servers store full Domino Directoryinformation.Answer: C9. The documents in the safetypolicies.nsf database contain many graphics. Users are complaining that thedocuments are taking too long to open. Which one of the following database settings can John enable toimprove performance?A. Disable graphic displayB. Display images after loadingC. Dont allow headline monitoringD. Document table bitmap optimizationAnswer: B10. Rolf is configuring Internet clustering. In which one of the following can he NOT place the InternetCluster Manager?A. On each server in the clusterB. On only one server in the cluster                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  5. 5.    C. On a single server outside the domainD. On a server outside of the cluster but inside the domainAnswer: C11. Which one of the following tasks must Monique do to access LDAP information on the Internet using aNotes client?A. Notes clients cannot access LDAP information from outside the Notes environment.B. Create "Accounts" in her Personal Address Book for each LDAP Directory she wants to access.C. Nothing. By pressing F9 or sending a message, Notes automatically references LDAP information fromthe Internet.D. Ask her administrator to create accounts in the Domino Directory for each LDAP Directory that isavailable in the Notes environment.Answer: B12. Brigid tried to create a unique user OU but could not do so. Which one of the following hierarchicalOU/O structures would prevent her from doing this?A. OU1/OB. /OU2/OU1/OC. /OU3/OU2/OU1/OD. /OU4/OU3/OU2/OU1/OAnswer: D13. In which one of the following should Jim define Activity Logging?A. Notes LogB. Activity LogC. Server documentD. Configuration settings documentAnswer: D14. Nancy, a Lotus Domino administrator for a large corporation, supports over 1000 Lotus Notes users.Nancy would like to standardize user desktops and automate client upgrades. Which one of the followingfeatures can help her do this?A. Policy documentsB. Upgrade documentsC. Client management documentsD. Workstation control documentsAnswer: A15. A workflow application was developed which required routing information to a different database. Whichone of the following should the Domino administrator do to enable document routing?                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  6. 6.    A. Create a mail in database document.B. Create a workflow routing document.C. Send the NOTES.INI parameter WORKFLOW_ENABLED=1.D. Add the database to the routing tab of the Server document.Answer: A16. Joe, a system administrator, is concerned that users in his organization are receiving too much spammail. Which one of the following features can Joe use to solve the problem?A. Spam controlB. Message controlC. Server mail rulesD. Mail restrictionsAnswer: C17. Koki, a Domino administrator, is trying to move a server within the certification hierarchy by running theAdministration Process task. He recertifies the server with a different certifier ID but the change never takesplace. Which one of the following causes the recertifying process to fail?A. The server has a hierarchical certificate.B. The Administration Process was enabled.C. The Certification Log was placed on the Domino Administrator workstation.D. A replica copy of the Administration Requests database was placed on every server in the domain.Answer: C18. Which one of the following best describes the way Activity Logging tracks server usage?A. Server, User, ProtocolB. Database, User, ProtocolC. Server, User, Domino Named NetworkD. Database, User, Domino Named NetworkAnswer: B19. Uschi must help users configure their Notes clients to use external mail directories for addressing mail.In order to access external mail directories, which one of the following must they create in their PersonalAddress Books?A. An Account document to enable the SMTP protocolB. A Location document to enable the SMTP protocolC. An Account document to enable the LDAP protocolD. A Connection document to connect to each server containing a directory they want to useAnswer: C20. Evan wants to see the replication topology map of his Domino domain. To see this topology, which one                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  7. 7.    of the following server tasks must he load?A. MAPSB. EVENTSC. REPORTD. TOPOLOGYAnswer: A21. Koki set up an ACL Change Monitor for the Domino Directory. At first, whenever ACL changes tookplace, notifications were sent to a specified person in another domain. Later, changes took place but nonotifications were received. Which one of the following could explain what happened?A. Routing was specified as the notification method. Routing was stopped.B. Logging was specified as the notification method. Logging was stopped.C. Relaying was specified as the notification method. Relaying was stopped.D. Replicating was specified as the notification method. Replication was stopped.Answer: A22. Cindy, an end user, accesses the server from her Lotus Notes client and an Internet client. Which one ofthe following statements regarding the synchronization of her passwords is true?A. Internet and Lotus Notes passwords cannot be synchronized.B. Cindy can synchronize her Lotus Notes and Internet passwords by clicking the Apply to Internet button inthe Change Password dialog box.C. Cindy can synchronize her Lotus Notes and Internet passwords by clicking the Apply to Internet buttonon in the security references dialog box.D. Cindys Internet password will be synchronized automatically with her Lotus Notes password if theadministrator has enabled this feature in a security sub-policy.Answer: D23. Which one of the following will synchronize changes to an application when changes to its designtemplate are made?A. UPDALLB. DESIGNC. REPLICAD. Only a manual design replace will work.Answer: B24. Hans, the server administrator, moves APP1.NSF to a server with more disk space. He sends an e-mailto all Notes users who access the database to alert them to the change. However, Notes users cannot findthe database even when they manually type the server name at the File - Open Database prompt. Whichone of the following links should Hans use to solve the problem?                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  8. 8.    A. ServerB. DatabaseC. DocumentD. DirectoryAnswer: B25. Evan set up several server monitoring tasks. Which one of the following lists of tasks describes what heshould have set up?A. REVIEW, EVENTS, COLLECTORB. STATISTICS, EVENTS, REVIEWC. EVENT, COLLECTOR, STATISTICSD. COLLECTOR, REVIEW, STATISTICSAnswer: C26. Jose is setting up Calendaring and Scheduling for two non-adjacent domains. In order to enablefree-time lookups between these two domains, where must the Calendar server be set up?A. In the target domain onlyB. In the querying domain onlyC. In both the querying domain and target domainD. In an intermediate domain adjacent to both the querying domain and target domainAnswer: D27. Evan loaded the AdminP server task. However, when he tries to use the process to perform namechanges, it does not work. Which one of the following databases did Evan forget to create?A. CERTSRV.NSFB. ADMIN5.NSFC. ADMINP.NSFD. CERTLOG.NSFAnswer: D28. An application was accidentally corrupted while undergoing routine maintenance. Which one of thefollowing would have prevented the system administrator from recovering the database using transactionlogging?A. The database was open during the backup process.B. The database used the Domino 6 On Disk Structure (ODS).C. FIXUP was not available to recover the damaged documents.D. The database had been specifically disabled for transaction logging.Answer: D29. Judy wants to enable compression for file attachments. Which one of the following should Judy do to                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  9. 9.    accomplish this?A. Select the Use LZ1 compression for attachments in the form properties.B. Select the Use LZ1 compression for attachments in the database properties.C. Select the Use LZ1 compression for attachments in the replication settings.D. Select the Use LZ1 compression for database attachments in the Server document.Answer: B30. Which one of the following might Pedro, a Notes user, lose in the process of recreating his NOTES.INIfile?A. TasksB. User ID fileC. Profile documentsD. ENVIRONMENT variablesAnswer: D31. Cheng enters the following at the server console: < memory.txtWhich one of the following describes what happens next on the server?A. An error message appears.B. Domino dumps the current memory image into a text file called MEMORY.TXT.C. Domino executes a batch of console commands contained in a file called MEMORY.TXT.D. Domino creates a file called MEMORY.TXT which contains information about available memory.Answer: C32. Which one of the following allows a server to become a passthru server?A. A Passthru documentB. A passthru setting in the Server documentC. A Connection document in the Domino DirectoryD. A passthru setting in the servers Location documentAnswer: B33. Several documents were replicated from a database on ServerA to a database on ServerB. However,one new document was not replicated. Which one of the following could have prevented the document fromreplicating?A. ServerB is not listed in a Readers field.B. ServerB is not listed in an Authors field.C. ServerB is not listed in ServerAs Access list.D. ServerB is not listed in the database Access Control List.Answer: A                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  10. 10.    34. Replica copies of the Projects database exist on all application servers in the Acme domain.1.The databases are synchronized via replication.2.The LocalDomainServers group contains a list of the servers in Boise, Sao Paolo, and Singapore.Which one of the following is the minimum level of access that LocalDomainServers must have to ensurethat document updates flow in both directions?A. AuthorB. EditorC. ManagerD. DesignerAnswer: B35. A discussion database has been handed off for deployment on ServerA and ServerB. ServerA has beengranted Editor access to ServerBs ACL for that database. Which one of the following changes will replicatefrom ServerA to ServerB when that database replicates?A. All changesB. Data changes onlyC. Design and data changes onlyD. New data changes, but not modifications or deletions to dataAnswer: B36. Which one of the following Lotus Domino security features enables finer-grained access control oforganizations, organizational units, and objects?A. RolesB. Extended ACLC. System access levelsD. Administration access levelsAnswer: B37. Which one of the following happens when the purge interval is shorter than the replication interval?A. The view indexes may not refresh after a replication.B. The database will force an unscheduled replication to occur.C. Users may not see the newest documents when they open a database.D. Documents deleted from one replica copy of a database can reappear.Answer: D38. The Administrators field in ServerAs Server document contains the group HUBADMINS . Jims namewas added to the group while Phils name was eliminated from the group. The server was not rebooted.Which one of the following describes Jim and Phils rights?A. Both Jim and Phil can remotely administer the server.                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
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