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190 956

  1. 1.     Lotus 190-956 IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration Update. 78Q&A Version: L9.0                                                                              
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  3. 3.    1. When a user removes a mail message with an attachment stored in DAOS, which of the following occursif the user is assigned a mail quota?A.The total attachment size is removed against the users quotaB.The total size of the mail message and attachment is removed against the users quotaC.The total size of any attachment stored in DAOS does not count toward the users quotaD.The total size of the mail message without the attachment is removed against the users quotaAnswer: A2. Your development team has modified the client download site for Lotus Traveler. All of the changes,though, are not being seen as the server is still pointing to the old directory and files. You have successfullymodified the Home URL in the Internet Site Document. Which of the following must also be modified?A.The servlet utilized by the Domino Web serverB.The NTS_WEBSITE_HOME parameter in the notes.ini fileC.Disable Internet Site documents in the Domino serverD.Make TCP port 8642 available to all users to see the new site documentsAnswer: B3. To help thwart unauthorized access to ID files in the ID vault, you can choose to require which of thefollowing?A.That someone with password reset authority approves all ID downloadsB.That only group names are placed in the vault security document in the Domino serverC.That the person fills out a download request in the vault to be approved by a vault managerD.That the ID vault be encrypted with a secret encryption key shared with only the proper administratorsAnswer: A4. In Lotus Notes 8.5, the start-up sequence has been reordered for users. Presume that the followingnotes.ini entry is configured:ENABLE_EARLY_AUTHENTICATION=0Which of the following occurs to the user experience?A.Users are not allowed to utilize Windows shared login                                                                              
  4. 4.    B.Users are prompted to authenticate before the Notes workbenchC.The Notes workbench appears, and users are prompted to authenticateD.Users are forced to utilize Windows shared login instead of Notes loginAnswer: C5. The following variable was found in a users notes.ini file:ENABLE_EARLY_AUTHENTICATION=0Which of the following will not function properly?A.Roaming userB.Authentication after the Notes workbench appearsC.The ability to log into the integrated Sametime clientD.The ability to recover user ID files from the server ID vaultAnswer: A6. Upon viewing the Administration Process activity through the statistics generated during administrationrequest processing, you have found a large number of Waiting statistics in one of the message queues.Which of the following would this signify?A.Administration Process threads are waiting for requests to processB.The administrator has pending Administration Process requests for approvalC.The server is processing requests without utilizing all the process handlersD.The request processing threads are busy running requests that take longer timesAnswer: D7. Which of the following causes a new server thread to be created that monitors all messages written to theconsole log file and duplicates these messages into another file?A.File log outputB.Notes text loggingC.Console log mirroringD.Server log duplicatingAnswer: C                                                                              
  5. 5.    8. Notes shared login allows users to start Lotus Notes with their Notes IDs without having to provide Notespasswords. Instead, which of the following do they need to provide?A.A secret passphraseB.A Windows passwordC.Passwords from more than one personD.An unlock code from the ID vault on their home serverAnswer: B9. Your Domino server has been configured for DAOS, and all mailfiles have also been enabledsuccessfully. In which of the following times will consolidation occur when a user saves an attachment thatmeets the defined DAOS size settings?A.ImmediatelyB.The next time the DAOS service runsC.After the user closes the current Notes sessionD.By the schedule defined in the server configuration documentAnswer: A10. Terry is working on a document in a database on a server that is DAOS- enabled. While in thedocument, Terry replaces the attachment with a new version. Which of the following occurs to theattachment in the DAOS store?A.The server adjusts references to the attachment in DAOSB.The server removes the reference from all mail files that pointed to that original file referenceC.The server removes the previous attachment entirely from DAOS and inserts the link to the newattachmentD.The server sends the full previous attachment to all user mail files that pointed to that original filereferenceAnswer: A11. While upgrading his Domino servers to 8.5, Clint is considering utilizing the Domino Attachment and                                                                              
  6. 6.    Object Service. He has not migrated all of his databases to the new on-disk structure (ODS), however, sothe option is not available. Which of the following steps can he perform to prepare them for DAOS?A.He can pre-enable them for consolidationB.He can create a program document to enable the featureC.He can change the file extension of the databases to .ns8D.He can create an Administration Process request that will process only when the databases areupgradedAnswer: A12. After enabling DAOS for a mail database on your server, which of the following compact tasks must berun on the database to complete the initialization for DAOS on that database?A.In-placeB.Copy-styleC.Revert databaseD.Discard view indexesAnswer: B13. You completed the process of upgrading your Domino server, and you are in the process of enablingDAOS for your user mailfiles. When can you enable the DAOS feature for mailfiles that will not be upgradeduntil a later date?A.ImmediatelyB.After the mailfile upgradeC.When users approve the mailfilemail file upgradeD.After running the required compact taskAnswer: A14. DAOS has been enabled on your Domino server for mailfiles in the Human Resources department.Which of the following compression types must be selected on the mailfiles for attachments?A.LZ1B.ZIP                                                                              
  7. 7.    C.CriderD.HuffmanAnswer: A15. Your current Domino server supports Domino Attachment and Object Service. The attachment storehas grown even though user mailfiles maintain only 90 days of mail data. Which of the following servercommands might be issued to force DAOS to delete unreferenced objects?A.Tell DAOSMgr PruneB.Load DAOS -collectC.Tell DAOS -validateD.Load DAOS Detach ObsoleteAnswer: A16. You have set the following variable for your Domino Attachment and Object Service:Defer object deletion for 100 daysWhich of the following results are obtained from this setting?A.Objects in DAOS are deleted every 100 daysB.Objects in DAOS are kept for only 100 days until they are deletedC.Objects in DAOS are linked for only 100 days to the original documentD.Objects in DAOS are kept 100 additional days after the last reference is removedAnswer: D17. When the Domino Attachment and Object service stores a ticket to a file attachment, in which of thefollowing locations is it stored in the document?A.As an attachmentB.In the object headerC.In the rich text bodyD.As a doclink notationAnswer: B                                                                              
  8. 8.    18. Kathy, the Domino administrator, issued a Show Server command on her Domino server. The followingshowed for the current status of Domino Attachment and Object Service:Read OnlyWhich of the following describes the explanation for this status?A.File attachments exist in the DAOS repository, and they are read when documents containing them areretrievedB.No file attachments exist in the DAOS repository, and all attachments are stored in their full size indocumentsC.If any file attachments are created in participating databases, they are placed in the DAOS repository andavailableD.All file attachments in the DAOS directory are specified as read only and may not be edited or removedfrom DAOS until it is unlockedAnswer: A19. Domino Attachment and Object service has been running on your Domino server. As the Dominoadministrator, you then select NSF for the field "Store file attachments in DAOS." Which of the followinghappens to attachments accessed and created after this change is successfully applied?A.Users can continue to modify and place attachments in DAOS until the administrator purges all from thestorage and replaces the database linksB.All attachments are moved back into the respective databases where the attachment headers are located,and new attachments are not placed in DAOSC.Any files already stored in the DAOS repository remain there, and documents containing those existingfile attachments are read from the DAOS repository but can no longer be modified thereD.DAOS immediately removes all orphaned attachments from the repository and removes the remainder asthe attachments are accessed. New attachments are placed in DAOS until all are accessedAnswer: C20. By default, in which of the following ways is the DAOS storage encrypted?A.No encryption is appliedB.Medium encryption by the server ID file                                                                              
  9. 9.    C.Strong encryption by the server ID fileD.Medium encryption for each user linked to an attachmentAnswer: A21. Margaret had encrypted the large object files when she activated DAOS for all her user mail files. Shehas been asked to change her configuration and remove the encryption. Which of the following will occur toexisting large object files when she performs this change?A.The file remains encryptedB.The file is unencrypted immediatelyC.The file is removed from the repositoryD.The file is no longer accessible after the change is madeAnswer: A22. The ACME corporation has implemented DAOS with encryption. To remove encryption on attachmentsin a large object file, which of the following steps must be performed after disabling it on the server?A.The server ID must be utilized to open the attachments to be unencryptedB.The user must open the attachment one time after the encryption setting is modifiedC.The user must resave every document that contains the attachments to be unencryptedD.The file must be deleted in every document that references it, so that it is deleted in the repository, thenrecreatedAnswer: D23. To force encryption on DAOS storage, which of the following notes.ini entries must be in place on theserver?A.ENCRYPT_DAOS=2B.DAOS_ENCRYPT_NLO=1C.ServerNDLEncrypt=1D.DAOSServerStoreEnc=0Answer: B                                                                              
  10. 10.    24. To utilize Domino Configuration Tuner, the person running the tool must have which of the followingrights?A.At least Designer access to the Domino Directory as well as Read access to the Domino server log filesB.At least Read access to the Domino Directory as well as "View console access" as defined in the serverdocumentsC.At least Read access to the Domino Directory as well as "View only administrators" access as defined inserver documentsD.At least Editor access to the Domino Directory as well as "Full access administrators" access as definedin server documentsAnswer: C25. The Domino Configuration Tuner has been generating exception errors in your Domino Administratorclient. Which of the following variables should be placed in your notes.ini to assist in troubleshooting theerror?A.DebugDCTB.DCT_Error_LogC.Quicktune_DebugD.ConfigTunerReportAnswer: C26. The Domino Configuration Tuner database in your environment contains outdated rule sets. In which ofthe following ways are new rules applied?A.The rules must be manually copied into your existing databaseB.The new template design is retrieved from Lotus and applied to the database with the new rulesC.The new rules must be manually created for your environment from the descriptors provided by LotusD.The Domino Configuration Tuner database must be replaced with a new version to apply the new rulesetsAnswer: B27. In Domino 8.5, when the router is running in a steady state and a new message is deposited in                                                                              
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