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190 622

  1. 1.     Lotus 190-622 Lotus REs Notes Domino 6 Managing Servers and Users 90 Q&A Version: L9.0                                                                              
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  3. 3.    1. Which one of the following statements about the Smart Upgrade database is TRUE?A. The database must have ODS version 41.B. The database must have the filename SMUPKIT.NSFC. The database must contain the relevent Notes R5 information.D. The database must exist on at least one server in the domain.Answer: D2. Jessica wants to assign an explicit policy to a user. Which one of the following documents should bemodified to assign the policy to the user?A. The policy documentB. The users Person documentC. The office Location documentD. The mail servers configuration documentAnswer: B3. Which one of the following explains why Hans cannot retrieve an HTML file which he knows is on theDomino server?A. The CGI scripts are not enabled.B. The default URL is set to ?Open.C. Hans has Depositor access to the Domino server.D. The HTML files are not located in the HTML directory listed in the server or Web site configurationdocuments.Answer: D4. Jims Notes workstations Smart Upgrade did not work. Which one of the following could be the cause ofSmart Upgrade failing?A. Jim did not access his mail database.B. Jims Personal Address Book has the filename JIM.NSF.C. Jims Location document does not correctly specify his home server.D. Jim does not have administrator access to his Windows 2000 workstation.Answer: C5. When is a policy selected for a particular user?A. During registrationB. During workstation setupC. When the users certifier ID is createdD. When the user accesses their mail serverAnswer: A6. Which one of the following statements about the compact server task is TRUE?                                                                              
  4. 4.    A. The compact process re-indexes views.B. By default, compact runs every day at 3 P.M.C. Compact may be scheduled via a program document.D. Compact is listed in the TASKS line on all Notes 6/6.5 workstations.Answer: C7. Amy is setting up session-based name-and-password authentication. Which one of the following isrequired for this to work?A. JavaB. CORBAC. CookiesD. JavaScriptAnswer: C8. In addition to Notes databases, which one of the following files on a Domino server should be backed upin order to ensure that new users can be created in case of loss of the server?A. The CACHE.DSK fileB. Certifier ID filesC. The users DESKTOP.DSK file.D. The servers BOOKMARK.NSF file.Answer: B9. Brie left the Create New Replicas field blank in a Server document. Who can create new replicadatabases on that server?A. No oneB. AdministratorsC. LocalDomainServersD. Everyone in the domainAnswer: A10. Roberts Windows 2000 Domino server has frozen with no error output on the servers screen or otherindication that anything is wrong. Which one of the following can cause this problem?A. The server was replicating with another server.B. The servers transaction log was being updated.C. Robert had forced mail routing to another server.D. Microsoft Windows Quick Edit mode was enabled for the server console window.Answer: D11. Which one of the following statements about Domino SSL server security is TRUE?A. SSL must be enabled for all server ports.                                                                              
  5. 5.    B. SSL can only be enabled for POP3, IMAP and SMTP.C. If a server is using SSL, users must access the server using a browser.D. You can require SSL connections for all databases on a server or for an individual database.Answer: D12. Bob left the Create New Databases field empty in a Server document. Who is authorized to create newdatabases on the server?A. No oneB. Administrators onlyC. LocalDomainServers onlyD. Anyone with access to the serverAnswer: D13. Which one of the following statements about transaction logging is TRUE?A. The transaction log is always named TRANSLG.NSF.B. Transaction logging must be enabled on all Domino 6/6.5 servers.C. All database changes are written to a transaction log in a batch.D. Transaction logging is enabled by default on all Domino 6/6.5 servers.Answer: C14. Suzanne, a Notes administrator, sets the "Allow Anonymous Notes connections" setting in the Serverdocument to Yes. Which one of the following levels of access will Bob, a Notes user, have when heaccesses a database with the following settings: -Default- Editor*/ACME - ReaderAnonymous - AuthorOtherDomainServers - NoAccessA. ReaderB. AuthorC. DefaultD. No AccessAnswer: B15. Jeff cross certified the Organizational Unit (OU) /NYC/ACME with his organizations /BOXOrganizational (O) certifier. Which one of the following statements are correct for this scenario?A. Users or servers with the /NYC/BOX certificate can access /ACME servers.B. Users with an ACME ID can access any of Boxs servers that have a /NYC/BOX certificate.C. Any user or server ID with the /NYC/ACME certificate can access any server in the /BOX organization ifthey have the appropriate cross certificate.                                                                              
  6. 6.    D. Servers with the /NYC/ACME certificate can access any server in the /BOX organization if they have theappropriate cross certificate but no /NYC/ACME users can access /BOX servers.Answer: C16. Josh has cross certified the /BOX organization to his /ACME organization. An administrator from theBox organization has cross certified the /ACME to the /BOX organization. When a /BOX server attempts toaccess a /ACME server, it receives a "You are not authorized to access this server" error. Which one of thefollowing could be the cause of this error?A. The Box servers ID does not contain a copy of the Acme certifier.B. The Box servers ID file needs to be updated with the cross certificate.C. The Box administrator needs to add the Box server to the LocalDomainServers group.D. The Box server has not been granted access to the Acme server in the Acme server document.Answer: D17. Raul wants to review reads and writes to databases from various Notes users. Where would he locatethis information?A. LOG.NSFB. DOMLOG.NSFC. ACTINFO.NSFD. ACTIVITY.NSFAnswer: A18. Amy wants to decommission an existing source server. Before transferring the applications, she runs aDecommission Server Analysis report. Which one of the following types of information does this toolprovide?A. Source server information onlyB. Target server information onlyC. A comparison between source server and target serverD. A detailed report of everything transferred from the source server to the target server once the transfertakes placeAnswer: C19. Karen uses the Administration Process (AdminP) to move a users mail file to a different mail server.Which one of the following must Karen do in order for the new mail file to be created and the old mail file tobe deleted?A. Update the users Location documents.B. Modify the mailserver field in the users Person document.C. Approve the deletion of the old mail file in the ADMIN4.NSF database.D. Give the user rights to create new databases on the new mail server.                                                                              
  7. 7.    Answer: C20. Dawn used the Administration Process (AdminP) to convert a non-roaming Notes user to a roamingNotes user. In which one of the following does the Administration Process update the users status fromnon-roaming to roaming?A. Person documentB. Server documentC. Location documentD. Configuration documentAnswer: A21. Which one of the following processes ensures that group names in ACLs are updated when anadministrator changes the name of the group in the domains Domino Directory?A. UpdateB. UpdallC. ConvertD. Administration Process (AdminP)Answer: D22. Jennifer is moving a user from /Madrid/ACME to /Boston/ACME. Which one of the following will sheneed to perform this task?A. The Web Administrator clientB. Just the destination certifierC. Author access to the domains Domino DirectoryD. Both the /Madrid/ACME and the /Boston/ACME certifier ID filesAnswer: D23. Maria got married and changed her last name. She needs to have her name changed in the DominoDirectory. Which one of the following actions did the administrator use to change Marias name?A. Edit PersonB. Move to FolderC. Rename Selected PeopleD. Recertify Selected PeopleAnswer: C24. Orin changes the name of a group using the Domino Administrator client. How often does theAdministration Process (AdminP) update group names in Author and Reader Names fields?A. DailyB. HourlyC. Weekly                                                                              
  8. 8.    D. ImmediatelyAnswer: C25. Jonathan has been moved out of one group and into another. How long before this change will beeffective throughout the seventeen servers in his domain?A. One hour.B. Immediately.C. It is dependent on the replication schedule for NAMES.NSF.D. The Administration Process (AdminP) will change his group membership throughout the domain within24 hours.Answer: C26. When a user is deleted from the Domino Directory, which one of the following tasks must be approvedin the ADMIN4.NSF database by the administrator before the Administration Process (AdminP) performsthe task?A. Remove the user from groups.B. Delete the users mail database.C. Add the user to a Terminations group.D. Remove the Person document from the domains Domino Directory.Answer: B27. Which one of the following may cause the error "You are not authorized to use the server on remoteconsole"?A. The user is not authorized to use the server.B. The server does not allow remote administration.C. The users ID file is not cross certified with the server.D. The person is not listed in the Administrators field of the Server document.Answer: D28. Jose wants to see the replication topology map of his Notes domain. To see this topology, what must hedo?A. Load the MAPS EXTRACTOR server task.B. Load the TOPMAP EXTRACTOR server task.C. Load the MAPTOP EXTRACTOR server task.D. Load the TOPOLOGY EXTRACTOR server task.Answer: A29. Which one of the following may cause the error "You are not authorized to access the server"?A. The users ID file has expired.B. The servers ID file has expired.                                                                              
  9. 9.    C. The cross certificate exists on both directions.D. The Access List in the Server document denies the user access.Answer: D30. Which one of the following types of information is stored in an .NSD file?A. Current server statusB. Notes storage directoriesC. Information regarding a system crashD. HTTP access information for the serverAnswer: C31. Both ServerA and ServerB are in the Acme domain and in the same Domino Network Name. What isthe minimum number of Connection Documents needed for replication to occur in both directions?A. TwoB. OneC. ThreeD. NoneAnswer: B32. Which one of the following may prevent the Administration Process (AdminP) from updating a usersname in their ID file?A. The user accepted the name change.B. The CERTLOG.NSF database does not include a copy of the users certificate.C. The users name is not listed in the Domino Directorys Access Control List (ACL).D. The user did not accept the name change in the first twenty-four hours after the administrator initiated it.Answer: B33. An agent that is designed to run "On schedule more than once daily" does not complete. Which one ofthe following could cause this problem?A. The agent must be initiated by user action.B. The agent can only run hourly, weekly or monthly.C. The developer must start the agent manually the first time.D. The agent has exceeded the value in the Max Execution Time in the Agent Manager settings of theServer document.Answer: D34. Koki, a Domino administrator, is trying to move a server within the certification hierarchy by running theAdministration Process task. He recertifies the server with a different certifier ID but the change never takesplace. Which one of the following will cause the recertifying process to fail?A. The server has a hierarchical certificate.                                                                              
  10. 10.    B. The Administration Process was enabled.C. The Certification Log was placed on the Domino Administrator workstation.D. A replica copy of the Administration Requests database was placed on every server in the domain.Answer: C35. Which one of the following would be helped by using the Mail Trace feature?A. A user cannot read encrypted e-mail.B. All mail messages to a particular user are not routing properly.C. Mail is not routing from outside your domain to your domains mail servers.D. Mail messages from one user in your domain are not routing properly to external users.Answer: B36. Geoff wants to force replication of NAMES.NSF between ServerA/Acme and ServerB/Acme. Which oneof the following console commands will accomplish this?A. LOAD REPLICATIONB. REP SERVERA SERVERBC. REP SERVERB/ACME NAMESD. TELL SERVERA REP SERVERB NAMESAnswer: C37. Both ServerA and ServerB are in the Acme domain, are correctly listed in DNS, and are in the sameDomino Network Name. How many Connection Documents are required for mail to route from ServerA toServerB and from ServerB to ServerA?A. OneB. TwoC. ThreeD. NoneAnswer: D38. What is the minimum level of access a Notes 6/6.5 user must have to run the Out of Office agent?A. AuthorB. EditorC. ManagerD. DesignerAnswer: B39. Which one of the following may cause the error "Unable to find path to server" on a Notes workstation?A. The users ID file has expired.B. Servers hostname is not resolving.C. The Personal Address Book has been deleted.                                                                              
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