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190 701

  1. 1.     Lotus 190-701IBM Lotus Notes Domino Application Development Update 86 Q&A Version: L9.0                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
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  3. 3.    1. Sally has a JavaScript library design element in a Domino application that was last signed by a developerwho no longer works for the company. What new feature can she use in ND7 to resign that single designelement with her ID?A. Edit the JavaScript library design element and resave it.B. Highlight the library in Domino Designer and click the Sign button.C. Click the Sign button on the Design tab of the Design Properties box.D. Launch the Administrator client and use Tools - Sign - Script Libraries.Answer: B2. Jose needs to modify a Domino application that has a Web service as part of the application design.Where can he find the Web service design element?A. Other - Web ServicesB. Shared Code - AgentsC. Shared Code - Web ServicesD. Shared Resources - Web ServicesAnswer: C3. Tony has deleted a Shared Column in Domino Designer, but it was still used in a view. What will happento that column in the view?A. The column will remain in the view.B. The column will be flagged as "hidden".C. The column will be deleted from the view.D. Domino Designer will not let you delete a Shared Column that is still being used in at least one view.Answer: A4. What information is reported on the Profile document for an agent that has been profiled?A. Class, Method, Operation, Calls, TimeB. Statement, Execution Count, Execution TimeC. Start Time, End Time, Total Statements ExecutedD. Agent, Server, Statement, Calls, Milliseconds RunAnswer: A5. Bertha has a number of open Notes documents in her Notes client, and she would like to quickly close allthe tabs at once. How can she do this?A. Actions - Close All TabsB. File - Close Current OpenC. Actions - Close Current OpenD. File - Close All Open Window TabsAnswer: D                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  4. 4.    6. Jackie has a number of shared actions in her Domino application, and she needs to make sure the actionbuttons are all using standard Notes icons. What new feature in Domino Designer can she check to find thisinformation?A. The Icon Type section of the Design Synopsis.B. The shared actions design column for icon type.C. The Icon field in the Shared Action property dialog box.D. The Find Shared Actions button in the Action Bar design element.Answer: B7. Gail has a complex column defined in an existing view in her Domino application. She would like to usethis column in four other views. How should she make this a shared column to be used in the other views?A. Select the column and choose Create - Copy As Shared Column.B. Select the Share this column option in the Column Properties dialog box.C. Copy the column into the other views and choose Share this column in the Column Properties dialogbox.D. Copy the column from the existing design and paste it into the Shared Column design area in DominoDesigner.Answer: A8. Rebecca has a number of shared actions in her Domino application, but she needs to quickly determinewhich actions display in the action bar and which actions display in the menu. What feature in DominoDesigner can she check to find this information?A. The Shared Action Location section of the Design Synopsis.B. The Location field in the Shared Action property dialog box.C. The Find Shared Actions button in the Action Bar design element.D. The shared actions design columns for action bar and menu locations.Answer: D9. Tony needs to change a Shared Column formula, but he needs to know what views will be affected bythis change. How can Tony determine which views use a specific Shared Column?A. In Domino Designer, Tools - Find Shared ColumnsB. In Domino Designer, File - Database - Design SynopsisC. In Domino Designer, Design - Design Properties - Shared Column UseD. In Domino Designer, Shared Columns - Who is using this Shared ColumnAnswer: D10. Tom needs to add a form alias named frmInvoice to his Invoice form design element. How can he addthis information to the form design?A. Add the alias in the Alias field in the Form Properties dialog box.                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  5. 5.    B. On the Object tab in the Programmers pane, select Alias and add the form alias.C. Select the Invoice form in the Domino Designer client and click in the Alias column to edit the alias.D. Delete the existing form and recreate it, specifying the alias name when the form is initially created.Answer: C11. Tony has created a Shared Column to display the processing status of an order. The target views for theShared Column do not share a common display format. Can Tony still use a Shared Column in his views?A. No, because Shared Columns must all use the same format.B. Yes, but the column display format will not match the rest of the view.C. Yes, by selecting "Use Formula Only" when adding the Shared Column to the view.D. No, because Shared Columns automatically use the format of the previous field column.Answer: C12. Chaz has a number of action buttons in the action bar of his view. The action buttons are already usingall the available space in the action bar, and he must add five more options. What is an alternate methodChaz can use to make those options available to the user?A. Remove the icons from the Action buttons.B. Set the Action buttons to "Compress to fit".C. Set the Action Bar Display Height to "Double".D. Set the Action button to "Include in right mouse button menu".Answer: D13. Paul is viewing the list of form elements in the Policy Invoice application. He moves the right edge of theName column in the Domino Designer list to show the complete form name. How can he make sure that thewidth of the column retains this setting?A. Design - Preferences - Retain column widthsB. Tools - Designer - Retain column widths in DesignerC. Domino Designer column widths are persistent between sessions.D. File - Preferences - User Preferences - Retain column widths in DesignerAnswer: C14. Chris has written a LotusScript agent that is taking longer than expected to run. Which steps should hetake to analyze the agents performance?A. File - Tools - Remote LotusScript DebuggerB. Select "Profile This Agent" in the Agent Properties.C. Select "Enable agent profiling" in Database Properties.D. Add "Option Profile" to the "(Options)" object in the agent.Answer: B15. Which option controls the frequency of the AutoSave process?                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  6. 6.    A. Actions - AutoSave - Every nn minutesB. Edit - AutoSave - Save every nn minutesC. AutoSave Frequency on the Design tab of Database PropertiesD. File - Preferences - User Preferences - AutoSave every nn minutesAnswer: D16. Brittany is designing a view in her Domino application where three columns in the view should becolored based on user preferences. Is this possible?A. Yes, because Domino Designer now allows multiple user-defined color columns.B. No, because Shared Columns only allow a single user-defined color column in a view.C. No, because Domino Designer only allows a single user-defined color column in a view.D. Yes, because she can use Shared Columns to create multiple user-defined color columns.Answer: A17. Joe would like to add a short comment to his Invoice form design to let other developers know what theform should be used for. How can Joe add this information to the form design?A. Add the comment information in the $$Comment field in the form design.B. Add the comment information to the Comments tab in the Form Properties dialog box.C. Add the comment information, by selecting Comments on the Object tab in the Programmers pane.D. Add the comment information by selecting the Invoice form in the Domino Designer client and clicking inthe Comment column to edit the comment.Answer: D18. Scott is designing a web form that will be used with screen readers for visually-impaired users. Heincludes a table in the form to list products, price, and availability. How can he design the table to allow thescreen reader to properly interpret the information audibly?A. Select "Accessibility Enabled" in the Table Properties box.B. Create a style sheet with a style of "Aural" for use with screen readers.C. Select "Column Header" in the top row of cells in the Table Properties box.D. Select "Enable for screen readers" from the top row of cells in the Table Properties box.Answer: C19. Jeff selected the option to disable the exit prompt when closing the Notes client. He no longer receivesthe exit prompt when exiting Domino Designer. Can he disable the exit prompt for the Notes client and havethe exit prompt enabled for Domino Designer?A. No, because Domino Designer does not access the notes.ini file.B. No, because both the Notes Client and Domino Designer are controlled by the same setting.C. Yes, by deselecting the "Do Not Prompt When Exiting Domino Designer/Administrator" preference usingFile - Preferences - User Preferences menu option In Domino Designer.                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  7. 7.    D. Yes. By default the exit prompt is enabled for the Notes client and disabled for Domino Designer. Heneeds to select "Prompt When Exiting Domino Designer" from File - Preferences - User Preferences.Answer: B20. Tonya must ensure that only users with the [Administrator] role can edit the Price field on the Productform. The other fields on the form are editable by all users. How can Tonya restrict who can edit the Pricefield?A. Place the field in a computed subform.B. Use an Input Enabled formula of @IsMember([Administrator]; @UserRoles) on the field.C. Select the [Administrator] role in the forms "Who can edit fields in this document" property.D. Use a Computed For Display field and hide when formulas to display the field value to users without the[Administrator] role.Answer: B21. Wes needs to programmatically set the method for validating DXL that is being exported. What propertywill accomplish this?A. NotesDOMParser.ValidationStyleB. NotesSession.DXLValidationStyleC. NotesDXLExporter.ValidationStyleD. NotesDOMParser.DXLValidationStyleAnswer: C22. Mark wants to use @Command([DiscoverFolders]) to check which folder(s) contain a certain document.This command does not appear to be working for him. What property should Mark check?A. Folder Properties - Allow Folder DiscoveryB. Database Properties - Allow Folder DiscoveryC. Form Properties - Dont Maintain Unread MarksD. Database Properties - Dont Maintain Unread MarksAnswer: B23. Joanna needs to check to see if the Administration ECL in the name and address book is locked. Whatfunction will give her this information?A. @AdminECLIsLockedB. @IsAdminECLLockedC. @GetAdminECLStatusD. @AdministrationECLStatusAnswer: A24. Sally has to check for errors on her @DbLookup command for a dialog list field. Which supportedcommand should she use to determine if theres an error?                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  8. 8.    A. @FalseB. @IsErrorC. @IfErrorD. @NotFoundAnswer: B25. Dennis needs to determine if a Notes setting cannot be changed due to policy rules. What function willgive Dennis this information?A. @PolicyIsFieldLockedB. @IsPolicyFieldLockedC. @GetPolicyFieldSettingD. @PolicyFieldUnavailableAnswer: A26. Deborah has been turning the LotusScript debugger on and off throughout a development session.Where does Domino Designer notify the user about the LotusScript Debugger status?A. A pop-up alert message.B. No status message is displayed.C. The status line of the Domino Designer client.D. A scrolling message in the status line of the Domino Designer client.Answer: C27. John needs to determine if his Domino application is running within the Workplace client. WhichLotusScript property can be checked for this information?A. NotesSession.WCTEnabledB. NotesUIWorkspace.WCTEnabledC. NotesSession.IsEmbeddedInsideWCTD. NotesUIWorkspace.IsEmbeddedInsideWCTAnswer: D28. Bas has a Java agent which is not working properly. He wants to use a debugging tool to analyze thecode. What is the first step that Bas needs to take to enable debugging for his Java agent?A. File - Tools - Java Debugging PreferencesB. Debugging is always enabled for Java agents.C. Include the "import java.debug" class in the Java agent.D. Launch a JPDA-compatible debugger like Eclipse with notes.jar included in the CLASSPATH variable.Answer: A29. What port should be designated to connect the Notes agent and the debugger?A. Port 1352                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  9. 9.    B. Any unused portC. The current http portD. The default port designated for the debuggerAnswer: B30. Francis wants to write a LotusScript agent that obtains a NotesDocumentCollection of documentsmodified since a certain time. What LotusScript method does Francis need to use?A. NotesDatabase.GetDocumentsSinceB. NotesDatabase.GetChangedDocumentsC. NotesDatabase.GetModifiedDocumentsD. NotesDatabase.GetAllModifiedDocumentsAnswer: C31. Russell is using Eclipse to debug a Java agent he has written in Domino Designer. When he imports theJava code into Eclipse, it will not compile. What does he need to do to correct this?A. Add import ibm.eclipse.* to his Java agent.B. Import the Notes.jar file into the Eclipse Java project.C. Eclipse can debug the Domino agent without full compilation.D. Select "Enable external debugger" in the Agent Properties before exporting the code.Answer: B32. Linda needs to set the URI of the schema for the DXL being exported. What property will accomplishthis?A. NotesDOM.SchemaLocationB. NotesSession.DXLSchemaLocationC. NotesDXLExporter.SchemaLocationD. NotesUIWorkspace.DXLSchemaLocationAnswer: C33. What must a developer do before the command to show a documents folder location(s) can be used?A. Select the Database Property for "Maintain Folder Unread Information".B. Ensure that there is at least one shared folder design element in the database.C. Ensure that at least one embedded outline has "Maintain Folder Unread Information" selected.D. Select "Enable document folder tracking" from File - Preferences - Designer Preferences with DominoDesigner.Answer: C34. What is the definition of "binding" for a Web service?A. The language format of the Web serviceB. The compile options for the Web service                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  10. 10.    C. Execution parameters for the Web serviceD. A WSDL protocol and data format specification for a port typeAnswer: D35. Lorraine is examining a WSDL file for her Domino Web service. What role does the Message elementhave in the file?A. It stores the actual data being sent to the Web service.B. It defines messages that can be displayed to the end user.C. It defines error messages that can be returned to the browser.D. It is an abstract definition of data being communicated to or from the Web service.Answer: D36. Shirley has created a Stock Quote Web service in her Domino application. She wants to share theWSDL file with another developer so they can understand and use the Web service. How can sheaccomplish this?A. Copy the Stock Quote web service code and email it to the developer.B. Have the developer access the web service with the ?ExportWSDL URL parameter.C. Click "Show WSDL" at the top of the Stock Quote web service design element and email it to thedeveloper.D. Click "Export WSDL" at the top of the Stock Quote web service design element and send the output fileto the developer.Answer: D37. Parker is examining a WSDL file for his Domino Web service. What role does the Types element have inthe file?A. It defines the data types used in the Web service.B. It defines the method types returned by the Web service.C. It defines the types of access allowed by the Web service.D. It defines the browser client types that can support the Web service.Answer: A38. Shelley has written a Web service in her Domino application and would like to test the service locally.How can she do that?A. Export the WDSL file to a local drive, launch a browser, and then open the WSDL file using the browser.B. Select Tools - Web Service - Run Agent from the Domino Designer menu, and then change the URL toappend OpenWebService or WSDL.C. Open the Web Service, select Preview In Browser, and then change the URL to reference the name ofthe web service followed by OpenWebService or WSDL.D. Open a form or page design, preview it in a browser, and then change the URL to reference the name of                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
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