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000 011

  1. 1.     IBM 000-011 IBM Tivoli AP Dependency+Discovery Mgr V7.1 Implementation 156 Q&A Version: I9.0 www.CertifyMe.com  
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  3. 3.    1. A customers Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) administration staff notices that many jobs are runningbeyond the Final job stream 24-hour cycle.How can you address this issue within TWS without changing the times the jobs run?A.adjust the start time of the production dayB.request that users log off from the RDBMS during its peak production loadsC.have the TWS administration team adjust business critical production schedulesD.have TWS administrators reorganize the TWS RDBMS backend database, thereby optimizing itsperformanceAnswer: A2. In which file are the local options stored for a Tivoli Workload Scheduler workstation?A./Localoptions.txtB./mozart/localoptsC./localoptsD./mozart/globaloptsAnswer: C3. There is a file named TEST_r3batch.opts in the methods directory of an FTA.Which of the following is known about the installed extended agent? (Choose two.)A.it is a z/OS extended agentB.it is an SAP extended agentC.it is a PeopleSoft extended agentD.name of the hosting FTA is "TEST"E.name of the extended agent is "TEST"Answer: BE4. Which utility encrypts the Extended Agents password?A.riddleB.enigmaC.r3batchD.encryptAnswer: B5. How can you prevent a job stream from launching without confirmation by an operator?A.specify the Requires Confirmation parameterB.define a prompt dependency on that job streamC.specify a start time when the operator can monitor the job streamD.specify an external dependency on the job stream that is never submitted to the planAnswer: B www.CertifyMe.com  
  4. 4.    6. A production job was released with priority 0 on a workstation with fence 0. What command run on theworkstation scheduled to run the job would execute the job?A.none, because the workstation fence is 0B.conman "altpri ; 10"C.conman "deldep job ; priority"D.conman "fence ; 10"Answer: B7. When using DB2 for the Tivoli Workload Scheduler database, which script(s) should be run after runningthe ResetPlan scratch command?A.dbreorg onlyB.dbrunstats onlyC.dbreorg and dbrunstatsD.db_reorg and db_runstatsAnswer: C8. You are creating a DB2 tablespace during a Tivoli Workload Scheduler installation on an existinginstance of DB2. You receive the following error:System attempted to write to a read-only fileHow can you resolve this problem?A.ignore the error and continueB.re-install DB2 in a different directoryC.give write permission to the read-only file and re-install DB2 as a different userD.give write permission to the parent directory of the tablespace directoryAnswer: D9. What is the source for the most current list of required fix packs and kernel parameter settings requiredby Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) V8.4?A.GoogleB.Release NotesC.TWS Software SupportD.TWS Product Documentation CDAnswer: C10. What is the earliest version of Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) engine that can be upgraded to V8.4 asdocumented in the Planning and Installation Guide?A.TWS V7.0B.TWS V8.2.1C.TWS V8.2 at fix pack 10 www.CertifyMe.com  
  5. 5.    D.TWS V8.1 at fix pack 11Answer: C11. On a Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) agent, in which file is the current installed TWS fix pack leveldocumented?A./localoptsB./log/install.logC./config/TWSverD./version/patch.infoAnswer: D12. Which kernel parameters must be set to install and use a Fault Tolerant Agent?A.nflocks, maxfiles, and nprocB.nbuf, maxfiles, and maxfiles_limC.No kernel parameter changes are required.D.msgsys:msginfo_msgmni, semsys:seminfo_semmniAnswer: C13. Where are the Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) 8.4 installation prerequisites, disk space, and memoryrequirements documented?A.TWS 8.4 User GuideB.TWS 8.4 Release NotesC.TWS 8.4 Reference ManualD.TWS 8.4 Administration and TroubleshootingAnswer: B14. Which DB2 release is a prerequisite for a Tivoli Workload Scheduler V8.4 Master Domain Managerinstall on Solaris 10?A.DB2 6.8B.DB2 7.1C.DB2 9.1D.DB2 9.0.1Answer: C15. Which three can Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) V8.4 use as its database? (Choose three.)A.DB2 RDBMSB.a local Oracle RDBMSC.a remote DB2 RDBMSD.a local Informix RDBMSE.a remote Sybase RDBMS www.CertifyMe.com  
  6. 6.    F.a local TWS 8.2 databaseAnswer: ABC16. On which three operating systems is the Master Domain Manager supported on Tivoli WorkloadScheduler V8.4? (Choose three.)A.Tru 64B.AIX 5.3C.SUN Solaris 9D.IBM i5/OS 5.3E.Ubuntu Linux ServerF.Microsoft Windows 2003 ServerAnswer: BCF17. A customer needs to implement a high degree of network security in their environment.What is the best way to achieve this objective?A.implement a "Centralized Security" modelB.force agents to use SSL connectionsC.assign umask a value of 000 to all users on all serversD.remove "world writable" permissions from all of the Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) binary filesAnswer: B18. A customer needs to implement a high degree of TWS security in their environment.What is the best way to achieve this objective?A.implement a "Centralized Security" modelB.force all logins to use SSH instead of telnetC.assign umask a value of 000 to all users on all serversD.remove "world writable" permissions from all of the Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) binary filesAnswer: A19. Consider the following workstation definition:cpuname ibm_cpu4os unixdomain cpu4for maestrotype managerautolink onbehindfirewall offfullstatus onend www.CertifyMe.com  
  7. 7.    Which type of Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) workstation is this?A.UNIX Extended AgentB.UNIX Domain ManagerC.Master Domain ManagerD.UNIX Fault Tolerant AgentAnswer: B20. A Fault Tolerant Agent based in California (GMT-8) is hosting a SAP R/3 Extended Agent pointing to aSAP instance in Austin (GMT-6). A SAP job is launched by Tivoli Workload Scheduler at 09:30.At what time would this job run on the SAP instance?A.09:30B.11:30C.07:30D.13:30Answer: B21. Which statement is true about setting up an SSL Network connection in a Tivoli Workload Scheduler(TWS) network?A.The TWS network is more open to spoofing.B.One can configure this just between two workstations.C.All the workstations must be on the same operating system.D.When this is enabled, all TWS, JSC, and WebSphere connections will communicate on a secure port.Answer: B22. Which type of Tivoli Workload Scheduler agent is most appropriate to use on a workstation that can onlybe reached over a very slow network connection?A.Standard AgentB.Domain ManagerC.Fault Tolerant Agent with compression enabledD.Fault Tolerant Agent with Full-Status and resolve dependencies setAnswer: C23. A customer needs to install a Tivoli Workload Scheduler Master Domain Manager on UNIX, but thedefault temporary directory does not have enough free space where /opt/tmp does.Which syntax should be used?A.chfs a size=+40960 /tmpB.SETUP.bin is:tempdir /opt/tmpC.customize update space /opt/tmpD.twsinst new mdm -tmp /opt/tmp www.CertifyMe.com  
  8. 8.    Answer: B24. A customer needs to run jobs on a remote UNIX system but does not have Tivoli Workload Schedulerinstalled.Which method allows a job to be executed?A.pscpB.llagentC.netmthD.unixrshAnswer: D25. Given that the start of the production day is defined as 14:00, what time should the Final job stream bescheduled to launch?A.14:01B.13:59C.12:00D.immediately after JnextPlanAnswer: B26. After several modifications to a customers start of day procedures, their Final job stream is set to launchone minute after the start time.What effect will this have on their production?A.The Final job stream will run as scheduled.B.The Final job stream will loop continuously.C.The Final job stream will never run successfully.D.The Final job stream will need to be run manually.Answer: A27. What command would a TWS administrator use to lengthen the current production plan by two hours, ifthe current date is mm/dd/yyyy, current time is 0800h CST, and the Start of Day is 0600h CST?A.JnextPlan -for 0200B.MakePlan -for 0200C.JnextPlan -len 2 hourD.JnextPlan -from mm/dd/yyyy -to mm/dd/yyyy +0200Answer: A28. Where should the DB2 database be located when installing in a production environment, with both aMaster Domain Manager (MDM) and Backup Master Domain Manager (BMDM), in order to provide themost resilience?A.on the MDM only www.CertifyMe.com  
  9. 9.    B.on the BMDM onlyC.independently on bothD.on a separate database serverAnswer: D29. Which types of installers are available to install a new TWS FTA on Solaris? (Choose three.)A.pkgaddB.twsinstC.installpD.twspatchE.ISMP GUIF.ISMP SilentAnswer: BEF30. Which statement is true about installing WebSphere Application Server - Express for Tivoli WorkloadScheduler (TWS)?A.It can be installed from a DB2 installation CD.B.It can be installed by running was_setup.bin from the TWS installation CD.C.It can be installed from a WebSphere Application Server Express installation CD, which is providedseparately.D.WebSphere Application Server - Express is installed automatically, during the TWS ISMP install.Answer: D31. Which command should be used for a command line install of a new Tivoli Workload Scheduler agenton UNIX?A.customize new uname maestro thiscpu mars master earth company IBMB.SETUP.bin new uname maestro thiscpu mars master earth company IBMC.twsinst -new -uname maestro -thiscpu mars -master earth -port 31111 -company IBMD.install_tws new uname maestro thiscpu mars master earth port 31111 company IBMAnswer: C32. When installing a Master Domain Manager using Oracle as the RDBMS vendor, what must havealready been created for the Oracle database? (Choose three.)A.tws oracle userB.data tablespaceC.database tablesD.reports tablespaceE.raw tablespace viewsF.temporary tablespace www.CertifyMe.com  
  10. 10.    Answer: BDF33. What happens if an existing oracle user is specified as the Tivoli Workload Scheduler Oracle user wheninstalling a fresh instance of a Tivoli Workload Scheduler V8.4 Master Domain Manager?A.installation process switches to the default name of TWSUserB.installation process assumes that the schema is at the right levelC.installation process queries the oracle database and requests a new userD.installation process upgrades the current database schema to the new versionAnswer: B34. Amongst others, which of the following user rights assignments are needed for a Windows user account,under which a Tivoli Workload Scheduler agent will run? (Choose three.)A.PowerUserB.AdministratorC.increase quotasD.log on as a batch jobE.log on as a serviceF.log on as a domainAnswer: CDE35. When installing a Tivoli Workload Scheduler agent on an AIX platform, which account must be used?A.rootB.db2inst1C.D.AdministratorAnswer: A36. Which file must be launched to start the installation when installing a Tivoli Workload Scheduler agenton a Windows platform?A.setup.binB.setup.exeC.twsinst.binD.twsinst.exeAnswer: B37. Which twsinst parameter must be specified when installing a fresh instance of a Fault Tolerant Agent?A.-newB.-thiscpuC.-install_dirD.-expanded www.CertifyMe.com  
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