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Secondary Schools
of the Future

Traditional secondary schools Present day secondary schools

looked and felt a have refine...
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Secondary Schools of the Future


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Secondary Schools of the Future

  1. 1. Secondary Schools of the Future Traditional secondary schools Present day secondary schools looked and felt a have refined the model little like faC’t0rieS and did a reasonable job and are happier and preparing citizens to work in one. more positive places 9 " . w. ’ . .. ~, 1 e. ;- I _ but still have many of . . —~ ; ;‘~. ‘-. - . «. - 7‘"7- the core structures _ at »‘= if , T‘ _ _ ' designed for that original purpose. Secondary schools of the future need to be: We know that there are -focused on competencies very few factory jobs . U ' -student-centered and about left now, and those that engagement instead of compliance do exist are highly it is criticai 7 -highly collaborative and tech—friend| y technical in nature. that we keep assessment _ _ _ practices moving fon/ vard. It IS time for a more substantial change. Schools need to look more like a modern workplace. It is true that we need to adapt the system The transition will need —fewer partitions and more to include: cross—curricu| ar work —internship opportunities -presentation skills while it is in —community connections motion. . -IDS, PBL, and inquiry 'b'9 k? '°Ck_5 Of " ’i“‘ia r —DL and face to face _ learning time and the further reievance and service as well as. -flexible days 7 growth of; -programs of choice blended leamlng —trades and dual credit 9“Vl'°”me“t5 It all accelerates with the new Ministry currulum. Build Structures to One day, learning will be almost Th I t rt t ff ' . - de5e?2p’rZ"§i’ir§ction ? #o"V‘? fig iifi‘~a'l‘d. entireiv <= °-desi9ne<*- is to support teachers These can be There will be no and principals through job imbedded: timetables, no bells, and the changes to perhaps even no grades. instructional design. - —instructional teams _ _ gzfiaéwggfiiwll -PLC time at schools ' 6* -staff meeting time used for I o learning conversations so how win we ' v " or! get THERE? -school learning plans Our students will have deeper, These can aiso be District Start with a v A 4 more relevant, and more opportunities: clear vision and<I l> satisfying learning experiences. . . . . . a strong D V 4 -instructional design specialists ratioriaie -i-hey wiii graduate and be -assessment and reporting then agree on . workplace and/ or post-secondary °°mmmee5 ready -release time for teacher in uir C°mm°n ‘ language. -relevant learning We will be developing confident life- opportunities co- Iong learners who are ready for created with the union whatever the future hows for them‘ The strategic use of implementation Day is also very important.