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SD 48 (Sea to Sky) Pathways to Learning Committee Day 2


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SD 48 (Sea to Sky) Pathways to Learning Committee Day 2

  1. 1. i3 imagine • inspire • innovate PATHWAYS TO LEARNING COMMITTEE DAY 2We are honoured to be learning on the Traditional Territory of the S ḵ wxwú7mesh ̱ Úxwumixw and St’át’imc Nation.
  2. 2. The Purpose of Our Time TogetherTo set direction for education in our district.We are going to collaborate to co-create answersto three questions:1.What do we feel students need to know and beable to do for success in the future?2.How will we know? What evidence will convinceus that our plan is working?3.What actions will we take to help students getthere? How will we respond when students are notlearning?
  3. 3. Recap of the First Day• Our own and each other’s thoughts• Input from our community• Review of the research
  4. 4. Our Purpose TodayLooking at the future for our students … … by co-constructing the words (outputs) for ourgoal statement
  5. 5. Checking For Understanding• Guiding our thinking:1. An Aboriginal perspective: The Medicine Wheel2. Thought Expert: Howard Gardner’s Five Minds
  6. 6. The Argument Clinic•
  7. 7. Groups for CompetenciesLEARNSusan WhiteheadBev DawsonRyan Massey CONTRIBUTEJoanne Fogolin Juanita ColtmanApril Lowe Cathie PetroneLynne Bouchard Margot Murdoch Nick PascuzziCREATE and INNOVATE Tina SherlockHeather Lafreniere Katrina DohertyLouise Wick Sean CarterDiane HartChris Vernon Jarvis COLLABORATETina Plumb Scott McLaganGerri Galloway Jackie Williams Leslie DrinovzTHINK CRITICALLY Tamara BeatonPaul Lorette Elise MaskellKelly Jensen Dave DunkinRosalynne McFaddenCarl WalkerHenry WilliamsRick Price
  8. 8. Carousel Feedback Model• Work with your group to refine the bullets (language) under your assigned word• After completing your competency “bullets”, we will rotate and review and edit the work of each of the other groups• Finally, you will get 5 minutes back with your own work
  9. 9. Consens-O-Gram• Highly Agree: I am excited to move forward with this work!• Mostly Agree: I can live with this outcome!• Somewhat Agree: I somewhat agree with our document but have the following concerns still:
  10. 10. Snowball Fight!
  11. 11. Human Bar Graph• How committed are we to these words?
  12. 12. Groups for Principles of LearningSusan WhiteheadHeather Lafreniere Jackie WilliamsCathie Petrone Kelly JensenRyan Massey Paul LoretteLisa McCullough Leslie Drinovz Carl WalkerTina SherlockScott McLagan Gerri GallowayBev Dawson Elise MaskellJulie Thevarge Rosalynne McFaddenMarilyn Caldwell Dave Dunkin Chris Vernon JarvisNick PascuzziTina Plumb Lynne BouchardJuanita Coltman Tamara BeatonApril Lowe Henry WilliamsIan Kent Peter Jory Rick PriceKatrina DohertyJoanne FogolinSean CarterDiane HartMargot Murdoch
  13. 13. Principles of Learning• What are the Principles of Learning?• Table Discussion re: handout• Use Google Drive to create, edit, and place POL’s on the shared page
  14. 14. What is a Socratic Circle?• A Socratic Circle is constructivist strategy in which participants engage in a conversation to collectively seek a deeper understanding of complex ideas.
  15. 15. The Inner and Outer CirclesOuter Circle Inner Circle
  16. 16. Dialogue versus Debate1. Collaborative 1. Oppositional2. Listening to find 2. Listening to find flaws agreement and meaning and weaknesses3. Enlarges and possibly 3. Affirms one’s own changes point of view point of view4. Complicates positions and 4. Simplifies positions issues and issues
  17. 17. The Inner Circle Question•What will ourclassrooms look like asstudents demonstratethese skills?•What might teachersneed?•How will we know if thestudents are acquiringthese skills?
  18. 18. The Outer Circle Question• Reflect on what you heard from the inner circle• What action planning do we need to consider as we move forward?• In what ways might we communicate the plan to the community, teachers, and students?
  19. 19. Reflection• Please record your thoughts on the last two days while the slide show runs
  20. 20. In Closing:Thank you for a great two days. Safe travels.