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Setbc powerpoint for resource meeting feb 2013


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Setbc powerpoint for resource meeting feb 2013

  1. 1. Novel Studies by Jane
  2. 2. Question• How can we engage students in reading (Novels)?
  3. 3. Joe’s Non Net Book
  4. 4. Novel Studies from a UDL perspectiveProvide…. Pur pos• Multiple Means of Representation e• Multiple Means of Action and Expression• Multiple Means of EngagementTo find out more about the UDL Guidelines go to
  5. 5. Multiple Means of RepresentationSee it, Hear it, Feel it, Interact with it
  6. 6. Think about Reading differently• A key understanding: the new English Language Arts IRP focuses on “Reading/ Viewing and Listening ”…. unless the learning outcome has something to do with “decoding and phonological awareness”, you have more choices than you think 
  7. 7. Remember in order to use ARC-BC you need to…• be a BC Educator• be registered• have a hard copy of the book• use it with student(s) with Perceptual Disabilities physical restrictions, visual impairments, comprehension disabilities
  8. 8. Definition of Perceptual Disability• Canadian Copyright Act (CCA) definition… “perceptual disability” means a disability that prevents or inhibits a person from reading or hearing a literary, musical, dramatic or artistic work in its original format, and includes such a disability resulting from severe or total impairment of sight or hearing or the ability to focus or move one’s eyes the inability to hold or manipulate a book, or an impairment relating to comprehension
  9. 9. RFT file in MS Word Tip• You can easilychange thefonts, size,colours in MSWord toaccommodatestudents withlow vision orprocessingneeds …youcan do this onother devices
  10. 10. Simple e-text (e.g..txt, .rtf) add symbols•Add symbolsby pasting intoClicker (PCSor SymbolStix) orBoardmakersymbolate.
  11. 11. Simple e-text (e.g..txt, .rtf) different devices• iDevices (iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod)
  12. 12. Kurzweil (.kes)ARC-BCKesi orKurzweilVersion
  13. 13. Kurzweil Novel Reading Tips•Can ChangeTool Bar basedon the Task•When readinga novel selectPleasureReading forincreasedFluency
  14. 14. MP3 • Audio only files you can listen on… o computer o iDevice o Android devices o MP3 players o Smart phone• How to info ARC-BC under the Training Tab
  15. 15. ARC Tips• Use the Search terms to narrow down your search• You can download each chapter or scroll to the bottom of the selection and download the Entire Book
  16. 16. ARC Tips• If the book or format is not on ARC-BC use the “Request a Title” form…
  17. 17. curriculumSET Easier leveled version of novels in… • Kurzweil • Clicker • Classroom Suite • Some version have built in comprehension and vocabulary checks •Put ‘Novel’ as the search term
  18. 18. Types of Leveled Novels
  19. 19. Kurzweil
  20. 20. Kurzweil with Bubble Notes
  21. 21. All, Most, Some Very Simple, often errorless, work well with touch screen, switches Simple, provides a few choices A little more complex but still easier than Grade level
  22. 22. Clicker All
  23. 23. Clicker Most
  24. 24. Clicker Some Table of Contents
  25. 25. Clicker Some
  26. 26. Types of Leveled Novels
  27. 27. Kurzweil and Clicker Adapted Book Creation WorkshopWe are building workshop materials so teams can created …• leveled versions of novels in Clicker (there are templates to do this on curriculumSET)• built in comprehension and vocabulary support using bubble notes in the ARC-BC Kurzweil version of the novel or a leveled version
  28. 28. There are many ways to Read a book…
  29. 29. Student Book Club
  30. 30. Other places to find alternate text and e-text resources
  31. 31. Multiple Means of ExpressionDifferent ways to show what you know…
  32. 32. Think about Writing Differently• A key understanding: the new English Language Arts IRP focuses on “Writing and Representing”…. unless the learning outcome has something to do with “complete sentences and correct punctuation,” you have more choices than you think 
  33. 33. ARC-BC Davies and Johnson Adapted Written Output Units• Over 180 of these unit are available electronically on ARC-BC (put Davies and Johnson as the search term)• You need to own a copy of the original unit to use it• Use Kurzweil to read unit and respond using text notes, voice notes, drag and drop, stick notes, circle tool, highlighters• If not in ARC-BC scan and create a PDF using the school photo copier and Virtually Print it into Kurzweil!
  34. 34. Davies andJohnson
  35. 35. ARC-BC Kurzweil NovelsAdd sticky notes, highlights, voice notes, footnotes, text notes, bubble notes, circles to the novel to …• Show comprehension• Connect with real life• Support vocabulary• Make predictions• Show story elements• Pretty much anything!• Not sure how to …check out the Kurzweil Self Directed Course Modules in SET-BC Learning Centre•
  36. 36. curriculumSETStory Map(draw or import images, add voice recording, word banks) •Put “novel” in as the search term
  37. 37. curriculumSETStory Map (one page text only)
  38. 38. curriculumSETBeginning Middle and End
  39. 39. curriculumSETChapter Summaries(draw or import images, add voice recording, word banks)
  40. 40. curriculumSETCharacter and Setting Stamp Activity
  41. 41. curriculumSET
  42. 42. curriculumSET Character SummariesThere are more options…check them out in curriculumSET
  43. 43. Online Graphic Organizers• curriculumSET• Educational Oasis• Teachers Pay Teachers (Novel Studies Section)• Reading Graphic Organizers and Printables
  44. 44. Online Graphic Organizers• Kurzweil – Scan or Virtually Print any Graphic Organizer into Kurzweil and add sticky notes, highlights, voice notes, footnotes, text notes, bubble notes, circles … – Use Talk Typer or Speech to Text apps in Google Chrome Speech Recognizer or Voice note• MS Word• PaperPort Notes on iDevices APP – Add text boxes, speech to text,
  45. 45. Clicker 6 templates Quick Page Wizards
  46. 46. Clicker 6 templates Quick Grid Wizards
  47. 47. Kurzweil Writing Path Templates
  48. 48. Wordlist, Topic Dictionaries, Word Banks• Kurzweil• Co:Writer• Word Q• Clicker• Classroom Suite
  49. 49. Oklahoma Assistive Technology Center Activities•Low andhigh tech
  50. 50. Glogster
  51. 51. Skqueak APP on iDevicesAdd Voice and Sketchto photos
  52. 52. Exploration time• ARC-BC (Resources)• curriculumSET Novel options• (type “Novel” in the search term)or check out some of the resources on your laptops.• Novel Studies Multiple Means of Action and Expression (SQWORL)•
  53. 53. Multiple Means of Engagement• Choice• Collaboration• Sharing• Connections
  54. 54. Choice• of way to “read the book”• of ways to show what you know• of book, what to read (sharing, suggestion for peers, book clubs)
  55. 55. Collaboration with others"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller
  56. 56. Sharing with a wider audience
  57. 57. Glogster
  58. 58. Next Steps• How will you engage students in reading (Novels)?• Who will you share with?• Questions?
  59. 59. Thanks• Every student needs a pencil and book and the ability to use them….it is up to us to figure out how they can use these tools. Reading and Listening/ Viewing Writing and RepresentingFair doesn’t mean giving every child the same thing, it means giving every child what they need. Rick Lavoie