NSAC 2012 Glidden Campaign - MAR321 PACE University


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Term Project for MAR321 Advertising and Promotion Class Fall2012 at Pace University New York.

Official National Student Advertising Competition Campaign 2012.

Task: Develop a $10,000,000 Advertising campaign to raise awareness for Glidden Paint at Walmart in the United States.

(c) Jeff Schneider 2012

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  • Female college student looking to decorate her first roomrecently graduated from Lesley and has a very good sense of art. She just started her first job as a teacher and is now looking to decorate her first apartment in Boston. Jennifer chose Glidden at Walmart because she wants a good price for reasonable quality.
  • looking to remodel their homeKathy and Michael are an all traditional middle-aged American family with two kids. There eldest son Ben just left for college and Kathy wants to use the empty room as her new office. As Michael is a busy firefighter, Kathy has to do the interior painting by herself. She chose Glidden because of its affectionate brand image.
  • This is Suzy and John. They met in college and fell in love at first sight. They moved in together after college and are expecting their first child now. Suzy is so excited about decorating the nursery. Unsure about the sex of her child, she wants to go with a soft yellow from Glidden Paint, because Glidden paints memories.
  • NSAC 2012 Glidden Campaign - MAR321 PACE University

    1. 1. PACE University 2012MAR321 Term Project NSAC Campaign
    2. 2. Glidden ranks 8th in 2012 U.S. Interior Paint Satisfaction Study 2012 U.S. Interior Paint Satisfaction Study, J.D. Power and Associates Reports, 17 April 2012
    3. 3. Increasing importance in "close to home,”and "trusted brand" as purchasemotivators Motivator 2007 2008 Brand selection 31,7% 30,9% Close to home 17% 27,6% Price 36,3% 27,4% Availability 15,1% 14,1% Trusted Brand 25,4% 32,4% Features 15,6% 13,6% On sale 7,5% 8,1% Store personnel 9,4% 8% Friend advice 5,4% 8,5% Store display 4,7% 3,2% HCN Consumer Calculator, Home Channel News, 35(4): 8, March 23, 2009. ISSN:0192-6772
    4. 4. Positioning Statement“Glidden exceeds its competitors by providing affordable quality paint at convenient locations that match the values of DIY Walmart shoppers.”
    5. 5. Painting Memories• Insight: People are afraid that the low cost image of Walmart translates into lower quality paint.• Message: Glidden offers innovative quality solutions for DIY shoppers and Walmart makes it easy to access.• RTB: The Glidden brand invokes a legacy of over 135 years of quality and innovation.
    6. 6. Big Idea• Portraying families living the DIY lifestyle and creating memories through the usage of Glidden paint, therefore bonding emotionally with the Glidden brand.• Showing Glidden’s convenient availability at Walmart stores.
    7. 7. 3 Target Segments
    8. 8. Jennifer,23 year old college student
    9. 9. The Johnsons,looking to remodel their home
    10. 10. Suzy and John,young couple
    11. 11. Promotion Budget Budget Item Dollar AmountMedia TV Commercials $3.000.000,00 Production $50.000,00 Distribution $2.950.000,00 Outdoor $1.500.000,00 Billboards $750.000,00 Public Transit Advertising $750.000,00 Magazines/Print Advertisements $500.000,00Below the Line Social Media $100.000,00 Community Manager $70.000,00 Instagram Contest $30.000,00 Search Engine Marketing $500.000,00 In-Store Promotions $4.400.000,00Total $10.000.000,00
    12. 12. TV Commercial
    13. 13. Outdoor
    14. 14. Print
    15. 15. Magazines
    16. 16. Below the Line
    17. 17. Glidden Memory Board
    18. 18. Targeted coupons for Home Improvement Shoppers -Identify Home Improvement Shoppers -Send Glidden coupons by mail -Send “Painting Memories” contest information
    19. 19. Glidden Painting Memories Contest