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2010-2011 Boston University submission to NSAC for JCPenney.

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NSAC JCP Plansbook

  1. 1. it starts at Boston University NSAC 2011JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 1 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  2. 2. contents executive summaryCategory Overview ......................1 jcpenney has held a long-standing reputation for fashionable clothing at reasonable prices. However, with an onslaught of new competing retail chains and specialty stores and the evolution of theCompetitive Landscape.................2 cautious and resourceful consumer, jcpenney’s share of women 25 to 34 has declined.JCPenney...........................................3Category Trends..............................4 These women feel that jcp don’t relate to them and their needs, nor do they feel that jcpenney products have good value. These shopping-savvy consumers have grown immune to the routine,Primary Research............................5 budget-focused messages of previous jcp campaigns as they are already confident in their own abilityTarget Audience...............................6 to find a good deal.Target Profile....................................7 COMave Advertising introduces the “it starts at jcp” campaign to reinspire and engage theseCampaign Objectives......................8 independent 25- to 34-year-olds. The campaign takes a different approach by reminding women ofPositioning.........................................9 the exhilarating, “thrill of the find” sensation they experience when shopping. It makes them feelCampaign Strategy...................10-11 confident with their purchases by giving them the tools to share their stories, and rewards them for shopping at jcp, both emotionally and financially.Creative Strategy...........................12Phase One: Launch..................13-17 The “it starts at jcp” campaign will:Phase Two..................................18-21 Increase average shopper frequency to at least once a monthPhase Three..............................22-23 Achieve 5% growth on jcp Facebook store and jcp.com purchasesPartnerships...................................24 Increase store traffic by 10% among target audienceOut of Scope.................................25 To best reach the 25 to 34 year old female shopper, our campaign will roll out in three phases: first,Media.........................................26-27 to create buzz through mass events and build awareness of the new jcp through traditional media;Copy Testing..................................28 second, to engage the target directly through out-of-home placements and events to bring theEvaluation.......................................29 consumer into the store; and finally, to retain our new customer base through reward tactics and marketing strategy in malls.Conclusion.....................................30 Media spending will be year round, beginning in February 2011, and features a pulsing plan with an emphasis on our second phase, driving as much of our target audience as possible to the store. iiJCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 2 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  3. 3. category overview power of clothing suppliers power of the customer threat of new entrants threat of specialty stores department store rivalry Cotton prices have been increasing As a group, customers have the Decreasing number of independent Specialty stores provides more Slow market growth6 since 2009 and are now 80% ability to demand high-quality retailers3 specific product options for higher than before1 products at bargain prices2 consumers Memberships and other special Increasing number of chain stores4 services are offered to gain loyalty7 Learn about deals online through Easier to navigate than department mobile devices stores5 More clothing companies expanding online distribution8 our analysis ...shows us that jcpenney competes with other retail outlets and chains besides department stores. jcpenney must also recognize the power of today’s savvy shopper. Department Store Sales since 2005 department store retailing Department store sales have been declining since 2005, especially since the recession hit in 2008, and consumers have been cutting back on discretionary purchases.9 Recently, the decline has slowed. Department stores have not been successful at offering incentives to attract customers who usually shop through other retail outlets.10 1JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 1 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  4. 4. competitive landscape “Magic of Macy’s” “Expect Great Things” “Life’s a Moving Target” Typical Customer: 25-34 years old11 Typical Customer: 35-44 years old14 Typical Customer: 24-34 years old16 Ad Tone and Emphasis: Ad Tone and Emphasis: Ad Tone and Emphasis: Stylish celebrity spokespeople Available for the whole family Humorous Family oriented Great brands with great savings Lighthearted (“Hello, goodbuy”) Brand specific Takes advantage of teenage trends Take advantage of trendy celebrities by using pop music icons (i.e. Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera) 25-34 year old woman thinks... 25-34 year old woman thinks... 25-34 year old woman thinks... Macy’s makes the top designer Kohl’s is a reliable bargain source Target is the place for the brands accessible to everyone. for the entire family with choices budget and quality conscious for all ages. shopper. “I love Macy’s exclusive brands.” - female, 26 (married, no kids)12 “I know that my son is going to grow out of the “I love the way that target has everything clothes fairly quickly so why not just buy I need in one stop! Food, beauty, clothes, “INC styles are so trendy and I love the cheap clothes that I know will get the job done?” and shoes! I can even pick up a new CD store’s rewards program.”13 - female, 32 (married, kids)15 for the car ride home!” - female, 28 (single, no kids)17 2JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 2 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  5. 5. jcpenney target audience & jcp “We Make it Affordable, You Make it Yours” Our target’s thoughts on jcp20 Typical Customer: 45-54 years old18 67% felt that JCP appealed to 87% of our survey respondents 35 to 54 year olds felt that JCP was affordable Ad Tone and Emphasis: Clothes are “low quality” Value Conscious Stores are “cluttered” For the whole family 87% of our follow-up survey In the last 6 months, 72% of respondents know JCP is a our target audience shopped at department store, instead of a Target, 54% at Macys, and only discount store like Walmart 10% shopped at JCPenney. 25-34 year old woman thinks... strengths weaknesses jcpenney is known for their low Excellent customer service Consumers see JCPenney prices, but the customers don’t as “budget” shopping as Affordability connect with the style or quality. opposed to “fun/relaxing” swot analysis Strong historical brand High virtual presence shopping13 “I love logging onto Facebook or Twitter to see all We derived the following Perceived older customer the great deals posted online.” opportunities and threats base21 - female, 26 (single, no kids)19 for our campaign through our primary and secondary opportunities threats research. Mobile couponing is Price inflation on textiles24 growing, especially in the Consumer confidence is on retail category sharing the rise, but still low deals22 Consumers are slowly beginning to spend more on personal items23 3JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 3 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  6. 6. category trends trends among the consumer social According to reports August 2009 and July 2010 retail social media usage increased by 10% and click through increased by 16%25 Social Twist also noted that over a million referral messages were sent using their Tell-a-Friend service26 technology The customer has the power to discover the best deals through new technology. Shoppers are able to compare prices through mobile apps, research, overseas shopping and websites that offer a daily deal. flexibility With all of the options available now, consumers can shop anywhere, at any time. Including in-store, e-commerce, on mobile devices, through Facebook, social sites, and video enabled websites such as YouTube.27 Customers between the ages of 25-34 are more likely to research online before going to a jcpenney store, primarily to research price and secondarily to seek item availability.28 moving forward This confirms that more women use social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook to share their daily personal triumphs with their friends. This confirms that technology and mobile devices are a large part of women’s shopping experiences and trends, since they provide these women with a wide variety of deals. This confirms that the consumer knows her time and money are valuable. It is important that she scouts out the most convenient place to buy her items at the best prices. 4JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 4 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  7. 7. primary research 1,087 overall research impressions research objectives We implemented a wide-spread research design to accomplish the following objectives: 938 major surveys taken Understand the behavioral and emotional characteristics of 129 follow-up surveys taken 25 to 34 year old women 10 shopper* interviews Evaluate jcp’s performance compared to competing mass retailers and department stores 10 in-depth interviews Monitoring of twitter, blog mentions of jcpenney Identify the brand’s strengths and weaknesses through customer perception and feedback Secondary Research (65+ sources) target insights “I share with my friends. My friend Julie and I are To our target: constantly talking about sales.” shopping is an emotional experience that provides a -Female, 26 (married)30 “release.” saving is important, but not at the expense of style or “Shopping is a release, I need it.” purchasing from stores that they like. -Female, 28 (married with kids)31 sharing their deals with their friends is common, particulary via text, Facebook and twitter.29 “It is fun to get out but I am also budget oriented.” -Female, 29 (married and kids)32 *Shopper interviews are women who have shopped at JCP and its competitors withing one week to one month. 5JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 5 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  8. 8. target audience key insights Our target members are Our target is independent. Our consumers are savers. learners and sharers. 64% of our consumer shops They primarily enjoy coupons, Our target uses media to learn alone, which they prefer to followed by sales events and card about and share fashion and deals. do. Our target woman only discounts. These women are 57% of our survey respondents has so much time to shop for budget-conscious. Those who read fashion blogs and magazines. herself and she wants to make are raising families are especially 9 out of 10 of our in-depth the most of it by focusing on prone to purchasing clothing on interview subjects and the majority herself.36 clearance.40 of our focus group participants said that they told their friends “I shop more alone. about their steals through face-to- It is easier because face, texting, or Facebook.33 you can spend as “I only shop sales; I much time as you kind of need to now want looking for that I’m shopping things, try on as for my family!” “I found a sale at much stuff as you Nine West - I texted want.” my best friend. I definitely brag about -Female, 34 (unmarried, no kids)37 -Female, 28 (married, no kids)41 steals.” Our target doesn’t like to Our target has an emotional compromise. attachment to shopping. -Female, 26 (unmarried, no kids)34 These women know what they like Shopping is a “release,” an and are confident that they can emotional activity. It’s their guilty Our target is style-focused. get the style they want at the price pleasure, their “hot fudge sundae” These women value style and they want. And they won’t settle as one focus group participant put affordability first and foremost for anything less than that. 47% of it. They still are conscious of their while they are shopping, except our survey respondents say they go budget, but they cannot deny that for when they shop for work wear to the stores they like and if they shopping is an activity and is a way or footwear. In those arenas, our find a sale, they’ll take advantage to let loose.42 audience is looking for style and of it.38 In general, women 25-34 quality.35 years old will most likely head right to the clearance rack at their favorite store.39 6JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 6 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  9. 9. target profile meet REBECCA She is a young professional between the ages of 25-34 who is savvy, optimistic, open-minded, free spirited, and wouldn’t dare to settle for anything less than a good quality product and a good deal. independent connected Rebecca is an independent shopper. She While she usually shops alone, Rebecca is doesn’t need her girlfriends with her to enjoy a connected woman. She likes to share her shopping. She does appreciate having her fashion finds through word of mouth, social friends’ input on her outfit choices, but at media and blogs. In her many circles of family the end of the day, Rebecca relies on herself and friends, she is considered the leader. Her to make decisions and have a good time. high sense of self-worth and confidence encourages her to share her opinions widely over Internet and word-of-mouth channels. self aware Rebecca shops with a purpose, she realizes what she needs to buy for herself and her family, but she also enjoys browsing around the store for whatever catches her eye. She also knows that she can find something that she likes at the price that she wants, and she relishes the thrill of the find. That’s why she feels like shopping is not only a responsibility but can be a fun stress reliever. When it comes to shopping, she is multi-item minded and balances having a good time while minding her budget. 7JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 7 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  10. 10. campaign objectives With a compelling campaign that reaches 25-34 year old females at all touch points and through various media, we will aquire the following objectives: Increase average Increase store shopper frequency traffic by 10% Achieve 5% growth to at least once a among target on jcp Facebook month. audience. store and jcp.com purchases. 8JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 8 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  11. 11. positioning To Rebecca, jcpenney provides the empowering experience through the excitement of finding a “steal” and that rewards her post-purchase better than Kohl’s, Target, and Macy’s. Shopping at jcpenney is an empowering experience... The deals Rebecca finds while shopping at jcpenney allow her to put style first without straining her wallet. This leaves her feeling accomplished and excited because she spent her money well while shopping at jcpenney. ...that rewards her life The products Rebecca buys at jcpenney make her feel confident with her purchase and therefore with herself. jcpenney instills pride in Rebecca for finding great deals, and she is reminded of that pride everytime she wears her outfit and shares its story. 9JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 9 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  12. 12. campaign strategy Some see them as problems. We see them as opportunities. problem: opportunity: Majority of our respondents felt that jcp Since jcp has well-established its reputation was “cheap” and its major benefit was for affordability, we want to move beyond the their low prices.43 “low prices” platform to one that speaks to the emotional side of shopping. We’re creating a youthful campaign that relates Our target felt that the jcpenney brand to events and experiences from the lives of an appeals to an older set of women.44 average 25- to 34-year-old. Our research respondents felt Our campaign will excite the consumer by ambivalent about shopping at jcp, either refreshing and revitalizing the shopping vaguely negative or vaguely positive. 45 process for our target audience. what they say now46: what we’ll get them to say: “Cheap” “Amazing deals” “Has the “It has a nice atmosphere.” clothes for me” “Old” “Fun!” “Mall” “I’m excited to shop at JCP” 10JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 10 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  13. 13. campaign strategy our STRATEGY: Capture the feeling of the “thrill of the find” It’s this feeling that gets Rebecca excited about shopping, and what will excite her about shopping at jcpenney. Also, it’s this concept that will push the jcp brand beyond the “low prices” To excite Rebecca so she’s inspired to shop at jcp, positioning. Appeal to our target’s emotional relationship with shopping Our campaign will resonate with the target audience by relating to her appreciation of to empower Rebecca so she feels confident about bargain shopping as a confidence booster. We her savvy shopping and jcp, will also make Rebeeca feel smart by giving her the tools to show off her deals, empowering her to be the savvy shopper leader among her friends. She’ll relish the feeling of confidence that comes with finding and flaunting her jcp and “steals.” to reward Rebecca so she’ll shop at jcp again. Establish a personal relationship with the target to encourage loyalty Our campaign will reach out to Rebecca directly not just to encourage her to visit jcp stores once, but to keep visiting. The satisfaction from shopping jcp deals will reinforce her loyalty as much as our monetary incentives will. 11JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 11 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  14. 14. creative strategy segmentation avoid pricing focus on apparel We chose to target “women with By avoiding naming specific prices in We want to connect with the customer children” and “women without our campaign, we create an opportunity on an emotional level, and whenever children” together because both to make an emotional connection that these women spoke about a “release”, groups are similar in their feelings transcends the bargain. Instead of it was for clothes shopping. We will get about shopping. The majority of focusing on the money they save at them to slowly accept our message by women with and without children view jcp, our target will connect with the using a message based on a shopping shopping for themselves as a “release”, confidence and excitement of finding product they’re familiar with apparel. which is why they value shopping a treasure. alone. Both segments also prioritize finding deals when they shop and share them with their friends.47 it starts at The feeling of success and self confidence starts with the find at jcp. PHASE ONE PHASE TWO PHASE THREE FEBRUARY-APRIL MAY-OCTOBER NOVEMBER -FEBRUARY Kick off the new Engage and involve Focus on in-mall advertising jcpenney campaign with the customers in the during the holiday and post- a buzzworthy initiative brand by using guerrilla holiday rush to bring the that leads up to the launch adverting, and bringing target into the store. of the new broadcast the store experience to commericals aired during them. the Oscars. 12JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 12 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  15. 15. campaign launch QR code Treasure Hunt Cost: $3,480,000 February - March Our campaign will launch with an unbranded QR code on billboards in thirty major cities all across America. The QR code will take users to the jcpenney Treasure Hunt microsite, which includes instructions on how to play. Users can log in through their facebook account to create a profile and track their progress. The Tresausre Hunt is a series of clues that can be unlocked to win points that add up to prizes. For example, users with 250 points or higher are eligible to win a free makeover at Sephora; users with 300 points or higher are eligible to win a $50 gift certificate to jcp; and so on. Answers to it starts here clues can be found in the store, on the jcp website or facebook, and even during the new jcp television commercials that debut during the Oscars. Home Profile JCP Treasure Hunt Prizes Facebook Login 1. Carol Issa (McLean,VA) 461 Email: 2. Karen Hamill (Boston, MA) 412 Password: 3. Jason Sifre (New Paltz, NY) 370 Login 4. Juliana Becker (San Diego, CA) 298 How to Play 13JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 13 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  16. 16. academy awards sponsorship and TV launch Impressions: 636,761,250 television Cost: $25,682,063 CPM: $35 Selections: ABC, VH1, E!, Hulu, YouTube We will continue the 10-year tradition of sponsoring the Oscars, when we will launch our TV campaign. The target demographic (25- 34) spends about 10.7 hours a week watching television during its regular broadcast time.48 Selecting placement on channels that already cater to the target market will increase the effectiveness of the TV ads and justifies the portion of the budget allocated there. Woman takes a grey, smart-looking suit out She walks out of the dressing room and As she walks out of his office, she walks from a rack at jcp. into an interview where she is shaking into a meeting where she is clearly giving She walks with it into the dressing room. hands with an employer. an important presentation with all eyes on Music begins her wearing the suit From the board room, she walks out and She gets up from the chair and walks out into her new corner office where she sits on of the dressing room, carries the suit to the Making it big starts at jcp. the chair and swivels around. counter at jcp. 14 Making it starts with finding the outfit The one that gives you the kind of confidence that only comes from finding that deal. That perfect fit.JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 14 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  17. 17. academy awards second screen Cost: $0 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and ABC released a companion app on smartphones and tablets for the Academy Awards. During the Oscars, the app listened to the sounds from the TV and synced with the program, which enabled viewers to go behind the scenes before, during and after the ceremony. We will leverage this technology to enhance our sponsorship. During jcp commercials, the app will take viewers to the online store where looks from the advertisement are featured. E! page takover Cost: $ 1,496,250 We will have E! website takeovers after awards shows to capture the attention of the women going to see the fashion from the previous nights. Women ages 25-34 are 45% more likely to watch E!49 and eonline.com has 2.5 million unique US visitors per month.50 At first, the background will feature the model trying on a dress in a jcp fitting room, and after five seconds on the site, the background behind her will change to a scene of a night out. it starts at 15JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 15 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  18. 18. traditional media print Impressions: 92,462,614 Cost: $14,695,313 CPM: $120.47 Each print ad will have two layers. The top layer is an image of the jcp fitting room or store printed on a transparency with an image of a woman showing through. A look at the bottom layer shows the same woman bringing that steal of a purchase into her life and displays her confidence over her purchase. The getaway: your favorite excuse to search for The New Spring Dress, The New Sunglasses and The New Bathing Suit for The New You. And dreaming about those perfect outfits for your future self? It can’t even compare to when your current self finds them on the rack. < “ The getaway: your favorite excuse to search for The New Spring Dress, The New Sunglasses and The New Bathing Suit for The New You And dreaming your getaway starts at about those perfect outfits for your future self ? It can’t even compare to when your current self finds them on the rack. your getaway starts at jcp ” “ You know when you look good. It’s when the right shoes, the right dress and the < right hair have aligned to make you feel unstoppable. And that knowing smile, the one from thinking about your shopping victory with this deal? It makes your outfit. ” You know when you look good. It’s when the right shoes, the right dress and the right hair have aligned and leave you feeling only the good vibes. You’re unstoppable - you your night out starts at jcp felt that way the day you discovered this little steal. And that knowing smile, the one that came from thinking about your shopping victory? It makes your outfit. 16 your night out starts atJCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 16 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  19. 19. traditional media You’ve got style. No one can tell you if it’s wrong or right, it is nothing but your own. And that whoosh of pleasure you get when you find the exact silverware radio you were looking for, the one is the final touch to our new kitchen? It happens only when you know it you’ve made the deal of a new lifetime. Impressions: Radio and Pandora, 30 seconds 475,860,938 About 17.5% of our target’s media Cost: $5,985,000 consumption is radio and streaming CPM: $9 online music.* “ SFX Audio Heels pounding You’re used to turning down sidewalk. heads when you walk down the street. Zip. Especially in those jeans. You know, those jeans. Hangers slide across clothing racks. The pair you got at JCP The pair you flaunt. your debut starts at The pair people always ^ ask you about. magazine ad “ It’s time to find that deal You’ve got style. No one can tell you again. if it’s wrong or right, it is nothing ” but your own. And that whoosh of That perfect fit. pleasure you get when you find the It starts at JCP. exact silverware you were looking for, the one is the final touch to our new kitchen? It happens only when banner ads you know it you’ve made the deal Cost: $4,275,000 of a new lifetime. ” Similar to the print aesthetic, the banner ads will mirror your debut starts at jcp the double-image approach. They will begin with a woman performing a seemingly normal task at a newly decorated jcp store. Upon rollover, she will be positioned in the same way, but transported into her ordinary life. 17JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 17 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  20. 20. phase two Orbitz advertising Cost: $4,275,000 People ages 25-34 had more domestic vacations than any other age group in 2009.53 To capture the target when traveling, confirmation e-mails from Orbitz will feature a jcpenney ad suggesting outfits based on the forecast of the travelers destination. direct mail Cost: $9,405,000 This Sephora mailer will be sent as a direct Customers not located near a store featuring mail piece to customers in local shopping Sephora will receive a similar package distance to jcpenney. Iconic Sephora themed on the salon. Of known jcpenney packaging coupled with the new jcp logo customers, 25-34 year old salon customers signify the new partnership. make an additional 3.3 trips a year.54 Karen Is sa 6253 Eg mo Richmon nt St. d, VA 23 218 touch-u ps start at 18JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 18 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  21. 21. events in store photoshoot Cost: $1,680,00 Over one weekend we will send professional photographers to the top 10 highest grossing jcp stores in the United jcp States. We will set up an impromptu photo shoot inside of the stores to create buzz. Our jcp stylists will stop women walking by to try on jcp clothes, have a Sephora makeover, and have a professional photoshoot inside of jcp. These photos will then be branded and projected onto a digital billboard in Times Square, as well as added to the jcp Facebook page. The women get to keep the clothes jcp and have the opportunity to tag themselves on the JCP Facebook page to show off their professional photographs being displayed in New York City. Additionally, there will be a live feed of the billboards in Times Square on jcp’s website. fall launch parties Cost: $4,320,000 A select amount of women who are influential in various social media outlets will receive a surprise invitation to get the first taste of fall’s freshest looks at the jcp launch party. We will invite women who are online brand evangelists - those who tweet, blog and facebook about jcpenney - to promote buzz around the events among their social networks. They will be the first to see all of jcpenney’s fall 2011 looks in a runway show in the store. Following the runway show, the shoppers and five of their closest girlfriends will have the first chance to shop the newest looks of the season, cocktail in hand and gift card in purse, with deals that can only come with being a true lover of all things jcp. Professional jcp photographers will post the glamorous event on Facebook and allow the guests to tag themselves after they’ve liked the official jcp page. 19JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 19 3/23/11 1:01 PM
  22. 22. out of home bus stop covers Impressions: 486,486,486 Cost: $2,880,000 CPM: $1.48 The interior of the bus stop will be made to imitate a dressing room, with mirrors and clothing hooks. There will also be an image of of a women in the dressing room wearing a new outfit from jcpenney. On the outside of the bus cover, the same woman will be transplanted into a real life situation with the same outfit and look of confidence, with our tagline “it starts at jcp” billboard Impressions: 525,112,500 Cost: $2,351,250 CPM: $3 Billboards will act as reinforcement during the first and third phases. They will increase brand awareness among drivers in the target and solidify the new brand image. 20JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 20 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  23. 23. non-traditional subway flipbook ads Cost: $2.400,000 Subway flip book ads will appear the first two weeks of every month during phase two. The ads will catch commuter’s attention in an unexpected way and generate buzz amongst the target. The ads dipicts a woman trying on a dress in a jcp dressing room spinning into a split frame and into the real life setting of her on the beach with our tagline “it starts at jcp”. sidewalk quizzes Cost: $840,00 Immitating the style quizzes usually found in the back of fashion magazines, our sidewalk quizzes will engage the target outdoors in a familiar way. These fashion quizzes will promote the jcpenney brands that our target audience loves, such as Sephora and Liz Claiborne. Because they are outdoor ads, they can be adjusted to promote different brands around jcp locations that feature lines that can not yet be advertised nationally, such as Call it Spring. 21JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 21 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  24. 24. phase three “find more” app Cost: $120,000 Since 25-34 year olds are very likely to acces the internet to compare prices while shopping we have designed a comprehensive smartphone application.55 Our jcp smartphone application will use the technology from their in-store “Find More” smart fixtures” to make the digital experience at jcp more personal. Outside of the store, customers can use the application to shop online via Facebook and find daily deals at their local store. In the store, the application can be used to scan barcodes on items to: Check the availability of merchandise in nearby stores E-mail item images and info to themselves or a friend Learn more about the product’s features and product recommendations for complementary items We will also expand on the findmore app by adding secret “finds”. If a customer scans the barcode of the mystery item, they’ll discover a hidden discount on that item. The app will also ask users if they would like to publish their win to their social networks. This will help capture the thrill of the find and encourage customers to share their discovery with their peers. “tweet your receipt” program mystery reward card Cost: $0 Cost: $2,880,000 During this phase, a unique QR code or bar code will be printed Throughout November and December, every time a customer every jcp’s shopper receipt. Using the “find more” app, shoppers shops at jcp they will receive a gift card of an unknown amount. can scan the code to upload a picture of their purchase and how Customers can only find out how much is on the card when they much their savings were onto their Twitter or Facebook account. shop at jcp after January first. This program will help Rebecca show off their deals to their The mystery reward card will encourage repeat customer visits and personal networks and increases discussion of jcp on social increase sales during one of the slowest months in retail. networks. 22JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 22 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  25. 25. mall traffic elevator ads Cost: $2,400,000 The elevator ads bring our message to life by creating an opportunity for the viewer to physically step from one world into another. By placing these in malls, elevator riders will be encouraged to take their next steps into the jcp store. it starts at it starts it starts at parking stripe ads Impressions: 799,558,011 it starts at it starts at it starts at Cost: $2,160,000 CPM: $1.81 When entering a parking lot and walking into a store individuals see between 1 and 30 parking stripes.56 Placing these ads in parking lots around jcpenney will increase brand awareness both before and after their shopping experience. The stripes with feature our tagline “it starts at jcp” reinforcing the new brand image during phase 2. it starts at it starts at it starts at.y mall quizzes Cost: $840,000and The sidewalk flowcharts feature in Phase 2 will be printed on the floors of the mall to engage shoppers with the jcp brand while they are in the mall. 23 JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 23 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  26. 26. partnerships How I Met Your Mother jcp will partner with the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother to create an interactive experience for the show’s viewers. CBS and JCP will release a companion app for smartphones and tablets to sync with the tv and show behind- the-scenes extras, similar to the app used during the Acedemy Awards. The app will provide access to extra footage, actor bios, episode information and a live discussion forum. Aditionally, jcp will dress the two main female characters: Lilly, 33 and married; and Robin, 30 and single. While the show is airing, the companion app will show the items of the character’s outfits from jcp and link them to jcp’s online store. Parent Teacher Association jcp is the leading corporate advocate for afterschool programs.57 In an effort to reward teachers that have made a positive influence on their students’ lives, jcp will partner with the National Parent Teacher Association to provide a jcp salon treatment and $100 to the teachers nominated by their students and the students’ parents. Project Runway Project Runway host Tim Gunn is the Chief Creative Officer at Liz Claiborne, which is exclusively partnered with jcpenney.58 jcp will sponsor an episode of Project Runway, during which the competing designers will create an outfit to be exclusively sold at jcp. 24JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 24 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  27. 27. JCP jcpenney jcp.com out of scope jcp.com credit card design The jcp Card follows the same color scheme of 123 456 789 1 0 2011 jcp 01/01 resusable bags To follow the up-and-coming trend of re-useable shopping bags, jcp the re-usable bags with simple and bright colors. JANE D CARDHOLDER Taking after the women who shop at jcp, this card introduces one of their own. jcp takes “going green” to the next level is clean and modern. The vibrant red color also with the new simple, bright, and RED re-usable bag. Simplicity avoids plays a part with brand reminders. Because of its the clutter of busy patterns allowing onlookers instant recognition of unusual color, women are encouraged to shop at the store, while shoppers show off their new purchase proudly. The jcp every time they see it. bright red not only incorporates jcp’s color, but also expresses the boldness and pride shared by the women shopping at jcp. J CP jcp.com jcpenney jcp.com jcp coat check dressing room jcp stores located in climate-appropriate The true location of a woman’s purchase areas will open complimentary coat checks decision is in the dressing room as she’s looking for customers during cold and rainy months. 123 456 789 1 0 in the mirror and feeling amazing in an outfit. Research shows that shoppers feel annoyed 2011 01/01 The favorable lighting, customized hooks, and by the Dextra layers required during inclement JANE CARDHOLDER helpful attendants will remain in her mind long weather so we’ll offer them a better experience after she’s left with her new looks. starting at jcp. Shoppers habitually entering the mall through other department stores will alter their behavior for this simple reward and regular jcp shoppers will feel appreciated for their loyalty. 25JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 25 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  28. 28. media Sept Nov Dec May Mar Aug Oct Apr Feb Jun Jan Jul 26JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 26 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  29. 29. media magazines It Starts at jcp ads will be featured in major magazines year round. However, ads will only be fetured in weekly magazines during the first and third phase to support the heavy TV $25,682,063 Magazines $14,695,313 traditional focus. Orbitz Billboard $2,351,250 Banner ads will appear on Orbitz Radio $2,351,250 year round, but with more emphasis Orbitz $4,275,000 during times of increased travel such Banner Ads $4,275,000 Pandora $3,633,750 radio as around the 4th of July and the weeks preceding Thanksgiving. Smart Phone App $120,000 Radio ads will be run year round, E! Online Takeover $1,496,250 but with higher frequency on dates Sidewalk/Mall Map $1,680,000 which promote events and sales. In Store Photoshoot $1,680,000 These include the Oscar launch, the Launch Parties $4,320,000 beginning of our launch parties, the Direct Mailer $9,405,000 week of Black Friday, and the weeks Subway Ads $2,400,000 leading up to the New Year. Pandora Ads on Pandora will run throughout Bus Shelters $2,880,000 Elevator Ads $2,400,000 phase two, but appear in other phases around important events. Parking Stripes $2,160,000 In phase one Pandora ads will run Rewards Card $2,880,000 Treasure Hunt $3,480,000 leading up to the Oscar launch. The ads in phase three will run $92,500,000 $7,500,000 production costs during the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as the week following Christmas to promote sales. Total $100,000,000 27JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 27 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  30. 30. Old New copy testing You and your girls make heads turn every time You know when you look good. It’s when the right shoes, you go out. Wearing the clothes you flaunt. Outfits the right dress and the right hair have aligned to make you that people always ask you about. You walk around with the kind of confidence that only comes from feel unstoppable. And that knowing smile, the one from finding that deal. That perfect fit. thinking about your shopping victory with this deal? It makes your outfit. Your night out starts at JCP Your night out starts at jcp. What did people say? 5 out of 10 participants argeed that it sounded like an advertisement New “Its too over the top and too cheesy” -female, 28 years old (unmarried, no kids)59 What did people say? “It sounds like they’re trying 6 out of 10 participants didn’t too hard” connect with this snowplay scene.61 -female, 30 years old (married, no kids)60 Result We added a little more attitude to our tone of voice. Instead of telling them that they are fabulous, we say more casually remind them that we know how it feels to find that deal. Result We changed it to a dinner scene to connect to the time in Rebecca’s life when snowball fights start at she starts furnishing her own place and Old 28 hosting parties.JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 28 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  31. 31. evaluation objectives phase tactics evaluation Monitor redemption Mystery rewards of mystery cards Increase average & frequency of jcp card; shopper frequency Phase 1, 2, & 3 jcp treasure hunt; Rewards card use; Note number of treasure to at least once a continual hunt participants; month. traditional/non- In-store electronic traditional ads counters for traffic Call to action on Measure changes in Achieve 5% CTR, visitors, bounce print executions; growth on jcp Phase 1, 3 Users with jcp app rates and shopping cart bounce rates; Facebook store can shop online on Monitor the number of and jcp.com Facebook downloads of jcp app purchases. Reminder ads; Measure event Mall ads directing Increase store participants and number traffic to jcp; of mentions on social traffic by 10% Phase 1, 2, & 3 jcp treasure hunt, networking sites and among target direct mailer, other publications; audience. photoshoots, & In-store electronic counters for traffic launch parties whenand 29 JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 29 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  32. 32. conclusion We blelieve that the “it starts at jcp” campaign is based on a strong and unique strategy that accomplishes both advertising objectives and jcp’s long term business objectives. In order to reach the 25 to 34 year old female shopper, or as we call her Rebecca, our campaign’s three phases acclimates jcpenney’s new and exisiting customer to the improved jcp. The “it starts at jcp” platform will excite our target audience and inspire then to take a second look at the store. Our campaign appeals to Rebecca’s need to find the best deal possible and empowers her to share it with her friends. As a result we believe this campaign will increase in-store and online traffic as well as shopping frequency amoung 25-34 year old female shoppers. Finally, our campagin rewards Rebecca as we modernize the shopping experience at jcp. We will encourage her to be a smart shopper and share her deals with her friends. 20. Commave. Survey 39. Mintel 58. www.socialvixen.com 1. www.wsj.com 21. Commave. Survey 40. Commave. Survey 59. One on one interview 2. www.investopedia.com 22. www.psfk.com 41. One on one interview 60. One on one interview 3. www.investopedia.com 23. www.cnnmoney.com 42. Commave. Survey 61. Commave. Survey 4. www.investopedia.com 5. www.investopedia.com 24. www.wsj.com 43. Commave. Survey 6. www.investopedia.com 25. www.socialtwist.com 44. Commave. Survey 7. www.investopedia.com 26. www.socialtwist.com 45. Commave. Survey 8. www.investopedia.com 27. www.she-conomy.com 46. Commave. Survey 9. www.nyt.com 28. JCPenney Case Study 47. Commave. Survey 10. Mintel 29. Commave. Survey 48. Mintel 11. JCPenney Case Study 30. One on one interview 49. MRI 12. One on one interview 31. One on one interview 50. www.eonline.com 13. One on one interview 32. One on one interview 51. www.comcast.com 14. JCPenney Case Study 33. Commave. Survey 52. Mintel 15. One on one interview 34. One on one interview 53. Mintel 16. JCPenney Case Study 35. Commave. Survey 54. JCPenney Case Study 17. One on one 36. Commave. Survey 55. Mintel 18. JCPenney Case Study 37. One on one interview 56. www.parkingstripe.com 30 19. One on one interview 38. Commave. Survey 57. www.jcp.comJCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 30 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  33. 33. meet the team special thanks to: Professor John Verret, Advisor Dean Tom Fiedler Carol Issa Talia Rapp Julianna Becker Karen Hamill Jason Sifre Executive Director Account Director Media Director Creative Director Technical Director Alex Alpert Allison Milam Allyson Dilsworth Anna Konstantinova Crystal Yu Media Creative Account Creative Creative Georgia Locke Jennifer Johnson Liz Rosenthal Marissa Squeri Mike Macfarlane Account Creative Media Account Creative Nikki Vachon Quentin Weil Sneha Dasgupta Taylor White Tiffany Feng Media Creative Creative Account Account 31JCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 31 3/23/11 1:02 PM
  34. 34. We are comAVE. We are comAVE. the marketing communications boutique We are that will lead your brand along the path to success. We are the marketing communications boutique that will lead your brandrevolutionize thepath with success. Fueled by creativity, we pave the road ahead innovative ideas that along the market. to Fueled by Hop in and enjoy thepave the road ahead with creativity, we ride. innovative ideas that revolutionize the market. Hop in and enjoy the ride. it starts atJCP Plansbookv5_Master.indd 32 3/23/11 1:02 PM