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Oral health in saskatchewan present and future from the perspective of the of s college of dentistry


Published on

May 26th 2010

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Oral health in saskatchewan present and future from the perspective of the of s college of dentistry

  1. 1. Oral Health in Saskatchewan Present & Future From the Perspective of the U of S College of Dentistry  Oral Health Coalition Inaugural Meeting May 26, 2010 Dr. Gerry Uswak
  2. 2. Present Tense
  3. 3. Health is a complete state of  physical, mental, & social well‐ being, & not just the absence of  infirmity WHO 1948
  4. 4. Health is a resource which  permits people to lead an  individually, socially &  economically productive life WHO 1998
  5. 5. A fundamental human right WHO 1998
  6. 6. Oral health means far more  than sound teeth; it is integral  to well‐being & quality of life
  7. 7. Dental Caries: A Common Chronic Childhood Disease Note: Data include decayed or filled primary &/or decayed, filled, or missing permanent teeth. Asthma, chronic bronchitis, & hay fever based on report of household respondent about the sampled 5- to 17- year olds. Source: NCHS 1996
  8. 8. Oral Health Disparity is Risk‐Based Low socioeconomic status & ethnocultural groups Suboptimal exposure to topical or systemic fluoride Poor dietary & feeding habits Children whose caregivers &/or siblings have caries Active dental disease Rural, remote & inner‐city Seniors Physically, medically & intellectually‐challenged
  9. 9. Oral health & general health  are linked by  common risk
  10. 10. Oral disease is a neglected epidemic   Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General (2000)
  11. 11. Oral health programming is under‐ developed, under‐funded &  fractionated
  12. 12. Oral health professionals are  more concerned with marking  territory than trying to work  together to make a difference
  13. 13. …and we are too  quick to do  things for “free” to escape being  labeled “rich  dentists”
  14. 14. …yet other health  care professionals  are unaware or  indifferent about  the importance of  oral health & the  role that they  need to play in  ensuring it
  15. 15. College of Dentistry Programming
  16. 16. 112 total undergraduate students 2 general practice residency students
  17. 17. College of Dentistry Programming U of S Dental  Teaching  Hospital Royal  University  Hospital Joint  Field  Clinics (NSDT) Communit y Clinic (SWITCH) NOHSWG Saskatoon Health  Region
  18. 18. College of Dentistry Patients Working  Poor Seniors Special Needs Low SES Low SES Children
  19. 19. Future Tense
  20. 20. Recognition of the epidemic
  21. 21. Oral Health Professionals Public & Private Sectors Dental Hygiene Dental  Therapy Dentistry Denturism Dental Health Educators Dental  Assisting
  22. 22. Government, Healthcare & the Public Oral Health Professionals Public & Private Sectors
  23. 23. Provincial  Chief  Dental  Officer Oral  Health
  24. 24. College of Dentistry Preferred Future  Focus on being the Provincial resource  for dental public health & community  engagement Policy Service Research
  25. 25. College of Dentistry Preferred Future  Expanded infrastructure & programs Degree program in Dental Therapy Degree program in Dental Hygiene Diploma program in Dental Assisting Specialty program in Dental Public Health
  26. 26. College of Dentistry Preferred Future  RUN Program Rural Urban Northern
  27. 27. College of Dentistry Preferred Future  Provincial Chief Dental Officer embedded  within College
  28. 28. College of Dentistry Preferred Future  New curriculum with increased  community‐based clinical service for  students Field clinics Westside Community Clinic Rural clinics Mobile clinics
  29. 29. College of Dentistry Preferred Future  Expanded General Practice Residency  program Hospital‐based Community‐based
  30. 30. College of Dentistry Preferred Future  Foreign‐trained dentist service program
  31. 31. College of Dentistry Preferred Future  The College of Dentistry as the key to  linking all oral health professionals to  improve the oral health of the Province
  32. 32. Thank you & Questions