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Leslie canada's tooth fairy


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Nov 4th 2013

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Leslie canada's tooth fairy

  1. 1. SOHC Presentation November 4, 2013
  2. 2.    May 1, 2013: Presentation from Fern Ingber – National Oral Health Children’s Foundation (NOHCF) SOHC consensus/motion to pursue concept of Canada’s Tooth Fairy Foundation June 24, 2013: Conference call between SOHC Leadership Team and NOHCF (Fern/Jennifer Melton)
  3. 3.   January 2011 – December 2013: NOHCF timeline to establish Oral Health Zone(s) in Canada 2011-2012: Meetings with Health Canada, various provinces, universities and other stakeholders
  4. 4.   University of British Columbia and University of Alberta have signed on; University of Saskatchewan in process Tight timeline to pursue Saskatchewan becoming an Oral Health Zone
  5. 5.    SOHC Leadership Team discussed all pros/cons of NOHCF application process. Saskatchewan Dental Hygienists Association (SDHA), as a non-profit organization, volunteered to put their organization forward as the main applicant. SOHC joined application as a partner.
  6. 6.  Canada’s Tooth Fairy Regional Affiliate Agreement was submitted July 19, 2013.
  7. 7.  College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan  College of Nursing – University of Saskatchewan  Prairie North Health Region  Prince Albert Grand Council  Prince Albert Parkland Health Region
  8. 8.  Saskatchewan Dental Assistants Association  Saskatchewan Dental Hygienists Association  Saskatchewan Dental Therapists Association  Saskatoon Health Region  Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
  9. 9.     NCOHF of Canada has submitted a three year business plan to Health Canada. NCOHF of Canada is actively seeking corporate sponsors: ◦ Bank of Montreal ◦ Dental Industry Association of Canada Year 1: Saskatchewan is first Oral Health Zone Year 2: Two other provinces (Alberta and British Columbia)
  10. 10. • Executive Director/Oral Health Zone Manager salary & benefits • Travel/Accommodation/ Meals • Public Relations/ Advertising/ Design • Office Equipment/IT • Supplies • Insurance • Legal/Accounting • Postage • Rent & Utilities • Meetings, Special Events
  11. 11.  Year 1, 2 & 3 – expansion  Self-sustaining by Year 3
  12. 12.  Expand outreach education, prevention, and treatment.  Increase oral health literacy among children and caregivers.  Raise funds to support all ongoing Oral Health Zone oral health education, prevention and treatment programs.
  13. 13.  Underserved children and their caregivers  Low income populations  Children in Foster Care  First Nation/Inuit/Métis Populations  New Canadians
  14. 14.   Canada’s Tooth Fairy Regional Affiliate Agreement approved August 8, 2013. Resources received September 2013: Baby Oral Health Program Community Education DVD & Kit Tooth Fairy 2 DVD Tooth Puppet Dental and Public Health Research
  15. 15. Canada’s Tooth Fairy Club Join the Canada’s ToothFairy Kids Club and receive educational activities, tips and personalized letters from the ToothFairy! This FREE club was developed to promote healthy smiles for all kids!
  16. 16. Canada’s Tooth Fairy Club ‣ Monthly email letters to members. 2 versions available – for both younger and older children. ‣ Activities, games and messages (eg. Nutrition, hand hygiene, etc.). ‣ If no computer – organizations can help out.
  17. 17. Community Education Kit    Magnetic tooth board with magnet pieces Large toothbrush for toothbrushing demonstration Toothbrushing and Handwashing songs
  18. 18.  3 basic lessons and corresponding worksheets Preventing Germ Transmission Toothfriendly Snacks / Nutrition Toothbrushing / Flossing Demonstration
  19. 19.  In order to receive the NCOHF Community Education Kit, volunteers agree to: Conduct a minimum of four community educational activities annually Submit report detailing the location and number of participants for each activity via online link below Provide photos and personal testimonials about your experience Provide testimonials from parents, caregivers and educators when possible
  20. 20. Baby Oral Health Program Kits Topics Include: • • • • • • • • • Why do Baby Teeth Matter? Cavity Progression Feeding Practices Oral Hygiene Practices Fluoride Exposure Oral Habits, such as Thumb-sucking or Pacifier Use Injury Prevention Family Dental History Examinations
  21. 21.  Esther Wilkins Education Program The Esther Wilkins Education Program provides dental hygiene professionals and students with engaging oral health lessons to use in their community outreach activities. Esther Wilkins Legacy League members are the driving force and support ongoing children's oral health promotion efforts of program volunteers.
  22. 22. Esther Wilkins Education Program  Volunteer Dental Hygienists (and other oral health professionals) can teach oral health through the use of 2-sided magnetic boards.  12 lessons  Intra-oral  Gum Disease/Braces/Piercing
  23. 23.   High School Students and University Students are eligible. Students promote and engage in oral health activities aimed at preventing oral disease
  24. 24.    At risk youth receive smile transforming oral health services, to prepare them for a healthy and successful future. Oral health professionals provide pro-bono treatment services for a pre-screened, motivated teen. In return, the youth serves as mentor for younger children in the community, and pays it forward.
  25. 25.  NCOHF funds one representative to attend.  Conference held the second week in June.  Saskatchewan Oral Health Zone can attend in June 2014.
  26. 26.     Sealants (manufactured by Septodont) BPA Free High quality Will send supplies now – sign up if interested!
  27. 27.   April 2014 Smile Drive: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  Increase awareness in community Education Motivate people to action Fundraise and dontate: “Tools for Teeth” in local community Sponsors include Crest, Oral B, and Walmart