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Sleeping Lion Social Media Training for Companies



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Sleeping Lion Social Media Training for Companies

  1. 1. How to fully engage your company in Social Media
  2. 2. Successful Social Media Social Media affects all aspects of a business. Successful companies introduce congruent strategies rather than a random patchwork of social content.
  3. 3. Successful Social Media The Sleeping Lion training approach ensures consistency with your wider marketing goals, and full integration with other important areas of your business.
  4. 4. 1. Social Media Champions Firstly I ask you to identify potential departmental Champions, in areas such as: A. Marketing B. Customer Service C. HR D. Sales E. Business Development
  5. 5. 2. Champions Strategy Workshop We bring these Champions together for an initial Strategy Workshop.
  6. 6. 3. Departmental Workshops And then conduct a series of departmental workshops focused on greater understanding and execution. C A E B D
  7. 7. Marketing To ensure your Social Media Marketing fits well with the wider Marketing Plan. A
  8. 8. Customer Service To ensure your Customer Service team is able to use Social Media to interact and listen effectively to clients. B
  9. 9. HR To ensure your HR department is fully equipped to utilise Social Media for recruitment, employee engagement, and staff satisfaction. C
  10. 10. Sales To ensure your Sales people are making the most of Social Media to generate new leads. D
  11. 11. Business Development And to make sure pretty much everyone else in the company is aware of how they can use Social Media to network and raise the profile of the business. E
  12. 12. = A New COMPANY CULTURE
  13. 13. That doesn’t SHOUT at That LISTENS to customers customers and OVEREMBELLISH and is AUTHENTIC
  14. 14. Follow up and Support Experience shows that even after training, businesses, and particular departments, still struggle with creating engaging content for their Social Media platforms. So there’s ongoing support to inspire and drive great content.
  15. 15. Sarah Duncan Sleeping Lion For more details: Visit: Call me: 07904 437119 Email me: Tweet me: @sleepinglion888 Individual open workshops also available