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Mc502 presentation


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Identity and Effects Presentation

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Mc502 presentation

  1. 1. {Real & VirtualIdentities, effects andfuture developments.MC502Student Number: 1103558 –Sarah Murphy
  2. 2.  Identity Analysis & Effects ….What might change in the future?IntroductionAims of the presentation:
  3. 3. “Walt Disney’s themeparks contain two keyelements of virtual reality:High levels of engagement& of immersion”
  4. 4.  Real Identity Virtual IdentityIdentityReal or Virtual identity?“The person can choose to use or not use his/her invirtual environment, the person earns his/heridentity in a way he/she wants to show it to theother side”- (Cem Sutcu, 2005)
  5. 5. “Helpful and pro-social video game content has greatpotential for enhancing the lives of children andadolescents, but exposure to anti-social and violentvideo game content increases the likelihood of arange of negative outcomes, with greater exposureincreasing the risk”Anderson, C & Warburton, W. 2012The concern of effectsthrough game play
  6. 6. The ideas of real life andvirtual identity?Real lifeReal life & psychicalexperiencesMuch more difficult tochange if people knowyour real identityCan be consideredmore sociableVirtual RealityNo restrictionsMore enjoyableCan constantly changeappearanceCan become whoever they wantDifferent experiences
  7. 7.  What I discovered from my journal entries My experience with second life & my identity Real vs. virtual: Which I preferredMy Second Life Identity
  8. 8.  What I discovered from my journal entries My analysis on others effects from gamingAnalysis & Effects
  9. 9. What effects may occur?Depending on the ageeffects may last longerOnly duringgame playWhen involved insituations which makesthem angryTiredness – From lack of sleep
  10. 10. “Generally speaking there seems to be widespreadagreement that videogames have an effect of somesort. Opinion in this area range from those who wishto ban games because they think there is a direct linkbetween violent games and violent behaviour, tothose who think playing games too often stopschildren from doing exercise or socialising”- (McDougall, J. pg. 61. 2008)The different Effects
  11. 11. Will any of this change inthe future?
  12. 12.  My opinions on identity My opinions on effect from gaming.Conclusion
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