ChaCha International Opportunities


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Presentation on enterprise applications for ChaCha in international markets

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  • 13.5 mobile all time unique users6 million registered mobile unique users
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  • ChaCha International Opportunities

    1. 1. en ESPANOL Content Solutionsfor the Latino Market
    2. 2. Latino Buying Power Continues to Rise Fastest Growing Population Segment• 48 million Latinos represent 16% of USA population• Expected to rise to 30% by 2050Receptive to Digital Advertising!• When compared to entire population, Latinos are: • 63% more likely to enjoy ads • 59% more likely to recall ads • 100% more likely to rely on ads for help choosing products for their family• 2010 US Census• comScore “A Closer Look at the Hispanic Online U.S. Audience – Nov 2010
    3. 3. Cultural Relevance is Paramount for Latinos• Regardless of primary language spoken, Hispanics maintain a strong tie to their cultural heritage • 78% speak predominantly English or are bilingual yet: • 3 out of 4 speak some Spanish at home • 40% enjoy watching some Spanish TV AP – Univision Poll on Hispanics and Media Consumption – November 2010
    4. 4. Mobile Is The Dominant Digital Platform With the Latino Population
    5. 5. Latinos are More Immersed in Mobile Compared to the entire US population, Hispanics are: • 44% MORE likely to engage in mobile search • 47% MORE likely to use picture & video messaging • 41% MORE likely to text message regularlyApril 2011: BIGresearch® Simultaneous Media Usage Survey (SIMM); N=24,754
    6. 6. Hispanic Mobile Users Embrace ChaCha • 189 index for Hispanic ethnicity without optimizing our service for their culture • Propensity is higher for Hispanics to use ChaCha than mobile services with Spanish versions! U.S.A % Composition Hispanic Users 6.6 12.5 10 9.8• comScore MobiLens, 2010• Mobile brand all access methods(SMS messaging, mobile web)
    7. 7. Solid Hispanic User base on • 122 index for Hispanic ethnicity with no Spanish language or cultural content optimization • At a composition of 13.3%, around 4 million Hispanic users visit each month• Nielsen @Plan, January 2011
    8. 8. Ready for Cultural Relevance• ChaCha users already engage with content that’s appealing to the Latino audienceFor Example:• Over 1 Million Questions during 2010 World Cup• Live score updates streaming online and through mobile alerts
    9. 9. en ESPANOL Market Plans forContent Optimization and Spanish Deployment
    10. 10. A More Immersive Cultural ExperienceBased on time-tested methodologies, Spanish launch plans include:• Specialized guides with language and cultural understanding• Stage existing database with culturally relevant info in Spanish & English • Key events, holidays, popular establishments, entertainment • Common cultural questions • Begin integration with key content feeds (sports, music, weather, news, stocks, etc.) en ESPANOL
    11. 11. ChaCha’s Model is Proven and Perfected Answering 3+ million questions a day through the best combination of technology and human intelligence 3+ Million Questions Daily! Mobile SMS/MMS Apps 95% via Knowledge Base Answers 5% Created New by Guides11
    12. 12. ChaCha Quickly Deploys in New Markets
    13. 13. Cultural Relevance Across All Platforms Online Apps & Text &Mobile Web Online ● Mobile ● Social Mobile Messaging Voice Social Networks
    14. 14. ChaCha Has the Key Pieces for Success in Spanish• Strong existing Latino user base mobile and online• Engaging, proven, scalable service• Multiple platforms for accessing content and advertising en ESPANOL