Hispanic Marketing in The Age of Social and Mobile Media


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Hispanic Marketing in The Age of Social and Mobile Media

  1. 1. JOE KUTCHERA Author Latino Link: Building Brands with Hispanic Communities and Content @joekutcheraMeet Our Presenters AYMEE ZUBIZARRETA Corporate /Public Affairs Hispanic PR / Social Media for State Farm Insurance @AymeeZubi
  2. 2. Reaching U.S. Hispanics In the Age of Social MediaCopyright © 2011 impreMedia
  3. 3. The Rules of Social Media Were Actually WrittenLong Before the InternetMalcolm Forbes“To seduce almost anyone, ask for and listen to his opinion.”From Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”• Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves• Talk in terms of the other person’s interests• Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language
  4. 4. @joekutchera
  5. 5. Cell Phone Penetration by Ethnicity 91% 89% 89% 83% 88% Hispanic 76% 78% Non-Hispanic 68% 2007 2008 2009 2010Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS, Fall 2007 - 2010 Adult Full Year, (Oct 2009 – Dec 2010), A18+ 5
  6. 6. Search Dominates Smartphone Usage 70% movie showtimes of Hispanics use their smartphones to search 45% of Hispanics have smartphones vs. 34% of General PopulationSource: Google US Hispanics 2010, October 2010, OTX
  7. 7. Hispanics Over-Index in Using Social Media Q: How often do you use any of the following websites? A: Regularly Source: SIMM@16 Survey, BIGresearch® * Non Hispanics excludes African Americans & Asians 7
  8. 8. Hispanic Shoppers Influenced by Reviews and RecommendationsSource: comScore 2010 8
  9. 9. Over ½ of Hispanics on major social sites prefer Spanish Facebook Twitter 4.2 2.5 Million Million 5.9 3.6 31% 31% Million Million 44% 56% 44% 56% 3.4 2.0 Million Million 25% 25% Spanish Dominant Bilingual English DominantSource: ComScore 2011 9
  10. 10. Facebook Targeting Techniques for U.S. Hispanics Language targeting
  11. 11. Facebook Targeting Techniques for U.S. Hispanics Interest targeting Media preference targeting
  12. 12. Facebook Targeting Techniques for U.S. Hispanics Cross-border shoppers
  13. 13. Alfonso: The Invisible ShopperMexicans Spend $20-40 BillionAnnually in U.S.
  14. 14. What aremarketers doingabout this?
  15. 15. What type of web/social media is necessary for reaching U.S. Hispanics? 76% 67% 62%Source: Latinum, 2011 15
  16. 16. Savvy Multicultural Marketers Find Valuein Social Media • McDonald’s saw that R&B star Mary J. Blige would regularly tweet about buying McCafe • The restaurateur re-tweeted her tweets without paying the star anything, building significant credibility among African-Americans
  17. 17. McDonald’s: Sponsoring the Ruiz Family Road Trip • Seek out influential bloggers • Sponsored 3rd summer road trip • Ate at McDonald’s along the way • McDonald’s baked into summer road trip story
  18. 18. Sears Latino: A global Spanish-language page • Questions and updates in both Spanish and English • Supports Sears en español, SearsPR.com and Sears.com/International • Appealing to the global Latino
  19. 19. The Power of Listening Over Financial Incentives 19
  20. 20. CVS Nuance branded cosmetics – merchandise &social Partnership with Selma Hayek to promote CVS private label cosmetic line with YouTube videos in English and Spanish. 20
  21. 21. The Social Media ProcessListen Identify Solve Test Engage Nurture your fan base
  22. 22. Muchas gracias!Joe@Kutchera.net@joekutchera
  23. 23. State FarmAymee Zubizarreta
  24. 24. State Farmhas been… “Social” since day one!
  25. 25. Building Relationships withUS Hispanics – online & offline Cuentas Claras (Financial Literacy for Latinos) • State Farm Bank • Partnership with Univision Network • April – November 2011 • Face 2 Face, Town Halls in key cities • Series of #MiDinero Twitter events (Latina Mom Blogs, Hispanicize & Being Latino)
  26. 26. *OMG*#MiDinero is Caliente on Twitter
  27. 27. Have we connected on Facebook yet?State Farm Nation• 1,312,757• Fans (10/11)• Oct 2010• Young Adult focusAdditional pages:• Teen Driver Safety State Farm Insurance• 26 seconds • 130,099 Fans (10/11)• State Farm Careers • May 2009 • General market
  28. 28. The first national insurance company to create abilingual social networking page on Facebook for Latinos.
  29. 29. ¿Por qué?/Why?
  30. 30. State Farm Latino on Facebook Fan total of: 64,101 (10/11) April 2011
  31. 31. One of our first posts
  32. 32. PremiosBillboard• Partnership with Telemundo Network• Fan engagement online & offline• Face 2 Face, Brand interaction: Mall Tours, Local Concerts• Blogger Outreach (Entertainment, Music)
  33. 33. State Farm Latino
  34. 34. Juega e Ilumina• Users were able to generate minutes of light by interacting with the Rich Media online advertising banners that run in Univision, AOL Latino, Starmedia & SUM.• The initial goal was to generate 30,000 minutes of light through all the different activities. Users’ participation and engagement with the different components surpassed the expectations, and in just one week we achieved our minute goal.• It was then increased to 100,000, which allowed for a total of 142,602 minutes to be donated.
  35. 35. Premios JuventudState Farm sponsored the 2011 version of the popular Premios Juventud (PJ) organized byUnivision, which targets the Hispanic/Latino U.S. community. On this occasion, many users decidedto take the conversation to the virtual world, and State Farm Latinos Facebook (FB) page was theplatform of choice by many current fans. A few "Thank you" notes from SFLs fans
  36. 36. Carlos Ponce & State Farm Latino
  37. 37. Have we met?• Sofía Vergara is the second celebrity chosen by State Farm for its efforts to reach to the Hispanic market in the U.S.• The TV spot was exclusively offered to State Farm Latino’s fans a few days before its TV release.• Today, Sofía Vergara has her own tab in State Farm Latino, where fans can enjoy exclusive “behind the scenes” content.
  38. 38. State Farm LatinoLearning from our experiences with our General Market Facebook pages, we now know that:• A brand must find su voz /their voice.• That a US Hispanic SM strategy needs to have direction yet be nimble to adapt to their audience’s immediate interests, opinions & preferences.• Should make personal and emotional connections, in the language of their choice with a goal of engagement and leads to enchantment.
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  40. 40. To Learn More About The Hispanic Market Visit Our Blog: www.hispanicmarketinfo.com The following presentation deck and webinar recording will be available to you immediately following the conclusion of this webinar. To Learn More about Today’s Presenters Follow them on Twitter @joekutchera @AymeeZubi