London street markets


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London street markets

  1. 1. London Street Markets
  2. 2. London is home to a lot of outdoor street markets. Manyspecialise in certain goods and open very early in the morning.These markets started a long time ago, nearly a 1000 years ago.They are monitored by the government so they don´t sellanything dodgy!
  3. 3. Vendors arrested at Market with assistance from private eye, charged withselling counterfeit goodsMore than 20 county, state and federal law enforcement officers raidedSaturday’s Market in Londonderry Township on Saturday morning, arresting12 adults and two juveniles for allegedly selling knock-off Uggboots, Nike sneakers and several counterfeited...
  4. 4. New Covent Garden MarketThis is the largest fruit, vegetable and flower market in the UK.There´s over 200 businesses, employing over 2,500 people. Itsupplies 40% of the fresh fruit and vegetables eaten inrestaurants or cafes and 75% of flowers used by florists. It servesmany of the best restaurants, schools, hospitals and businessesin London.
  5. 5. CamdenCamden Market is one of the most popular attractions inLondon. Everything is on sale here – clothes, music, householdgoods and food and drink. of the market contains a large amount of food stalls, pubsand restaurants with live music in the evenings.
  6. 6. BuskingBuskers are a big part of London street markets. They are peoplethat play songs or perform acts on the street outside themarkets. Some are very talented performers, although some areterrible. The good ones can make hundreds of pounds a day!