English weather


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English weather

  1. 1. English Weather
  2. 2. The British climate is notorious for rain, wind and lowtemperatures. But this is often not true. During theSummer, the temperature is often above 30 degrees,and in the Winter, snow and ice cover parts of Englandand Scotland.
  3. 3. It´s grim up North.Northern England and Scotland are always much colder than the rest ofBritain. In Southern England, places like Southampton (where Joe lived),Brighton and Cornwall.The coldest, wettest city in England is Manchester."I didnt like the food, the weather or the city," Jordi Cruyff, formerBarcelona player, when asked what his impressions of Manchester where.More recently, Gerard Pique was asked if missed Manchester weather. Hisreply was simple: "No."
  4. 4. Describing rainIt´s not often in English than we describe the weather as just ´Rainy´. We use differentexpressions to describe how heavy the rain is.It´s raining cats and dogs.It´s pissing it down. - Heavy stormsIt´s pouring down.It´s spitting.It´s drizzling. - Light rainJust a bit of drizzle.
  5. 5. During the summerIn Spain, during the summer, the weather is very warm and people can lay outon the beach all day. In the UK, when it´s a ´nice day´, people still go to theseaside. But do different things.People sunbathe if the weather´s warm enough, but also Children takedonkey rides on the beach, people go on rollarcoasters and eat seaside rock.
  6. 6. Describing the sunInstead using ´sunny´ to describe hot weather, we use differentexpressions.It´s scorching hot/it´s scorchingIt´s boiling hot/it´s boiling - Very hot weatherIt´s sizzlingA heat wave - a period of very hot weather
  7. 7. Its hot enough to melt hell.Its stifling.I cant hardly breathe.I cant bear the heat.I am sweating like a pig.You could fry eggs on the pavement.It´s raining fire.Its too hot to think.Today is a thermometer breakerIts hot with a capital "H".Its not just hot, its Africa hot.
  8. 8. During the winterWinter in the UK is a beautiful thing. Snow covers cities aspeople get ready for Christmas. In the snow, children go sledging,have snowball fights and build snowmen.
  9. 9. Describing cold weatherIt´s freezing. - Very cold.A blizzard - A snow stormIt´s bitterIt´s coolIt´s brisk - A little bit coldIt´s chillyIt´s nippy
  10. 10. AutumnAutumn in England is when the leaves changecolour and fall to the ground. Often this is thetime of year with most rain and wind.
  11. 11. Describing the windIt´s gushing.It´s going to blow me off my feet.A breeze - means weak windGustyLike a torrentTornadoWindy