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Street markets and shopping malls


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Street markets and shopping malls

  1. 1. STREET MARKETS AND SHOPPING MALLS<br />Goingshopping is a part of people’sdailyroutinebecausetheyneedtomeetthedemands of theireveryday life. People consumevariousnecessitieseverymonth. Theyneedto buy food, clothes, newspapersandsomeothernecessarygoodseverynowandthen. Therearedifferentplacessuch as streetbazaarsandshoppingmallswherecustomers can goand do theirshopping. Althoughtheconsumers’ aimsarebasicallysimilar, therearesignificantdifferencesbetweenstreetmarketsandshoppingmallsregardingtheirlocationsandtheprices. (thesisstatement)<br />
  2. 2. Themostsignificantsimilarity is thatcustomersgotobothstreetmarketsandshoppingmallsto buy thegoodswritten on theirshoppinglists. (topicsentence)<br />Firstly, iftheirshoppinglistconsists of thefoodtheyneedto buy fortheirkitchen, they can gotothestreet market nearbyortothesupermarket in a shoppingmall. Forexample, whentheywantto buy freshvegetablesandfruitwithoutpayingtoomuchmoney, streetmarketsaremoreconvenientforthem. Similarly,ifthere is a shoppingmall on theirwayhome, consumers can buy freshandcheapgoodsfromthere, too.<br />
  3. 3. Havingmentionedthebasicsimilarityaboutshopping in streetmarketsand in shoppingmalls, theirdifferencesmayalso be examined.<br /> ( transitionsentence) Thefirstnoticeabledifferencebetweenthem is abouttheirlocations. <br />( topicsentence) Tobeginwith, streetmarketsareopen-airbazaarswhicharesettled in particularstreets of a neighborhood on certaindays. Theyareopentemporarily. Differentfromthat, shoppingmallsarecomplexbuildingsmostlylocated in thesuburbs of thecity. Theyarepermanentshoppingcenterswithcoveredareasandparkinglots. Theyareopenfrom 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. everyday.<br />
  4. 4. Anotherdifferencebetweenstreetmarketsandshoppingmalls is thepricestheyoffer. First of all, thegoods in a shoppingmallareveryexpensivewhencomparedtostreet market prices. Customers can buy twoorthreekilos of thesamefoodforthesameprice in thestreetbazaar. Incontrast, theyhaveto pay moremoney in a shoppingmall. Althoughpeople can pay bycreditcards in a shoppingmall, it is not as advantageous as buyingfrom a street market vendor’sstall.<br />