London pubs and clubs


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London pubs and clubs

  1. 1. LondonBritish culture
  2. 2. NightlifeFamous pubs and clubs
  3. 3. NightclubsOccupying former theatres, railway arches, factories and warehouses,many of Londons major clubs started out as illegal party venues, andLondoners are used to descending into the ancient heart of their cityfor a big night out. Theres places to cater for all music tastes; indie,rock, pop and world music, but it is the all-night dance music raves onFridays and Saturdays that are the lifeblood of these huge spaces.
  4. 4. FabricOne of the biggest and most well-known, Fabric is a nightclub in London,United Kingdom. It was voted number1 in DJ Magazines "Top 100 Clubs inthe World" poll in 2007 and number 2in 2008, 2009 and 2010. It is locatedon Charterhouse Street oppositeSmithfield meat market on thesouthern boundary of the LondonBorough of Islington.
  5. 5. Looks quite small from the outside right? Inside there are three huge rooms, decorated like the inside of a factory or a spaceship, and the venue can hold over 2000 people.
  6. 6. Ministry of SoundMinistry of Sound London attracts 5000people each weekend and has threedance floors and three bars. It hasremained popular due to the legendaryDJs, such as Pete Tong and PaulOakenfold.Ministry of Sound London nightclubopened in London in September 1991 andwas one of the key locations in thedevelopment of house music and superclubs in Britain in the early 90s. Ministryof Sound has now established a cultfollowing among clubbers worldwide andis now a brand.
  7. 7. The famous sound system is only ever run at45% of its full capacity. If it was played at 100%it would be the loudest man-made sound youcould hear!Address:Ministry of Sound103 Gaunt StreetLondonSE1 6DPNearest Tube Station: Elephant & Castle
  8. 8. AquariumClub Aquarium has five roomsincluding a swimming pool and ajacuzzi (towels provided) - andtheres no other club in the UKthat can make that claim! Thereare also two dance floors and achill out room, plus a VIP lounge.Address:256-264 Old StreetShoreditchLondonEC1 9DDNearest Tube Station:Old Street (Exit 3)
  9. 9. KOKO An indie rock n roll nightclubThe building opened in 1900 as The Camden Theatre with a 1,600 seating capacity. By1909 is was renamed The Camden Hippodrome and was a variety theater and famousnames, such as Charlie Chaplin, performed. In 1911 film seasons began and it becamea cinema in 1913. The cinema closed in 1940 and for 20 years from 1945 the buildingbecame a BBC theater and shows included The Goon Show.In 1970 it became a punk venue called The Music Machine where The Sex Pistols andThe Clash played.In 1983 it became the center of the New Romantic club scene when it was bought bySteve Strange and Rusty Egan of Visage. They renamed the theater The CamdenPalace. It was at this club Madonna did her first UK performance.Its latest incarnation as KOKO has been a huge success as it is still an old theaterbuilding but has all the modern technology you want from a cutting edge music venueand club.
  10. 10. Today KOKO is a nightclub and music venue at the bottom of Camden High Street,in a Grade II listed theater building. This 1,500 capacity venue opened in 2004 andhas already has had headline performances from Coldplay, Madonna, My ChemicalRomance, and Prince. It’s the final stop for the headline act of The Camden Crawl. Address: 1A Camden High Street watch?v=WBx82LG9sWU London NW1 7JE om/watch?v=Z1gU8TK Nearest Tube Station: xmcc Mornington Crescent
  11. 11. London PubsThe pub is a key aspect of British culture, andLondon is famous for it’s diverse range of pubs.Some are old and have interesting stories fromhistory, others are modern and sleek, designedfor the ‘city boys’. Here’s a clip from a documentary about London pubs. Look at the inside of The Black Friars! JUbz2So-tY8
  12. 12. Waxy O’Connors From the outside you just wont realize what a wonder this place is. This Irish pub is huge inside! It even has a massive tree trunk running through the middle of it! The interior decor is rather similar to a church, with pulpits overlooking the bottom bar, rustic wooden seats, and hidden nooks and crannies everywhere. Waxys really is a special venue to sink a few pints of Guinness - and the foods good too. Address: 14-16 Rupert Street, Soho, London
  13. 13. The TipperaryThe Tipperary is the oldest Irish pub in Londonand celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2006.Have a look at the plaque inside explaining thepubs history. The Tipperary prides itself onserving good quality ales and appears in theGood Beer Guide. Address: Tipperary, Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1HT
  14. 14. The Sherlock Holmes pub The Sherlock Holmes pub in Northumberland Street near Charing Cross railway station, is designed as an apartment of the star detective of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous books. The story of Sherlock Holmes has recently been made into a Hollywood film and a BBC series set in the 20th century.
  15. 15. Today the pub hosts a SherlockHolmes exhibition. The pub wasrestored to a late Victorian formand the exhibit, a detailed replicaof Holmes fictional apartment, wasinstalled on the upstairs floor.
  16. 16. The Hawley Arms My favourite pub in London is the Hawley Arms. It is a friendly local pub with great beer, great food, live music, a lovely roof terrace and the best jukebox in Camden! I met the late Amy Winehouse there on my 20th birthday.Address: 2 Castlehaven Road,Camden, London, NW1 8QUNearest tube station: Camden Town
  17. 17. Questions• How many rooms does Fabric have? What is it’s capacity?• When did Ministry of Sound open? How can I get there on the tube?• What is unique about the Aquarium nightclub?• Name 3 famous acts who have played KOKO.• What is the nearest tube station to KOKO?• Which pub has a tree inside?• What’s the oldest Irish pub in London?• Which author created the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes?• Which tube station would I need to get to if I wanted to go to the Hawley Arms?• How would you spend a night in London?