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eHealth Procurement. Bardón Rafael IM. eHealth week 2010 (Barcelona: CCIB Convention Centre; 2010)

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eHealth Procurement

  1. 1. Mrs. Inés M. Bardón Rafael Assistant General Manager of Purchases and Logistic Andalusian Health Service
  2. 2. SAS estructure ANDALUSIAN HEALTH SERVICE MEDICAL CENTRES MAP 30 Hospitals 8 Blood transfusion Centres 33 Primary healthcare District 1.502 Primary healthcare Centres 383 Emergency healthcare Team HOSPITAL PRIMARY HEALTHCARE DISTRIC HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT AREA TRANSFUSION CENTRE
  3. 3. SAS Purchases Model • Dynamic and extensive in use and application. • Supply and demand regularized with corporate tools. • Considering: • Prominence of Professionals . • Collaboration and continuous communication with supplier companies. • Use of Communications and information last technologies.
  4. 4. REORGANIZE LOGISTIC CHAIN • Logistic Accreditation System (SAL). Allow to know about our logistic resources: • Current situation. Production and mantanaince of inventory. • Organization of agreement to the principles and organizational bases of the corporate logistic model. • Ensure the functional adjustment to the criteria of SIGLO® • To add the Phases of the Logistic Integral Process. • Forces of global negotiation. • Cost reduction.REGIONAL PLATFORM • Decrease of the variability in the acquisition, economies of scale. OF PLUBLIC PROCUREMENT OF INTEGRAL LOGISTIC • Criteria unification in the articles consumption.
  5. 5. INTEGRAL LOGISTIC • Strategy of professional participation of the Centers . • Optimize the structures destined to the logistic process. • Integrate the own resources. Not to externalize in a logistic operator. • Normalize contracting of external and internal Centers distribution.
  6. 6. ¿WHY? The New Technologies are an indispensable tool to improve the current management in purchases and logistics on health sector, promoter of big technological developments, increasing the efficiency of the involved processes, facilitating the rational use of the sanitary products and making possible the implantation of new management models to revalue the basic aim of the organization: the sanitary assistance.
  7. 7. PROCESOS Catalogue Products Bank Purchasing Magazine Portal Consumption Agreements Management & Purchases Comprehensive Plan Publiline Supplier Web Portal Logistic Management Integral System Surgical Implants Registry
  8. 8. PURCHASING MAGAZINE PORTAL • Corporate platform for the electronic purchase. Allow the telematic processing of the licitations derived from a ‘Marco' agreement with several businessmen. • Establish an electronic complete relation with the supplier of purchase chain from the identification of the needs, invitations, offers, adjudication and the signing of the contract. • Improvement • Adequacy to the normative changes and concepts of the LCSP, electronic auction (art. 132 LCSP). • Identification module of products for the common planning of the purchases with Publiline. • File management: Previous sight of invited companies, unload offers, requests and questions forum.. • Proveedores: carga masiva de ofertas, porta firma, consulta rápida de posición en el ranking, foro,… • Suppliers: massive load of offers, carries signature, quick searching of ranking position, forum, …
  9. 9. LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT INTEGRAL SYSTEM(SIGLO ®) • Reengineering process: • Redefinition of the whole logistic process from suppliers up to patients realized by a group of experts of our centers. • Management for processes implantation , incorporating the best practices of the system, optimizing the processes. • Computer support with tool at the level to the procedures standardized by means of an Integral System of Logistic Management. • Training of personnel Expert in Sanitary Logistics to increase the efficiency and efficiency of the processes. • Standard systems implantation: • EAN-UCC (GS1): For automatic identification of product characteristics EAN-UCC (GS1) • EDI: Electronic Data Interchange in the commercial transactions.
  10. 10. SIGLO ® : Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Supplier Centre ORDERS (€) DESADV Goods with SSCC (00) RECADV (72h) INVOIC (Receipt confirmation)
  11. 11. CONCLUSION • Normalize and rationalize the purchase procedures satisfied to the Contratc Law of Public Sector. Maintenance, development and update of the telematic management system for the contract files process of the Organization. • Assure the efficiency in the Management and Service Area Processes. • Promote the Corporate Tools: Information Systems. • The Integral Logistic System implantation that will allow to increase the efficiency of all the Supply Chain involve agents. • Internal forums: Professionals high-level participation, Work groups and Professionals exchange. • External forums: Technical Purchases and Logistic Commission, Sanitary Forum AECOC, GS1 International, Fenin, Farmaindustria.
  12. 12. Thank you very much for your attention Mrs. Inés Mª Bardón Rafael Assistant General Manager of Purchases and Logistic