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Chertsey’s history


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Chertsey’s history

  1. 1. Chertsey’s History
  2. 2. Pre-Historic TimesA clue to Chertsey’sundocumented history startswith an insignificant little steelplate outside St. Peter’sChurch, in Windsor St. Thismarks the spot of the oldwater spring which wassituated at the centre of thevillage before the villagebecame Chertsey town inmedieval times. This knurledplate with three holes rests inthe kerb just in front and aslightly to the left of the castiron Victorian pump. Thispump was given to the townby John Ivatt Briscoe MP.
  3. 3. The Romans and Anglo SaxonsThe Romans probably had a ford and ferry across the river just to the rightof Chertsey bridge going out of the town. In ancient times the river waslower when out of flood.
  4. 4. The Norman and Medieval ErasAfter the Norman Conquest a largestone Abbey was built in ©1110 in‘Transitional Norman/ Early Englishstyle’ The Abbey church was animposing building 250 ft long and aboutthe same size as Rochester Cathedral,and has the chapter house on the northside in the same manner as theCathedrals of Chester, Gloucester, andCanterbury. The tower and spire, if ithad a spire, would have been seen formiles around
  5. 5. Lumpy Stevens Edward "Lumpy" Stevens (1735, Send, Surrey – 7 September 1819, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey) was an English professionalcricketer who played first-class cricket from c. 1756 to 1789. He was an outstanding bowler who isgenerally regarded as the first great bowler inthe games history. He was universally known by his nickname and was always called "Lumpy" in contemporary scorecards and reports. Lumpy Stevens was the person who created the third stump in cricket when playing for Chertsey cricket club.
  6. 6. Chertsey Cricket Club - A History 1737 - Present Day                                                                                                                                                      Chertsey Cricket Club 1931 - Undefeated - Played & Won 17 Games Chertsey Cricket Club has a rich, varied and colourful history that stretches back to its origins in 1737. The following PDF document describes the origins of cricket at Chertsey.                                                                                            Chertsey Cricket Club 1891 This includes the influential role our players had in the gamesdevelopment.  It tells of Lumpy Stevens and the introduction of theThird Stump. The French Revolution and the Great Lord Tankerville. As well as this there is other information and characters from the early days of our beloved sport and club.
  7. 7. Modern Times Thorpe Park adjacent to the town was built on local post war gravel pits and the dome was opened by Lord Louis Mountbatten in 1979.Highlight of the 1970’s in the town was the restarting of the Black Cherry Fair in 1976 byThe Chertsey Chamber of Commerce. The parade came a year or two later, and sincethen The Black Cherry Fair on Abbey Fields in Windsor Street has remained the greatday of the year held every second Saturday in July. Moneys raised from the Fair weredonated to the Christmas lights in the town.
  8. 8. Website’s which history is taken from…..•••