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The pitch for the documentary.

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  • This documentary will be a new documentary focusing on the contempory and sometimes controversial graffiti culture. There will be interviews of real graffiti artists portraying their views and opinions on graffiti and what it means to them, and also interviews of police officers talking about their opinion on graffiti. There will also be lots of footage of graffiti being done by real artists in legal graffiti places.
  • Our documentary will start with footage of “illegal” spray painting (but really it will all be legal) and it will be a minute and a half of a group of hooded teenagers jumping over fences, with jerky handheld camera shots from a low quality mobile phone to give a feel of the setting. The montages involved will be different shots of people performing graffiti. Examples of some of the shots will be a low angle shot of a wall covered in graffiti, then the background becoming blurred and the foreground focusing in on two spray cans side by side.
  • We have chosen our documentary to be based on Graffiti Art because there is always a big question mark over whether or not it is Art or Vandalism. Many people maybe of the older generation may feel that graffiti is vandalism and it ruins areas and buildings, and can be quite intimidating, but the younger generation of people may see it differently they may see it as a way of expressing themselves in a way which makes them happy. These are the questions we are going to be asking people who approve, and disapprove of Graffiti while also interviewing people who take part in doing Graffiti.
  • We are targeting our documentary at this age group because we feel that we can relate to these people and they will be the ones who can give us the answers as to what is right and what is wrong with graffiti. This may also help the older generation come to terms with the fact graffiti is now a thing that young teenagers use as a way of expressing themselves as well as maybe sometimes it being vandalism.
  • These are some images of graffiti, these show the two arguments which people want answers for, its up to you to decide what you think graffiti is, Art or Vandalism.
  • The pitch

    1. 1. Documentary: Graffiti – Art of Vandalism? Kial, Matt, Fabio
    2. 2. ART OR ?
    3. 3. The narrative • A new documentary focusing on graffiti art culture. • Interviews of graffiti artists • Footage of graffiti being done • Interviews of police officers F
    4. 4. The project • Mostly montages and interviews • Montages of graffiti tags and also people doing graffiti • Voice of god, no presenters. • Establishing shots of the legal mural areas • Artistic shots of walls, then defocusing and refocusing on spray cans infront of the wall. • Will be very similar to the documentary « Getting Up » F
    5. 5. The Brief • We have chosen to do a documentary. • Our Documentary will be based on graffiti art and whether or not it is Art or Vandalism? M
    6. 6. The Target Audience • Our target audience is likely to be at teenage boys and Men between the age of 16-34. • This is because, people of this age are the ones that are most effected by graffiti art. M
    7. 7. The Decision is yours? M
    8. 8. Channel Our documentary will be marketed mainly towards males from 16-34 but will also bring in an audience of women as it is an artistic area of interest which brings both male and female audience. There have been many graffiti documentaries… •Getting Up •Forbidden Art •Wild Style But they have never been shown on channel 4, the reason for this is that they are biased towards graffiti. Our documentary will be showing both points of view ‘Art or Vandalism’ and I believe the existing audience of channel 4 will suit our target audience. K
    9. 9. Sub genre Our style of filming will show an Interactive documentary but instead of having a presenter like most documentaries, we will have the actual graffiti artists talk to the audience. We will also use the ‘voice of God’ Style having the graffiti artist talk over various shots of graffiti We chose to make a documentary on graffiti to inform an audience that want to know more about this subject. We want the audience to make an un biased answer to the question to ‘is graffiti art or vandalism’ in the movie we will make sure to show both sides to the argument K
    10. 10. Possible Recce area (graffiti murals) We will all meet at addle stone train station and follow the directions provided to the graffiti murals Estimated time to get there: 40 minutes by walking
    11. 11. Potential Interviewees Name: Jack Taheny Reason: Graffiti artist since a young age, good friend of ours and will be willing to participate in our interviews. Name: Kial Cannon Reason: Dedicated graffiti artist, in the group so is very willing to participate in the interview. We will also ask around the legal mural area if anybody is comfortable with answering the questions. All our interviewees will be masked for anonymity. We will also go to the Addlestone Police Station and ask any of the community support officers to be interviewed, and interview the ones who are willing to do so. Name: PC Rabin Shrestha Reason: Local friendly police officer who is happy to help the youth.