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Final scrpt


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Final scrpt

  1. 1. SCRIPT
  2. 2. Scene 1 • (The thirteen year old boy called Sam is getting told off by his mother for not cleaning his room. Sam’s mother screams out his name) • Mum: SAAMMMMMM!!! • (Sam runs up stairs into his room and his mom is standing at the centre of his room) • Mother: what do you call this? Why is your room so messy? • S: urmm, sorry mum (rolls his eyes) I haven’t had the chance to • Mother: By the time I get back, I want to see this room spick and span. • (Mother leaves the room as he proceeds to clean, finding wrapped up pieces of paper that has credits written all over it)
  3. 3. Scene 2 • (The adult character named George is walking to work a ball rolls over towards his feet. As he attempts to kick the ball he misses completely) • Kid: well done old man. • (After being humiliated by the kids playing football he decides to run/ speed walk home)
  4. 4. Scene 3 • (Sam asks his mum if he can go to his friend’s party) • S: mum can I go to Charlie’s party on the weekend please? • M: what have I told you about him? He’s too old to be your friend and you’re still a kid to be going to parties like that! • S: I can’t wait to grow up
  5. 5. Scene 4 • (Its the day of the adult and the kids birthday. The kid walks in his house to a surprise party and George walks into his office and his friends are wishing him a happy birthday and as he is being praised and the cake comes). *This scene is a split screen • (Synchronised) • Mother: make a wish Sam: I wish I was a grown man • #George’s friend: make a wish George: I wish I was a kid again • (The screen goes black)
  6. 6. Scene 5 • (They both open their eyes) • Sam: What where am I? George: who are you people? • (look they both look at their hands in realisation) this shot will be split screen • Sam: No no no no George: *Screams
  7. 7. Scene 6 • They both scream and run out of there buildings. Sam who now is in George’s body trips over and hurts his legs. As he is holding his injured leg he screams for his mother and as this is going on George who is now in Sam’s body runs past his original body and then does a comedic double take to look back at their original bodies. They both scream as the scene fades out, however the screaming is still heard
  8. 8. Scene 7 • • • • • (The two main character spark a conversation) Sam: so you are me and I am…you George: why did we switch bodies? Sam: Well it’s my birthday today and I wished that I was a kid again George: it’s my birthday as well and I wished that I was older, wasn’t expecting to look like a pensioner though. • Sam: I’m 31 • George: and I turned 13 today and I want my not wrinkled body back • Sam: My body isn’t that bad!
  9. 9. • George: yeah it is • Sam: what about you (smells his arm pits) err have you even washed today? • George: ahh yeah • Sam: you liar, wait this is stupid I’m arguing with a child • George: watch who you’re calling a child old man, I’m a teenager now. • Sam: I hate your body • George: I hate yours • (Both scream in frustration)
  10. 10. Scene 8 • (They both wake up and look at their bodies to see if there back in their actual bodies. They both are relived to find out that they are.)