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Finals of Biz-Tech quiz held at St. Joseph's College, Bangalore on 09-Feb-2013. QMs - Sachin and Allen

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Biz Tech quiz

  1. 1. VisagesThe Biz-Tech Quiz
  2. 2. PHASE 1Written
  3. 3. Rules• +10 for every correct answer• Stakes of +5, +10• -5 and -10 on wrong answer (for stakes)• Bonus of 10 for cracking all questions
  4. 4. 1. Ad for what?
  5. 5. 2. Mont Blanc limited edition pen in honour ofwhich famous personality?
  6. 6. 3. Name the mascot, and the company.
  7. 7. 4. Tech specs for?
  8. 8. 5. Give common name.
  9. 9. 6. Ad for?
  10. 10. ANSWERS
  11. 11. 1. Apple Records2. Edgar Allan Poe3. Coffee Swami and Coffee Board of India4. Aakash5. McIntosh6. Business Standard
  12. 12. PHASE 2Clockwise
  13. 13. Rules• Questions go clockwise• On pounce, +15 if right, -5 if wrong.• On direct, +10 if right; no negatives.
  14. 14. 1. A mid-sized Korean semiconductor firm namedDI Corp that makes products named “MonitoringBurn-in Tester” and “Wafer Test Board” hadconsistently lost money for four quarters in 2011-12. In a few weeks around October 2012 however,the firm, headed by Park Won-ho saw its shareprice shoot up nearly three times its originalvalue, from 2,000 to 5,700 Korean won. Why?
  15. 15. ANSWER
  16. 16. Park-won Ho is the father of Park Jae-sang, orPSY, the Korean rapper, whose single ‘GangnamStyle’ went mega viral on the internet.
  17. 17. 2. X is an operating system for mobile devicesdeveloped by Samsung Electronics. To fosteradoption of X, Samsung is reportedly consideringreleasing the source code under an open-sourcelicense, and expanding device support to includeeven Smart TVs. All X-powered devices are brandedunder the Wave name. ID X.
  18. 18. ANSWER
  19. 19. Bada
  20. 20. 3. This device is a variation of a Wheatstone bridge, which measures electrical resistance and skin conductance. It is formally known as the Hubbard X, and is a part of the concepts in Y. Its use is regarded by the scientific communities as pseudoscience. Y considers it "a religious artifact used to measure the state of electrical characteristics of the static field surrounding the body". Identify X and Y.
  21. 21. ANSWER
  22. 22. X = E-meterY = Scientology
  23. 23. 4. This product had to be renamed in 1964 (after itsintroduction in 1963) as it clashed with the name ofK. Kamaraj, the then president of the IndianNational Congress. Today this product is thecountrys most mass-distributed productmanufactured by a PSU. Give both names.
  24. 24. ANSWER
  25. 25. Kamaraj Condoms, changed to Nirodh.
  26. 26. 5. "The Maha Kumbh provides a unique opportunityto communicate this message to a large,predominantly small-town and rural population,"Sudhir Sitapati, general manager, skin cleansing, atHUL (for the Lifebuoy soap brand), says. “In effect,this simple, clutter-breaking idea will help us reachout to a massive audience, at a fraction of the cost.This ad gets a consumers attention at the exact timewhen hand washing is critical," How was thisadvertisement carried out?
  27. 27. ANSWER
  28. 28. 6. This Indian hotel organisation is noted forrestoring ruins and turning them into heritagehotels. It was started by a Delhi University post-graduate in medieval Indian history and a formerFrench diplomat and naturalised Indian. They wereresearching wall frescoes at Shekhavati for a bookwhen they encountered a 15th-century fort on theAravalli range in Rajasthan. They bought the fortfor Rs 7 lakh in 1986, restored it, and opened it in1991 as a hotel. Which hotel company, namedafter the fort they discovered?
  29. 29. ANSWER
  30. 30. Neemrana Hotels, named after Neemrana Fort
  31. 31. 7. Connect.
  32. 32. ANSWER
  33. 33. Ventures started by husband-wife duos.(Kaspersky Lab founded by Natalia Kaspersky and EugeneKaspersky;Flickr was founded by Stewart Butterfield and then-wife CaterinaFake;Cisco Systems was founded by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner;Husband-wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanovacreated Temple Run).
  34. 34. 8. X started in 2003 in the bedroom of a then-15-year-old student from New York City. He intended Xto be a place to discuss Japanese comics. TheGuardian once summarized the X community as"lunatic, juvenile... brilliant, ridiculous andalarming.” Y was started on X. Y describes itself as“We just happen to be a group of people on the internetwho need—just kind of an outlet to do as we wish, that wewouldnt be able to do in regular society. ...Thats more orless the point of it. Do as you wish. ... Theres a commonphrase: we are doing it for the lulz.’”
  35. 35. ANSWER
  36. 36. 4chan and Anonymous
  37. 37. PHASE 3Anti-Clockwise
  38. 38. 1. During the late 90s, Tuvalu, a tiny nation ofislands halfway between Australia and Hawaii,made headlines for a $50 million deal it made withJason Chapnik, a young entrepreneur fromToronto. The deal would go on to increase Tuvalu’sGDP by more than fifty percent and allow thegovernment to provide electricity on its outerislands. What did the Tuvaluan government sell toChapnik?
  39. 39. ANSWER
  40. 40. The rights to its internet domain, .tv
  42. 42. ANSWER
  43. 43. (Johnson & Johnson) BAND-AID strips
  44. 44. 3. X originated due to difficulties importing Coca-Cola syrup into Nazi Germany during WW II. MaxKeith, the then head of Coca-Cola Deutschlanddecided to create a new product for the Germanmarket, using only ingredients available in Germany.The name was the result of a brainstorming session,which started with Keith exhorting his team to "usetheir imagination" (X in German). In India, X enteredthe market as a substitute for the then-popularIndian soft drink Gold Spot. Identify X.
  45. 45. ANSWER
  46. 46. Fanta, and the German word is Fantasie
  47. 47. 4. Apple’s introduction of what, made during theiPhone 4 release?“Text in books, web pages, and email is crisp at anysize. Images in movies and photos are stunning atalmost any angle. That’s because X’s pixel density is sohigh, your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels.In a word, resolutionary. By developing pixels a mere 78micrometres wide, Apple engineers were able to packfour times the number of pixels into the same 3.5-inchscreen found on earlier iPhone models.”
  48. 48. ANSWER
  49. 49. Retina Display
  50. 50. 5. X is an extremely lightweight, but feature-richsoftware. X has a Greek letter in its name whichdenotes the SI prefix "micro-", as a reference to theprograms very small memory footprint. X is ownedby Y, which is a company founded in 2004 byAshwin Navin and Bram Cohen. Y is also the nameof the protocol that supports software such as X.Identify X and Y.
  51. 51. ANSWER
  52. 52. X = uTorrentY = BitTorrent
  53. 53. 6. X was invented by Dr. Andy Hildebrand, aresearch engineer employed in the oil industry. Oneof his big breakthroughs was developing auto-correlation, an algorithm that uses seismic waves tocreate detailed maps that oil companies use to findpotential drill sites. The even bigger breakthroughcame when he tweaked auto-correlation to pitch-correct music. ID X.
  54. 54. ANSWER
  55. 55. Auto-Tune
  56. 56. 7. It is a free online chatwebsite that allowsusers to communicatewith strangers withoutregistering. The servicerandomly pairs users inone-on-one chatsessions where theychat anonymouslyusing the handles "You"and "Stranger". The sitewas created by 18-year-old Leif K-Brooks, andwas launched in 2008.What?
  57. 57. ANSWER
  58. 58. Omegle
  59. 59. 8. “Can capitalism survive? No. Ido not think it can.” Thus opensthe prologue to his 1942 book,Capitalism, Socialism andDemocracy.He was among the first to layout a clear concept ofentrepreneurship. He identifiedinnovation as the criticaldimension of economic change.The business and managementcolumn of The Economist isnamed after him. Who?
  60. 60. ANSWER
  61. 61. Josef Schumpeter
  62. 62. PHASE 4Difference Wars
  63. 63. Rules• No pounce• 1 or 2 get it right, +30• 2, 3 or 4 get it right, +20• More than 4 get it right, +10• -5 for wrong guesses
  64. 64. 1. First instance of what?
  65. 65. 2. Connect.
  66. 66. 3. Johnson’s Theorem is from a distant corner oftheoretical mathematics and has real or noapplication in the real world except when used as agauge for one’s appetite at _______, Bangalore.Samosapedia entry referencing which iconicBangalore establishment?
  67. 67. 4. This is the logo of X, acompany that used to operateY. X was forced to shut downY after events that took placenearly two years ago. ID X &Y.
  68. 68. 5. It is named after the westernized-name of itsRussian inventor, Léon ______, who patented thedevice in 1928. The controlling section usuallyconsists of two metal antennas which sense theposition of the players hands and controloscillators for frequency with one hand, andamplitude (volume) with the other, so it can beplayed without being touched. This device waspopularized by artists such as The Beach Boys, LedZeppelin and The Rolling Stones. What?
  69. 69. 6. Started from 800-square-metre loft-style officesin Soho, it is brilliantly effective at providing onesimple and universally compelling service: hookingup members according to their profile picturesand location. "Chat, flirt, socialise and have fun!"It is being widely regarded as the next big socialnetwork. It has a popular app called the‘Facebook’ app. Identify.
  70. 70. The End