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Tech Quiz


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Tech Quiz

  1. 1.
  2. 2. 1st Round Straight Questions Q1. It was first started as, a shock site and was aimed at the empowerment of citizen journalism. It came to lime light when it leaked the video of execution of Saddam Husain. It has the tagline “Redefining the media”. Which website is being talked about here?
  3. 3. Q2. Which international fund raising site founded by Danae Ringelmann and Eric schell is now raising funds for the Ubuntu Edge?
  4. 4. Q3. X is a collection of pro-government hackers aligned with Syrian president Bashar Al Assad?
  5. 5. Q4. This company had released its intentions to house the blue waters project supercomputer. It was a project started as an attempt to make the fastest supercomputer at the prestigious University of Urbana. Name the company.
  6. 6. Q5. The cofounder of which iconic cyber giant bid adieu to his company with a memo titled “Thanks for a great 28 years” in which he said “....My hat is off to one of the great capitalists I have ever met, Larry Ellisson”.
  7. 7. Q6. He was born in Queensland, Australia. In 1987, after turning 16 he began hacking under the name Mendax. He and two other hackers joined to form a group which they named as International Subversives. Which popular personality am I talking about?
  8. 8. Q7. Which company was established in 1865 as a wood- pulp mill by Miguel Franco on the banks of the river which originally means dark, fury animal?
  9. 9. Q8. Just like CDMA there is OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) which is a wireless setup used to assist what system in the field of wireless networking and telecommunication?
  10. 10. Q9. Codenamed Leapfrog, the 950. It was the first X.
  11. 11. Q10. The Centre for development of Telematics (CDOT) was established in August 1984 as an autonomous body and now works under the government of India to develop intelligent computer software applications and digital exchanges. Which Indian IT giant started it?
  12. 12. Q11. Its earliest example can be given by “The cathode ray amusement device” patented by Thomas Goldsmith Jr and Estle Ray Mann in 1948. It was an analogue device that allowed user to control vector drawn dot on a screen to simulate a missile to be fired on the target. Which revolutionary concept is being talked about here?
  13. 13. Q12. It is the official mobile application of the Philippines Department of Science and Technology. It provides weather and flood forecasts as well as disaster warnings. Identify it.
  14. 14. 2nd Round Visuals Q1. Name this application-
  15. 15. Q2. Identify him-
  16. 16. Q3. Name this Ubuntu distribution-
  17. 17. Q4. What does this picture depict?
  18. 18. Q5. Identify him-
  19. 19. Q6. Identify him-
  20. 20. 3rd Round @TCS Q1. A trademark of TCS, expand GNDM?
  21. 21. Q2. Which French IT services company has been recently acquired by TCS?
  22. 22. Q3. Which mobile telecommunications giant has declared TCS as its global IT partner?
  23. 23. Q4. Which self service terminal by TCS allows customers to pay their bills using cash or credit card?
  24. 24. Q5. TCS has been declared as the technology partner of which marathon?
  25. 25. Q6. Who has designated TCS as a Leader and 2012 Star Performer in Capital Markets Application Outsourcing?
  26. 26. Q7. WTI Advanced Technologies is a subsidiary of TCS. The 'W' in 'WTI' actually represents a huge historic Electric Corporation. Name it.
  27. 27. Q8. Which business process management giant has awarded TCS with a partner excellence award?
  28. 28. Q9. TCS has been ranked as the #1 employer 2013 in X. TCS was chosen as first among the final 20 companies participating at a continental level. Identify X.
  29. 29. Q10. Who has honoured TCS as the ‘North America System Integrator Partner of the Year’?
  30. 30. Q11. What in the world of TCS is ‘TCS 8K’?
  31. 31. Q12. It is a collaborated launch by TCS and CA technologies. It is described as a design to help customers automate the testing lifecycle. Which technology is being talked about here?
  32. 32. 4th Round Connect Q1. Connect-
  33. 33. Q2. Connect-
  34. 34. Q3. Connect-
  35. 35. Q4. Connect-
  36. 36. Q5. Connect-
  37. 37. Q6. Connect-