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Six Steps to Sharing



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Six Steps to Sharing

  1. Sacha Chua (
  2. - [email_address] Want to share what you know, but are intimidated by blogs, wikis, and the potential to mess things up? You don’t have to do anything radically different in order to save time and make a bigger difference by sharing what you know.
  3. - [email_address] What’s holding you back? No time? Sharing can help you save time, but the real question is: Is it worth more than other things you are already doing? Nothing to share because everything’s confidential or you’re just a beginner? Don’t know which tools to use, or how? Try things out, learn from others, and find out what works for you. Use these tips to find plenty of ideas.
  4. - [email_address] You can make sharing part of the way you work by doing things that are just a little different from what you currently do.
  5. 1. Organize. - [email_address] Review your email and files for information you frequently refer to, or that you often send to people. Organize your “virtual filing cabinet” so that you can quickly find that information when you need it. This will save you time, allow you to be more responsive, and make people happier.
  6. - [email_address] 2. Help When you’re talking to people, listen for opportunities to help them by sending them the information you’ve organized. Answer questions and promise to follow up with additional information. Now you’re getting even more return on the time you invested.
  7. - [email_address] 3. Reach out You can find even more opportunities to help by reviewing what you’ve organized and thinking of people who could benefit from that information. Reach out to them so that you can help them save time, make things happen, and build stronger relationships.
  8. - [email_address] 4. Prepare Now you’ve saved even more time. Use some of that time to prepare by writing down notes that might be useful someday. Don’t wait until after you finish a project. Write your notes while you’re working. It will help you clarify your thinking, record your decisions, and be more productive.
  9. 5. Publish Put your notes in an access-controlled database if you need to, or publish your notes as widely as you can. The more people can help themselves, the more efficiently you can work, and the bigger a difference you can make. Here’s where the magic happens. You have notes. You know they’re useful. Now make it easy for other people to find them.
  10. - [email_address] 6. Improve Review your processes. Improve your organizational system. Like the way a river smoothens rough stones, smoothen the way you work. Compounded over time, little changes can be powerful.
  11. Sacha Chua ( Discussion: How can I help you share more effectively?