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Corporate social-responsibility-of-wipro

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Corporate social-responsibility-of-wipro

  1. 1. Complied by:DEEPAK KUMAR MBA 3rd SEM.
  2. 2.  Azim Premji is the Chairman and MD of Wipro Technologies. Wipro(Western India Products) founded by Azim Premji’s father in 1947 at Amalner , Maharashtra started as vegetable oil trading company. 1966 Azim took over the leadership of company and transformed Wipro into consumer goods company 1975 set up Wipro Fluid Power 1979 developing own computers 1980 moved into software development
  3. 3.  Awarded Gold-level Status in Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Partner Program. World’s largest independent R&D Service Provider. World’s 1st PCMM Level 5 software company. World’s 1st IT Service company to use Six Sigma. 1st to get BS 15000 Certification for its Global Command Center. Among the top 3 offshore BPO service providers in the world . 1st company in the world to be certified in BS 7799 security standards.
  4. 4.  We all know that each and every organization have their ultimate objective that is profit maximization, CSR is not against the profit but CSR is maximize profit not in cost of others . Here we discuss CSR activities by WIPRO
  5. 5.  Firstly , initiative of Wipro is towards education : Wipro Care , Wipro applying thoughts campaign.Secondly ,its initiative is towards environment : Eco- Eye.
  6. 6.  Wipro Cares :- "Wipro Cares" strives hard to address major issues responsibly. From community relief and rehabilitation in times of disasters to education opportunities, health and wellness programs for the needy, we make sure that our social initiatives touch every level of society that needs our help. Wipro care is an initiative by the wiproites. Wipro care contributes through two prolonged strategy. –learning enhancement & disaster rehabilitation.
  7. 7.  Through the "Applying Thought in Schools" initiative we have engaged with more than 1000 schools, 10,000 educators and 30 social organizations across 17 states in the country to bring about educational reform. Incisive Experiments. Educational Literature Program and Advocacy Program. Support new organization
  8. 8. Certificate Course in Sponsorship forDIGANTAR Foundation of individuals from Education partner organizationTISS MA in Elementary Wipro Education Education Fellowship available for studentsJODO GYAN Mathematics teaching 30 NGOs registered . Workshop for NGOs Workshop in Dec-Jan.
  9. 9.  Mission 10X aims at enhancing employability of our engineering graduates by empowering faculty members. Having thus far trained over 10,000 faculty members across 20 states, the initiative intends to now reach out to over 25,000 additional engineering faculties in the near future.
  10. 10.  To strike a balance with environment, we formed Eco Eye a few years ago to bring all our green initiatives under one banner, and to incorporate better ecological balance in every project we execute. Aims to promote. Initiatives undertaken in direction of environment saving. Inter connection of sewer line Biogas plant Rainwater harvesting Eco-friendly chemical
  11. 11.  Wipro Care adopted Pushpavanam village in tsunami-ravaged belt of Tamil Nadu. Earlier work : Orissa- cyclone in 1999, Gujarat-earthquake in 2001.
  12. 12.  SITUATION: STP capacity is 200 KLD only, where as total sewage collection at CDC-2 around 260 KLD OPPORTUNITIES : Inter connection of CDC-2 & 5 STP’s ECO-SOLUTION : Pipe interconnection ECO-IMPACT : treated water usage,
  13. 13.  SITUATION : Large amount of solid waste generated on daily basis at Wipro’s Electronic City Campus OPPORTUNITY : manage solid waste ECO-SOLUTION : Bio- Methanation plant ECO IMPACT : large amt of biogas generated, good quality manure, sludge treated eco-friendly manner
  14. 14.  SITUATION : water flooding causing damage to main motor able road OPPORTUNITY : to tap & harness the rain water ECO-SOLUTION : collection of water, filtering, softening and then STP treatment ECO IMPACT : reduction in ground water depletion.
  15. 15.  SITUATION : harsh chemical used OPPORTUNITY : chemicals to have eco friendly properties ECO-SOLUTION : use of non-pollutants, bio- degradable etc ECO IMPACT : reduced exposure to harmful chemicals

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