Complete Document Design Exercise #4


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Complete Document Design Exercise #4

  1. 1. Complete Document Design Exercise # 4 GroupA A. 1. We can advertise our company via University of Aizu. 2. We can advertise through the internet over the world. 3. In school festival, we will offer our vegetables in free. Or we sell cuisine made from these vegetables in booths. We will appeal our vegetables quality, and taste for consumer. 4. Not only school festival, usually we sell our vegetables in school cafeteria or school shop. This is focus on student of university of aizu. 5. We sell vegetables in Co-op store in Aizu. And we offer these various restaurant and supermarket. This is focus on people live in Aizu. B. ・Your company seems to have four divisions. What kind of divisions are in your company? Our company divided by seller, grower, technique developer and press officer. ・Please explain how do the divisions work in your company? A seller simply sells our products. A grower tames the soil and grows fruit and vegetables. A press officer issues some papers as our activity advertisement. A technique developer is to do with the rudiments of agricultural mechanization. ・Why do your company divisions consist of only one person? Since our group are four. In addition, we have no idea to rely on outsiders aspects of members because our company are sell at the University of Aizu. ・What is the most major division? A technique developer touches our business because our company does not success without his full knowledge of agriculture. ・It seems that it is difficult for only one grower to tame or grow. No problem. Seller is free when grower grows our produce. He helps with grower. C. A seller take all responsibility on the sale of our products. His area of responsibility includes an interior decoration, display of the products. A grower is necessary for our company because he alone produces fruit and vegetables. Therefore, the area of responsibility is widest of the other people in our company. His work is very important for us in order to sell our vegetables. A technique developer assists a grower. He will develop new and efficient technique so that a grower can produce the products more easily. A technique developer assume great responsibility because his work relate to the grower's work closely. A press officer play an important role that he let customers know about our company. A press officer take responsibility about selling the products because the products will not be bought by customers if he could not advertise our company effectively. D. First point: If customer of health was go bad by our fruit and vegetables, our will be pay the treatment of expense. Customer of treatment of expense is free. Second point: If our vegetables and fruits of taste is very bad, our will be change their into very delicious vegetables and fruits and pass apology letter for customer. Third point: If our vegetables and fruits of price is very expensive for customer, we will be reduce the prices by 25%. Fourth point: If customer has some allergy, we will be indicate allergy table. Fifth point: If Our vegetables and fruits of information is lack, we will be explain to customer about vegetables and fruits details, and we will be offer internet and guidebook about it. E. At first, we sell vegetables near the cafeteria at University of Aizu or shop. Further, we use the internet to sell our vegetables over the world, and appeal our vegetables. Other, we will offer our vegetables various restaurant and supermarket in Aizu. Second, we investigate greengrocer in Aizu to know their conditions, strengths, weaknesses, and what we can with they in cooperation. Furthermore, if we can cooperate with greengrocer in Aizu, we willing to assist for them. Finally, Among greengrocer in Aizu, we will make strong connection with them. And we think that will be good for Aizu's Activation.