Peer Review Exercise #5


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Peer Review Exercise #5

  1. 1. Peer Review Exercise # 5 1. GPS, which is a global positioning system, used for a car navigation system is described in the documents. In one of two documents, the way of going to the destination using a car navigation system and the way of showing some sites related to a thing which the user are interested in. The other document explains how a car navigation system work. GPS have some satellites to calculate the location where the user is. When the user move to another place, GPS will recalculate the location in real time. 2. I think that each section and heading describes the contents of them appropriately. The case which the user know a way to a destination and a car navigation system lists up some destinations related to the area which the user is interested in is clearly shown as headings. The documents easily explain that a satellite is important to GPS and how to work a satellite using appropriate headings and contents. We can expect the contents of the documents by looking at the headings. 3. In the explanation to go to a known place, it is written that you can run along with the route by a car in accordance with the voice prompting. Moreover, a car navigation system shows the names of the streets to turn on and you are traveling on when you approach a turn. Next, it is written that a car navigation system is the technology depending on GPS. GPS calculates the location where the user is or a way to a destination using a network of satellites. 4. The explanation of a car navigation system is ambiguous because the explanation is not intended for a particular product but a general product. There may be a particular model which does not have up and down button. Users may not know which button Enter is. In addition, it is not guaranteed whether all car navigation system have a function which selects route by point of user’s interest. the explanation become nonsignificant for a navigation system which does not have this function. 5. I think that the explanation about the satellites used for GPS is easy to understand and good for readers. If even the people who do not know that a car navigation system is using the GPS satellites read this explanation, they can understand the contents. You can understand that a car navigation system can calculate the route for the destination using a sophisticated map and the satellites which a navigation system has without any previous knowledge. 6. These instructions which are written in the documents need a visual material like a picture which let readers imagine a method of operation. However, the instructions was trying to explain only using the text without any those materials. the confusing part which explained with only the text-based instructions may become clear to understand with a picture or illustration which help readers understand the method of operation. These errors should be corrected to make the quality of the document improve. 7. If the explanation of a navigation system focus on a specific product, it will be readable. The explanation is hard to understand because the author intended to illustrate about general products. I think that it is a good way that the author lets readers imagine with the explanation of a specific product. For instance, if I explain about a navigation system which I have with some appropriate pictures, the documents will be easy to understand. 8. If our group author this kind of document, we will explain using some pictures which help readers understand the instructions. Next, we will describe about not a general navigation system but a particular navigation system. Finally, we will mention that a system which we were explaining in our document is a particular navigation system and the method of operation is slightly different from your navigation system. We are going to say that please look at the instruction guide about the advanced method of operation attached your
  2. 2. navigation system. 9. ・This video explains how to track a cell phone using GPS. ・There is a service to find a cell phone. ・A service named Family Locator cost a monthly fee of $10. ・You can know where a member of family is with Family Locator. ・For the iPhone, there is a pc technology called MobileMe. ・When you have the iPhone stolen or lost, you can use a service to find the iPhone. ・You use MobileMe with connecting the Internet. ・MobileMe is efficient when you track somebody. ・MobileMe is used like Family Locator. ・When you move the location of the iPhone, the information of the location is updated in real time. 10. ・iPhone show you where you are right now on a map. ・This video explains the features of Google Maps. ・Google Maps is used for displaying the information of the location in the video. ・Google Maps can be used from iPhone. ・You can know where you are using GPS and iPhone. ・Google Maps have massive information. ・When you tap the target icon, you can know the place where you are now. ・When you tap the icon again, you can zoom in. ・The operation of pinching out is used to zoom in instead of tapping the icon. ・When you zoom in, more information will be displayed on the map.