Complete Document Design Exercise # 1
Our goal is to thi...
improve their dietary life and reconsider foods that they usually eat by offering our fresh fruit and vegetables.
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Complete Document Design Exercise #1


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Complete Document Design Exercise #1

  1. 1. Complete Document Design Exercise # 1 GroupA 1. A. Our goal is to think about "Local production for local comsumption" and "Environment" by eating fruit and vegetables that grew in Aizu. B. Fruit and vegetables are natural foods for person. They have vitamin A, vitamin C, and much nutrition. If person doesn't eat them, person doesn't live a wealthy life. We pledge to grow fruit and vegetables without any use of pesticides. If we success the plan, we including business. But we must plan for it. For example, we think that how do you including business, how do you delight to customer, how do you advertisement goods, and how do you visitor support. We must think that solve to be many problem. But If many problem solved, we will be advance our business and our rising our stock prices. C. We must decide the kind of fruit and vegetables that are eaten generally. Next, we need to prepare our field. The potential location will be easily found such as the roof of the University of Aizu. We must also decide where we will open a shop. Although it is difficult for us to find a locations for our store inside the University facilities, there are many potential ones outside of buildings. D. We decided 4 following rules for each member: #1 person is a seller, who prepares for our store and everything that needs when we sell our vegetables and decorates inside of our store. #2 person a grower, tame the soil and grow fruit and vegetables. #3 person a technique developer, study the efficient way. #4 person a press officier, inform our activity. E. We need much good soil that can grow fruit and vegetables well, because they are acute issue from the aspect of fruit and vegetables groth, weight of soil, load, and how we bear off to roof. 2. A. We will be in the agricultural industry. Especially, we will aspire for the agriculture activity in Aizu because we emphasize the relationship to local area. We will begin to make fields, grow fruit and vegetables, sell the our vegetables. We will develop the way of growing vegetables efficiently and mechanization of agriculture. Moreover, we think that fresh and delicious vegetables may change unhealthful life of modern persons and we will assist improving their life by sweet vegetables. We hope that our products become the trigger that the University of Aizu students who usually eat less fruit and vegetables begin to consider about dietary life. B. We set a target named IEEE(Internal Earth are Especial Entity). Recently, we Japanese people can get fruit and vegetables everywhere and easily for few expenditure. Convenience stores even sells them. Under this circumstance, how many University of Aizu students ingest adequate their amount per diem? We think that many students do subamount and prompt students to have more fruit and vegetables for their health by opening fruit and vegetables store. By the way, why earth is so important? It is because fruit and vegetables are from good soil. No soil cultivates no vegetables, bad soil bad ones. So fruit does. Our group is to learn good earth and grow good fruit and vegetables and will provide with better quality. C. Our goal is the health of the students of University of Aizu and people in surrounding areas. We want they to
  2. 2. improve their dietary life and reconsider foods that they usually eat by offering our fresh fruit and vegetables. Our one of the objectives is health checkup. The students who are too thin or obese should remedy eating our products. If students who have appropriate health conditions increase, our business will have got some successful results. Next objectives is attendance rate for classes. The reason that students are absent is feeling sick or oversleeping. Many of the students have trouble dietary life in their house. We hope that they form a habit eating vegetables and improve their dietary life by having our fruit and vegetables. D. We never agrichemicals in making fruit and vegetables for every customers because that are not used agrichemicals what is called "organic vegetables" is very good for our health. E. We store "organic vegetables" for student of University of Aizu and people lived in Aizu, especially student of University of Aizu tend to run short vegetables. We want to prevent running short vesitables all of the people. F. The industry that we are going to join in is agriculture. We study about growing vegetables or fruit and the way of growing these crops efficiently. Agriculture may not be the popular industry in Japan now. However, if the people who pay attention to their health increased, Agriculture would be the industry that have growth potential. We are planning to sell the products using famousness of the University of Aizu in the place we have lived in. We think that added-value products which are made by the students of the University of Aizu are widely accepted by the students and the local people. G. Your most important company strengths and core competencies: * What factors will make the company succeed? + that customers are University of Aizu student * What do you think your major competitive strengths will be? + local production for local consumption * What background experience, skills, and strengths do you personally bring to this new venture? + tendency toward a lack of fruit and vegetables