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Friends and family presentation


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How to open a fast food shop.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Friends and family presentation

  1. 1. American International University – Bangladesh Course name: Strategic Management Course instructor: Reaz Amin Choudhury Group Members: Rezwan Mahmud Siddiqui ID: 10-93914-2 Salma Farooquee ID: 10-94097-2 Mohammad Rasel Ahmed ID: 10-93928-2 Mohammad Sharfaraz Hossain ID: 10-93879-2 Md. Zahirul Hossain ID: 10-94156-3
  2. 2. Fast Food is an important food item of the people in this world. Specially inBangladesh this habit of taking fast food is also growing day by day. Those whoare living in the capital city have the tendency to consume fast food is more inthem compared to the people living in the rural areas of Bangladesh. This habithas been changed because of the urgency of the people. As a society develops,the economic activities are also increased and, therefore, people becomingbusier in that society. This business of the people discourages them to preparefood at their houses.Our Vision: Be the best fast food shop in Bangladesh by delivering totalcustomer satisfaction through quality and service.Our Mission: Our aim is provide happiness and joy through serving hygienicand healthy fast food along with taste and quality.Values: We will earn trust from our consumers with our competence, honestyand integrity.
  3. 3.  To establish a successful local fast food outlets and gain market share inBangladesh fast food industry. To expand into a number of outlets by three years, and sell the franchise to otherdistricts, such as Sylhet, Comilla, Chittagong etc.
  4. 4. Strength: Excellent location is one of our major strength. Because most of our target customers lives in Banani and they are willing to take fast food at regular basis. Friendly environment will create the impression of nice atmosphere. Our food price will be reasonable because we don’t need to pay loyalty fee for using any brand name. Our customer service will focus on customer’s expectation; rather than serving as casual basis. Our Shop will have wireless connectivity so everyone will be able to use internet free of cost.Weaknesses: We do not have huge amount of startup fund because we are investing from our own resources. Small range of foods item/menus. Brand name is not created yet. That’s why people who are brand conscious may not interested to take our food. We will start our business with only one outlet so it will be really challenging for us to capture the market.
  5. 5. Opportunities: Changing demographic trends provides opportunity to diversify into new products. Consumers are becoming health conscious; we will introduce new product line for this segment. Number of female workers are increasing so this is our best opportunity to spread our business.Threat: Fast food shop is a highly competitive business, everyday shops are opening . Down turn in economy affecting the ability to eat out as much. Increasing trends of vat on fast food meal may reduce the demand. Like other business economy up down will hamper the growth rate of our business.
  6. 6. We have selected the prime location in Bangladesh to open our fast foodshop.We are not a franchise of any giant fast food chain so we don’t need topay any franchise fees.We will provide best quality food with quick service and reasonableprice.We are investing from our own resources; so we don’t have to pay anybank interest.Our Friends and Family decoration will create the friendly environment;so consumer will feel comfortable in our fast food shop.Taste, Quality, Environment all in one will ensure the happiness of ourconsumer
  7. 7. This is a very common question that people might ask why I will buy yourproduct?We will emphasize on following points: People are more conscious about price. So as we have decided we will charge cheaper price then our competitors. We will provide healthy and delicious food as like we have promised. We will ensure friendly environment in our fast food shop; so that our consumer will feel comfortable to spend time in our shop. We will decorate our shop in such a attractive way that people will love to come in our shop. We will provide quick service to our consumer so they don’t have to waste time in our shop.
  8. 8. The pressures of working life along with time constraints have resulted in anincreasing number of consumers opting for fast food restaurant. The growth ofthe fast food market has been an effect of societal development. Like thewestern world, now a day, women in Bangladesh especially in Dhaka city do notstay at home carrying out household tasks, but rather prefer remunerated workin striving towards equality and economic independence. Our fast food shopwill give quality food and best services to all.