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Design and technology 12 2012


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Published in: Design
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Design and technology 12 2012

  1. 1. Design andTechnology Dr. Ricardo Sosa
  2. 2. “Design plays a critical role in theglobal paradigm shift from anindustrial economy to anexperience and knowledge basedeconomy”
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  10. 10. fun safe educational usable easy to maintain engaging feasiblemeaningful participatory and has to differentiate from 100+ exhibits…
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  15. 15. Mental/Cultural Switch• You are not told what to do or how to do it• No textbooks with answers• No recipes (but there is a structure)• Integrate and apply what you learn• High uncertainty, high ambiguity• High diversity of skills, tools, concepts• Manage your design/learning process• No right/wrong answers• Teachers expect more from you• Design-driven, not grade-driven• Fail early, fail fast, fail often (and learn)
  16. 16. Mental/Cultural Switch• “How many drawings/concepts/prototypes?”• “Is my proposed solution ok?”• “Checklist: I did x, y, and z”• “Subject x is not related to design”• “You must tell me what to do!”• “You are asking for too much, I need to sleep”• “What do I do next?”• “We did what you asked for”• “I only want good grades, forget the learning”• “Students must never fail”• “My design has x, y and z features”