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Narrative Report: Preliminaries


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Narrative Report: Preliminaries

  1. 1. A.Y. 2011-2012Student Teaching Portfolio Roxanne Joie Villanueva Deang BSE-Mathematics IV
  2. 2. UNIVERSITY OF THE ASSUMPTION City of San Fernando, Pampanga A.Y. 2011-2012 A NARRATIVE REPORT Presented to theCOLLEGE OF PROFESSIONAL TEACHER EDUCATION In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in Ed110: Practice Teaching Submitted by: DEANG, ROXANNE JOIE V. Submitted to: MRS. CHERRIE ANN D. BASILIO March 2012
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 2: Student TeachingPreliminaries:  Acknowledgement I. Sample Memorandum of  Dedication Agreement  Approval Sheet  Certification Sheet II. Clearance Sheet  COPTED Prayer III. Certification Sheet  Student Teacher’s Code of IV. Pampanga High School Conduct  History  Introduction  Mission and Vision  Location Map  Organizational ChartPART 1: Observation and Participation V. Schedule  Daily Time Record at PHS I. University of the Assumption High School Department VI. Lesson Plan and Evaluation  History Form  Mission and Vision VII. Narration of Experiences  Code of Discipline  Location Map  Organizational Chart Appendices A. Magna Carta for Public School II. Department of Education Teachers  Mission and Vision B. Code of Ethics for Professional  Organizational Chart Teachers III. Commission on Higher C. Records and Forms Education D. Copy of Application Letter  Mission and Vision E. Resume  Organizational Chart F. Documentation G. Students’ Evaluation for the IV. Schedule Student Teacher  Daily Time Record at H. Reflection UAHS V. Lesson Plan and Evaluation Form VI. Narration of Experiences and Reflection
  5. 5. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my warmest gratitude to all those who helped me in thecompletion of this portfolio and those who became a big part of my college life: To my COPTED family and teachers, especially Dr. Dexter Balajadia, Mrs. CherrieAnn Basilio and Mrs. Grace Tiqui, for their guidance, encouragement, and their inspiringwords to motivate me to develop and become effective teachers; for their undying supportand patience; for their words which lightened me up towards the right direction. To all the personnel in our laboratory schools – UA High School Department andPampanga High School, for welcoming me and my fellow student-teachers wholeheartedlyand for giving us the opportunity to experience how is it to become real classroom teachers. To all my cooperating teachers both in UAHS and in PHS – Ms. Richel Duay, Ms. LilyQuizon, Ms. Consolacion Pasamba, Ms. Elvira Tayag, Mrs. Liza Rose Quinto, Ms. BernadetteDelos Santos, Mrs. Loida Maglanque and most especially Ms. Laarni Magtoto, for all thethings they taught me; for sharing their experiences and giving their time and effort ingiving me pieces of advice; for their concern, encouragement and guidance. To my students in UAHS - I-Exodus, II-Jeremiah, III-Romans, IV-St.Philip, as well asmy students in PHS – I-Newton, I-Edison, II-Darwin, II-Mendel, IV-Bonifacio 3 and especiallyI-Einstein, for giving me their love and for treating me as if I am their real teacher; for beingmy younger brothers and sisters, and friends at the same time and for giving me uniqueexperiences I never thought I would have. Grateful acknowledgement is expressed to my beloved parents, Mr. Remigio B.Deang and Mrs. Rowena V. Deang, also to my younger sister Marinelle V. Deang for being myinspirations and motivation to always do my best in everything I do and to always soarhigher; for their hard work just to be able to send me to school; for their patience, love andundying support; for always being there for me in times of laughter and when thingsweren’t so great; for always showing the world and making me feel how much they areproud of me; for their teachings and guidance which made me become as to what I am now.
  6. 6. I also would like to thank: My aunt, Mrs. Remedios D. Sitchon – my inspiration and the person behind mydecision of choosing Education as the right track to take – for her undying support to ourfamily especially to my dad; for always being there for me and for treating me like her own. The rest of the Deang-Villanueva Clan for always being behind our back. My friends and best friends, for their support and motivation; for all the fun andlaughter behind the bitter reality of college life that we are all facing; for always making mesmile behind my tears and for making me realize what the true meaning of friendship is. The person to whom my heart beats for, for being my inspiration; the reason behindmy smiles and my rainbow after every rain. These are the people behind Roxanne Joie V. Deang – behind my hard work,learning, success, achievements and journey. Because of these people that I am motivated tostand up every after heartbreak and downfall; to strive hardest to reach my aspirations; tobe proud and continue shinning and become an inspiration to others. Above all, I want to give my full love and gratitude to Lord, Jesus Christ for giving mestrength in completing this Narrative Report; for giving me the life to be able to finishanother academic year in my student life; for sending His angels to continuously guide meand for His unconditional Love.
  7. 7. DEDICATION Time flies by so fast. It is indeed nostalgic looking back on all the things happenedduring those four exuberant years. Who would have thought that I am now on my lastacademic year in my college life which is about to bid goodbye and I can’t hide just howthrilled I am while writing this dedication since our much awaited Graduation Day is fastapproaching. In line with this, I, Roxanne Joie V. Deang, am again compiling all theknowledge I have learned while having my Practice Teaching – a course guiding us andmolding us in becoming professionals in or career as future Catholic Educators. I amcompiling not just the knowledge, and also the experiences and unforgettable memories Ihad, making me come up with this Narrative Report. This Narrative Report is lovingly dedicated to my parents, Mr. Remigio B. Deang andMrs. Rowena V. Deang, and to my little sister Marinelle V. Deang who served as myinspirations, my strength and motivation in fulfilling my dreams and in accomplishing thisportfolio successfully. I also want to dedicate this portfolio to the rest of the Deang-Villanueva Clan whohave also supported our family along this journey of mine towards becoming an educator –a molder of young minds. To my girl friends – Lady, Mylene, Jamie and Joan who have remained true and havealways been there during the laughing and crying moments; the gents who have alwaysbeen our guards since the first day we set our foot in the institution – Kuya Mark, AJ andJune; my high school best friends and colleagues. To that one person, if he’s the right person, who gave light during my darkest daysand made me smile during the times when all things are against me. This portfolio is also dedicated to my COPTED Family; to the BSE/BEED Batch 2012,especially the Math Majors; to Sir Dex, Sir Arvin , Sir Camay, Ms. Grace, Ms. Che, Ms. Dho, Ms.Duff, Ms. Weng and Ms. Susie – our teachers in the department, our best friends, our greatrole models and my inspiration to be great teachers like them.
  8. 8. I also want to dedicate this portfolio to my future students and those who have beenmy students during my Practice Teaching. Also to my cooperating teachers in the UA HighSchool Department and Pampanga High School. Above all, I dedicate this portfolio to the One who have always been by my side, myidol teacher – Jesus Christ. May this portfolio serve as an inspiration to lead the youth of today in therealization that there is no greater, heartwarming and fulfilling duty than to learn, to teachand to lead as Jesus Christ did.
  9. 9. University of the Assumption College of Professional Teacher Education City of San Fernando, (P) APPROVAL SHEETThis Narrative Report on the Internship Experiences is prepared by ROXANNE JOIE V.DEANG in partial fulfillment for the Degree of BACHELOR OF SECONDARY EDUCATIONmajor in MATHEMATICS is hereby approved. Mrs. Cherrie Ann D. Basilio Supervising Instructress Dr. Dexter M. Balajadia Associate Dean, COPTED Rating: Date:
  10. 10. University of the Assumption College of Professional Teacher Education City of San Fernando, (P) CERTIFICATION SHEETThis is to certify that all activities contained in this Narrative Report were undertaken byROXANNE JOIE V. DEANG, a BACHELOR OF SECONDARY EDUCATION (major inMathematics) student of the UNIVERSITY OF THE ASSUMPTION during the First Semesterof the School Year 2011-2012 under my supervision and guidance. Mrs. Cherrie Ann D. Basilio Supervising Instructress Ms. Lily G. Quizon Cooperating Teacher Mrs. Consolacion M. Pasamba Cooperating Teacher Ms. Richel A. Duay Cooperating Teacher Ms. Elvira G. Tayag Cooperating TeacherNoted by:Ms. Edita Q. Sagmit, E.L.T. UAHS Principal
  11. 11. COPTED PRAYER to be like Jesus… Dear Jesus, help me to spread Your fragrance everywhere I go. Flood my soul with your Spirit and Life. Penetrate and possess my whole being so utterly that my life will only be a radiance of Yours. Shine through me and be so in me That every soul that I come in contact with may feel your presence in my soul. Let them look up and see no longer me but only, Jesus. Stay with me and then I shall begin to shine as You shine. So to shine as to be a light to others. The light, O Jesus, will be all from You; none of it will be mine. It will be you, shinning on others through me. Let me thus praise you in the way which you love best, By shinning on those around me. Let me preach you without preaching. Not by my words, but by my example. By the catching force, The sympathetic influence of what I do, The evident fullness of the love my heart bears for You. “To learn, to teach Amen. and to leadas Jesus Christ did.”
  13. 13. University of the Assumption College of Professional Teacher Education City of San Fernando, (P) CODE OF CONDUCT FOR STUDENT TEACHERSThe University of the Assumption, College of Professional Teacher Education envisions itselfas a Christian institution of higher education, dedicated to the development of professionaleducators who possess world-class competence, imbued with the spirit of service anddesire to produce quality and relevant research.In support of this vision, the College of Professional Teacher Education shall providetraining and services geared towards excellence in: Teaching and Learning Research and Creative Activity Leadership Community Service Cultural AppreciationIn view of this vision-mission, the following goals were formulated: 1. Produce Christian educators who will become effective leaders and teachers in the local and global community. 2. Develop a culture of excellence in the field of teaching and research. 3. Prepare future leaders and educators in the task of nation building through social responsibility and service. 4. Provide a climate of intellectual interaction that will prepare the future teachers in confronting national and global concerns, problems and issues.The College of Professional Teacher Education intends to achieve these goals throughseveral objectives, strategies and programs. One of these is the Student Teaching Program
  14. 14. which aims for the development of the teaching competencies and attitudes of fourth yearstudents.This Student Teaching Program includes the following code of conduct for student teachers:The items in this Code are applicable to all student teachers when properly under theauthority of the school personnel of the University of the Assumption and where they aredeployed. They are expected to abide by this Code during school activities or functions andwhen they are performing tasks related to student teaching. The Code also applies to anystudent teacher’s misconduct, regardless of where it occurs.Student teachers and parents will receive copies of this Code and some pertinent rules andregulations to which student teachers are subject while in school or any cooperating schoolor institution. The written information will include the types of conduct that will makestudent teachers liable to suspension or other forms of disciplinary action. Parents willreceive a copy of the student teachers code with the written mandate that compliance isrequired for all students.1. Academic dishonesty A student teacher shall not engage in any way, in any act of cheating such as copyinglesson plan from teachers, books or from other student teachers. He/She is not allowed toremove or change any school records. All data concerning the school and thepupils/students must be kept confidential.2. Professionalism 2.1 A student teacher shall always dress appropriately for community andinstructional setting. He/She shall not dress in an obscene or suggestive manner that maydisrupt the educational process. Prescribed black closed shoes should be worn at all times. 2.2 A student teacher shall demonstrate acceptable ethical behaviour in theeducational setting. He should always remember that he/she is an example to his pupilsphysically, intellectually, morally and ethically. He/She should not cause any disruption ofany classroom activity or the operation of the school or the educational process and shall
  15. 15. not engage in any act that is potentially harmful to the health, welfare and safety of thestudent teacher himself/herself, other student’s school activities or staff. 2.3 A student teacher shall always be respectful toward or obedient to anyauthorized school personnel, teacher or administrator at any time. He/She shall performwillingly all assigned tasks related to student teaching. He/She is expected to comply withreasonable request, orders and directions of cooperating teachers, administrators or otherauthorized school personnel. He/She should always recognize his duties, responsibilitiesand privileges. He/She assumes only responsibilities delegated to him/her. 2.4 A student teacher shall not engage in any of the following activities: 2.4.1 Distribution or sell of unauthorized materials/food on school premises. 2.4.2 Display of excessive affection on school premises. 2.4.3 Fighting or other act of violence or force that causes harm or threatens to cause harm to another person. 2.4.4 Gambling, drinking liquor and using prohibited drugs. 2.4.5 Intimidating, insulting or any manner of abuse verbally or in writing any student or school personnel. 2.4.6 Using profane or vulgar language or gestures at school or in any school sponsored event or activity. 2.4.7 Sexually harassing students/pupils. 2.5 A student teacher is expected to be on time for school and for each class, unlessillness prevents timely attendance at school. He/She shall not be absent from schoolwithout parental and school approval. 2.6 As a future teacher, a student teacher is expected to analyze and continuallystrive to improve his/her teaching effectiveness. He/She is expected to conductteaching demonstrations and receive cordially all constructive criticisms to be given byhis/her cooperating teachers and other teaching personnel. 2.7 A student teacher shall deal with parents of pupils/students cordially with duerespect for their rights.
  16. 16. 3. Complicity A student teacher shall not actively or passively and/or otherwise encourage othersto violate the rules contained in the Code of Conduct for Student Teachers.4. Failure to Serve School Discipline Refusing to serve an in-school suspension, discipline and walking out of theprincipal’s or dean’s office while discussing or receiving discipline will not be tolerated. Thestudent teacher may be required to serve heavier or graver penalties. Conforme: Student Teacher’s Signature over Printed Name Date: Parent’s Signature over Printed Name Date:
  17. 17. INTRODUCTION A Transition from a Student to a Teacher If you will come and think of it, being a student isn’t an easy role, what more is to bea teacher? But what makes it more challenging is when these two words – student andteacher – were smashed together, ending up with “student-teacher.” The courses Curriculum Development and Practice Teaching prepared me for atransition from being a student to a student-teacher. These courses provided me theexperience of how was it to become a real teacher through my observation period at theUniversity of the Assumption High School Department during the First Semester of theschool year 2011-2012 as well as my student teaching at the Pampanga High School thisSecond Semester of the same school year. To be a student teacher or to have practice teaching is an integral and importantpart of all teacher training programs. It is a practical and hands-on type of work that willreally prepare and train would be teachers in the real battle field of teaching that is why it ishighly valued compared the other courses during the training of future teachers like me. The student teaching experience is frequently cited having the highest impact onfuture teaching behaviors of candidate teachers. And for me, my student teachingexperience was the most meaningful portion of my professional preparation as a Catholiceducator. By browsing in this narrative report, you will have a glimpse of what took placeduring my student teaching period – the learning and experiences which are bitter, yetfruitful; the hardships and struggles I’ve gone through as I strive to reach my goal ofbecoming a full pledge teacher; the memories that will forever remain carved in my heart;and the fulfillment and the joys of my teaching experience. I’d be happy to share with you all these experiences in my journey and may you also be inspired to follow the steps of our Great Teacher – Jesus Christ.