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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT<br />The author is very grateful to GOD ALMIGHTY for without His graces and blessings, t6his study would not have been possible.<br />Immeasurable appreciation and deepest gratitude for the help and support are extended to the following persons who in one way or another have contributed in making this study possible.<br />Prof. Lydia R. Chavez, Dean of Education, for her support and words of encouragement and also for giving a long period of time to depend this manuscript.<br />Mrs. Delia F. Mercado, adviser and statistician, for her support, advices, guidance, valuable comments, suggestions, and provisions that benefited her much in the completion and success of this study.; who gave her love, care, shelter in doing this research. Sharing her knowledge and helped in the analysis of data and its statistical computations. And last by giving an endless helped to finish this manuscript. The author is very thankful for having such a good adviser like you.<br />Mr. Ricky M. Latosa, Subject specialist and English Critic, for his comments, effort in checking and editing this study.<br />The members of the committee for oral examination who manifested their distinguished skills and talents in their own fields as seen in their way of correction and ideas shared.<br />Mrs. Evangeline Cruz, librarian, for her letting the author to borrow their books.<br />To her respondents and teachers, for their worthy support and cooperation and time in terms of providing the author all the needed information.<br />Maria Wilness Calalo, her bountiful friend, a genius and also a flexible student, for her guide and opinion.<br />Her Addickted Family, friends and classmates, for their moral support, understanding and encouragement.<br />Her best friend, family and cousins, for their love, caring, patients and support in financial aspects to pursue this manuscript.<br />To all who are not mentioned but in one way or another helped in the completion of this study, thank you very much.<br />The Author<br />