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OpenShift Overview


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OpenShift cloud technology high-level overview given at the Athens Area Software Developer Meet-up in Athens, Georgia, January 2014.

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OpenShift Overview

  1. 1. OPENSHIFT Baron Chandler @msthebaron
  2. 2. AGENDA • What is OpenShift? • How much does it cost? • Gears and Cartridges • Why does WiserTogether use OpenShift? • How can I play?
  3. 3. Platform as a Service (PAAS) Backed by RedHat Built on Linux Standards Not Virtualized Shared Hosting Environment* “Hybrid” Cloud Environment
  4. 4. OpenShift Licensing Options fedora RHEL Origin Enterprise RedHat Cloud
  5. 5. OpenShift Origin Community Supported Very Active Development Full Source on GitHub Free-as-in-Beer installation options: web, live ISO, kickstart
  6. 6. OpenShift Enterprise Slower / More Stable Release Roadmap Runs on RHEL 6 Yearly Subscription ($$) Available thru VARs Free Evaluation Available
  7. 7. OpenShift Online RedHat-Hosted Service Free Tier (up to 3) “Silver” Tier (up to 16) for $20/mo plus a few ¢/hr/gear visit:
  8. 8. Quick Recap • RedHat’s foray into cloud offerings. • Built on standard Linux technology. • Three options: Origin (free), Enterprise ($$), Cloud (hosted)
  9. 9. Gears and Cartridges “((AND BEARS, OH, MY!!))”
  10. 10. Gears Containers with resource limits which run applications: • Small • Medium • Large … Sizing is configured platform-wide by server admin. “Gear” —
  11. 11. Cartridges Added to gears to support languages, databases, or even applications. PHP, python (2.6,2.7,3.3), Ruby (1.8/1.9), PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongo, JBoss, perl, node.js, Go, Drupal, WordPress, Jenkins, Travis CI, more … plus the community cartridges (or, even, your own). “Cartridge” —
  12. 12. * Standard Technologies selinux quota cgroups Source Collections (SCL) work together to secure shared environment.
  13. 13. Built With… Ruby BIND bash scripts git MongoDB* ssh Apache env vars * Makes OpenShift Web Scale™
  14. 14. Quick Recap • Built on standard Linux technology. • SCL allows multiple versions of code to be installed together on the same running server. • Gears provide non-virtualized, secure, and constrained shared environment for your code. • Features added with cartridges from RedHat, community, or your own DIY cartridge repo.
  15. 15. OpenShift Console
  16. 16. OpenShift RHC Tool $ rhc Usage: rhc [--help] [--version] [--debug] <command> [<args>] ! Command ! line interface for OpenShift. Getting started: create-app apps add-cartridge set-env Create an application List all your applications Add a cartridge to your application Set one or more environment variable(s) to your application Working with apps: tail snapshot git-clone Tail the logs of an application Save the current state of your application locally Clone and configure an application's repository locally ! ! Management commands: app Commands for creating and managing applications env Manages user-defined environment variables set on a given application ssh SSH into the specified application !
  17. 17. So, Why Does Wanna Use OpenShift?
  18. 18. Services. Lots of ‘em.
  19. 19. Release Management Evolution of the Legacy Production and Staging Environment
  20. 20. web app S assets S Production S Deploy data S Development content Peer Review / Testing OpenShift Workflow Multiple, Parallel Workstreams with Ad-Hoc Teams
  21. 21. Other Advantages • Ad-hoc workgroups and priorities. • Similar config and deployment “machinery.” • Cartridges = flexible stacks per service. • Code no longer marinates in fetid waters.
  22. 22. Other Advantages • Huggy-kissy technology for nerds. • App configuration is $OPENSHIFT_ENV-driven. • Hybrid cloud model.
  23. 23. Putting It Together Knockout To Do Demonstration ! ! 1. Create node.js app 2. ???? 3. Profit.
  24. 24. Lots More Cool Stuff • Custom cartridges • Automated deploys / CI • Scalable applications • rhc / oo-* commands • Deploy hooks • Broker REST API • Group development • Snapshot and restore • Port forwarding • Logging and debugging It’s Ruby, it’s shell, it’s Linux, you’ll find something to hack.
  25. 25. Broker: Master Control Manages applications and DNS Manages users, git, ssh on nodes Runs OpenShift Console Provides REST-style API
  26. 26. Nodes: Workers Hosts applications Endpoints for ssh and git Cartridges installed here Can auto-scale
  27. 27. You Can’t Win, If’n Y’on’t Play To sign up for 3 free hosted gears. Take a look at the code behind the curtain. The community OpenShift website. #openshift-dev on Freenode Talk smack about people’s mamas on IRC with the developers.
  28. 28. You Can’t Win, If’n Y’on’t Play “Easy Button” install your own instance. All you need to know to roll your own.
  29. 29.