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Agile NCR 2013- Shekhar Gulati - Open shift platform-for-rapid-and-agile-development


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Agile NCR 2013- Shekhar Gulati - Open shift platform-for-rapid-and-agile-development

  1. 1. OpenShift : Platform For Rapid and Agile DevelopmentSpeakers DetailsShekhar GulatiRed HatTwitter : shekhargulati
  2. 2. About Me• OpenShift Evangelist at Red Hat• Ex-Xebian• Hands on Developer• Speaker• Writer and Blogger• Passionate Learner• For Details Google “Shekhar Gulati” 2
  3. 3. Agenda● Level setting● Becoming friends with OpenShift● Demo 1 – OpenShift web console● OpenShift command line tool● Demo 2 : Application with Jenkins support● Demo 3 : Integrating Sonar● Demo 4 : Installing YouTrack
  4. 4. What is PaaS?
  5. 5. PaaS == Platform as a Service A Cloud Application Platform Code Deploy Enjoy Push-button Deploy, and Save Time and MoneyCode your app your App is running in the Cloud!
  6. 6. Why PaaS?● Lets developer focus on his job i.e. to write code.● You develop “Cloud Aware” applications from the beginning.● Improves developer productivity.● Reduces cost and time to market.● Brings agility to product development.● Gives developers the power to prototype their ideas rapidly.
  7. 7. OpenShift isPaaS by Red Hat Multi-language, Auto-Scaling, Self-service, Elastic, Cloud Application Platform
  8. 8. Why OpenShift?● Strength. OpenShift is built on proven Red Hat technologies.● Freedom. In OpenShift, work the way you want. – Choice of Interface: Web Console, Command-line, or IDE – Choice of Middleware: Java(EE6), Ruby, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Perl – Choice of Cloud: Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud – Choice of Elasticity: Automatic application scaling when needed● Openness. OpenShift’s open source software stack ensures application portability and No Lock-In.
  9. 9. Whats in the Box?
  10. 10. What else Do I Get?● OpenShift is free-as-in-beer & free-as-in-freedom● You get three free gears, each with 512MB memory and 1GB of disk space.● Need more resources, just ask!● The catch is we are in developer preview right now
  11. 11. Developers Choose How To Work with OpenShift Developer IDE IntegrationsCommand Line Web Browser Tooling Console REST APIs
  12. 12. Sign up for OpenShift Account Code is AGILENCR
  13. 13. Demo 1: Web ConsoleCreating a Wordpress blog is less than 2 minutes
  14. 14. Installing OpenShift Command Line Tools● Install Ruby 1.8.7 or greater● Install Git● Install rhc OpenShift gem Refer to documentation
  15. 15. Demo 2 : Creating a Java MySQL Application with Jenkins $ rhc app create -a todo -t jbossews-2.0 - - enable-jenkins $ rhc cartridge add mysql -a todo $ git remote add upstream -m master git:// ati/agilencr-demo.git $ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master $ git push
  16. 16. Customizing Jenkins Build● Modifying the default generated build configuration to do some work like running tests etc.
  17. 17. Demo 3 :Installing Sonar on OpenShiftSonar is an open platform to manage codequality.rhc app create -a sonar -t jbossews-1.0rhc cartridge add mysql -a sonarcd sonargit remote add upstream -m mastergit:// pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream mastergit rm -r src/ pom.xmlgit commit -am "delete src and pom.xml files."git push
  18. 18. Integrating Sonar with Build● Update Sonar profile in todo/pom.xml● Port forwarding using Eclipse● Run mvn sonar:sonar -Psonar
  19. 19. Demo 4 : Installing YouTrackThe Agile Issue Tracking and ProjectTracking Toolrhc app create youtrack jbossews-1.0git rm -rf src/ pom.xmlgit commit -am “delete template files”git remote add upstream -m mastergit:// pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream mastergit push
  20. 20. Conclusion● OpenShift is very easy● Installing various Agile tools was very easy● Sign up for an OpenShift account with promo code AGILENCR● Slides are available on SpeakerDeck● Code is on github