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Notes Contacts in MS Outlook


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Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook migrator software of SysTools is best solution for Notes Contacts in MS Outlook. View PDF for more info:

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Notes Contacts in MS Outlook

  1. 1. SYSTOOLS SOFTWARE Notes Contacts in MS Outlook Lotus Notes Contact Migration Mark Foster 2/22/2012Lotus Notes is a popular email client and if you are a Lotus Notes user and you want to convertNotes address book then, you can easily do it in XLS, PST and VCF formats with online Notesaddress book converter
  2. 2. Lotus Notes Address Book to Outlook Migration, WHY?If you are administrator of an organization, then you might deal with 100 or morecontacts per day. If Lotus Notes is employed as an email client, then Domino Servermust be established. Suppose, if the Server is downtime, then how will you access thecontacts as you can use any standalone email application for communication purposebut you cannot work without contacts. A worse condition like this can affect the workflowof the organization. To overcome such drastic situations, you can convert all Notesaddress book to Outlook so that you can access them anytime even if the Sever is incached mode. Moreover, it is also beneficial in situations when an error message like"You are not authorized to perform that operation: names.nsf" when you try to accessthe NSF contacts. In this state of affairs, the need to convert Notes address book toOutlook arises and this critical process can be performed by using a perfect commercialsolution only.
  3. 3. Notes Address Book ConverterNotes Address Book Converter converts all Lotus Notes Address Book folders (Advance,Briefcase, Personal and Briefcase) into Outlook/Excel and Vcard file format. You can convertLotus Notes Contacts into Outlook/Excel/Vcard file format. You can convert your all Lotus Notesclient Address Book (names.nsf) into Outlook (.pst) file format. With this utility can use OfficialContact in residence Email client format (Outlook) easily. Notes Address Book Convertersuccessfully converts Lotus Notes Address Book details into Outlook, MS Excel and Vcardformat. Here with single investment you can take benefits like; 1. SysTools Notes Address Book Converter quickly converts Lotus Notes Contacts to MS Outlook (ANSI or Unicode Character) PST File. 2. VCF is the format of vCard and it is a universal format as it supports all email applications, all gadgets, business phones, operating systems and many more, Address book contacts in vCard format can also be carried easily from one place to another. 3. XLS is the format of Excel Spreadsheets and this file format is used to arrange address book contacts in alphabetical order and you can also search any particular contact quickly in Excel because it provides a quick search option.
  4. 4. Notes Address Book Converter save yourself from these situations like;a) Inaccurate mode to perform Multiple Notes Address Book to Outlook Conversion can result indata loss situations. Therefore always go for an effective tool that provides completeconsequences.b) You must be familiar with the functionality and verity of the tool. For this, opt for free demoversion of the software that raise the curtain from the actuality of the software and help you ingetting desired results.c) The software must be capable to transfer all type of contact information from names.nsf toPST like personal/business info, email address, name of the contact holder etc and there mustnot be ant text formatting after conversion.More details: Meadow Town, Moscow, Florida-32184 USAContact us: US (863) 692-5057Email us: