Aging LongevityTo combat aging, keep your system alkaline with green drinks, fresh vegetable juice, and lots of freshgreen...
antibody forming foods: onions and garlic. Green algae drinks are excellent. Drink licorice root and St.Johns Wort tea. Ge...
constipation, hormone balance, eye-sight, and other stressors.For chronic headaches, try a short 24 hour fast with water a...
important. Include green drinks for micro-nutrients. Good brain foods include: eggs, fish, soy foods,sea vegetables, seeds...
ThyroidFor low thyroid, try 75% raw foods diet for 1 month to balance the thyroid. Include parsely, watercress,apples, alf...
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  1. 1. Aging LongevityTo combat aging, keep your system alkaline with green drinks, fresh vegetable juice, and lots of freshgreen vegetables. The diet should be at least 70% "living food" (see: Introduction to The Living FoodsLifesyle and The Living Foods Recipies). Include sea vegetables. Eat cultured foods for friendlydigestive flora. Have fish 3 times a week. Include fresh fruits, drink lots of water. Lower consumptionof fats and heavy foods. Eat meat, butter, eggs, and dairy sparingly. Avoid caffiene, highly seasonedand chemically processed foods, high fat foods and sugar. Sugar will age you faster than any othersubstance.AllergiesUse the Chinese medicinal teas: Aller-ease for the first two weeks, then Therapeutica along with LiverEnhancer to build long-term resistence. Response is a holistic herbal complex specific to allergies.Forallergy problems, a strong immune system and good digestion are very important. Use a bloodpurification and cleansing diet. Juice fasts using raw carrot/celery/apple juice are excellent. Utilize theMaster Cleanser. Magnesium rich foods help prevent allergies. These include: almonds, cashews,sesame seeds, lima beans, white and red beans, millet, bananas. Add sprouts, green leafy vegetables,root vegetables and yellow fruit and vegetables to the diet. Eat wild and brown rice occasionally. Avoiddairy, bread, pasta and any foods that clog the system.ArthritisFor arthritis, good digestion is extremely important. Check for food allergies. Short fasts on the MasterCleanser are good in the Spring and Summer. Eat lots of sulpher-containing foods (use MSM), such asasparagus, garlic and onions. Kale is excellent for arthritis. Include lots of green leafy vegetables andfresh fruits. Eat fresh pineapple regularly as it contains bromelain which is good for inflamation. Drinkfresh vegetable juice. Keep lower bowel cleared. Exercise regularly. Keep weight down. Reduceconsumption of fats and starchy foods. Avoid dairy, white sugar and any food with added sugar such ascola drinks and other sodas. Avoid salt and fried food.Cardiovascular DiseaseFor cardiovascular health, include magnesium-rich foods (fish, tofu, bok choy, molasses, wheat germ,brewers yeast) and potassium-rich foods (all vegetables and bananas). Foods rich in bioflavinoids, suchas the white segments of citrus fruits, grapes, plums, black currents, apricots, cherries, black berries,and rose hips, strengthen veins and capillaries. Buckwheat also strengthens veins. Include fish and seavegetables in the diet 3 or 4 times a week. Garlic lowers blood pressure. Have lecithin granules everyday in drinks or on salad. Drink fresh vegetable juice every day. Reduce fat intake to no more than 10%of the daily diet.CholesterolTo reduce cholesterol, oat bran and brown rice are the best foods. Other foods that help to reducecholesterol include apples, bananas, carrots, cold water fish, dried beans, garlic, grapefruit and oliveoil. Carrot/celery/beet juice help to flush out faL from bile in the liver. A periodic spirulina fast is good.Reduce all saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet. Avoid gas forming foods such as cabbage, brusselsprouts and cauliflower. Avoid all nuts except for raw walnuts (eat walnuts sparingly). Avoid stress.Chronic FatigueFor chronic fatigue, good digestion is essential. The diet should be at least 50% fresh, raw foods duringthe healing time. Emphasize foods that build immunity. Have protein every day. The diet should bemostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, skinless turkey or chicken, deep water fish, and in some casesorganic beef. Include defense foods: cruciferous vegetable such as broccoli and cauliflower. Include
  2. 2. antibody forming foods: onions and garlic. Green algae drinks are excellent. Drink licorice root and St.Johns Wort tea. Get plenty of rest. Avoid high carbohydrate foods, sugar, caffeine.Circulatory(Poor Circulation)For circulation, plenty of exercise is important. Eat lots of salad. Avoid heavy meals. Keep the colonclean. The diet should consist of 60% fresh raw food. Green vegetables are good blood cleansers.Include citrus fruits and juice for the bioflavinoid content to strengthen vein and tissue walls. Use lotsof garlic. Eat smaller size meals. Drink plenty of green drinks (chlorophyll rebuilds the heart). Drinkcarrot/celery/beet/parsley juice 3 times a week. Drink aloe juice several times a day. Drink MasterCleanser. Have vegetable protein instead of meat as much as possible. Avoid caffeine, cola, alcohol,salt, and sugar.Cold/FluFor colds and flu, go on a liquid diet with green drinks to clean out infections and mucous during theacute stage. Drink citrus juices. Chicken soup increases mucus release. Drink lemon and ginger tea.Drink echinacea tea. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of liquid a day. Avoid dairy of all kinds. Avoid red meat,sugar, fried and fatty foods.ConstipationFor constipation, lower bowel cleansing and blood purification is necessary. Drink plenty of freshvegetable juice including beet/celery/carrot juice once a day. Chew your food completely. Have freshlemon juice each morning. Soaked prunes and figs are good. Baked beets help elimination. Includewhole grains, such as millet and brown rice. Drink aloe vera juice as a tonic. Include flax oil or groundflax seeds in a daily smoothie. Almond or sesame seed milk lubricates the bowels. Avoid dairy(especially cheese), white sugar, fried foods, pasta, and other starchy foods.DiabetesFor diabetes, low fat and chromium rich foods are key. Include brewers yeast, string beans, eggs,cucumber, soy foods, liver and other organ meats, onions, garlic and wheat germ. High fiber in the dietis essential as it improves control of glycemia and glucose metabolism. Include plenty of high fibervegetables. Eat salmon 2 times a week. Have a green salad every day. Avoid sugar, fruit juice, alcohol,refined foods, fried and fatty foods.DigestionDigestion is the most important component of good health. A protein and vegetable based diet isexcellent for digestive disturbances. Eat plenty of salad with bitter greens. Drink fennel, ginger &peppermint tea after meals to aid digestion. Do not eat protein and starch at the same meal. Eatgrains,bread and pasta sparingly. Take digestive enzymes with each meal. Avoid dairy except foryogurt.FibromyalgiaFor fibromyalgia, eat a well balanced diet of at least 50% raw foods. Include fresh "live" juices. Thediet should be mostly vegetables. Include some turkey, chicken and deep water fish. Include greendrinks for chlorophyll. Drink plenty of liquid to flush out toxins. Eat more small meals rather thanfewer large meals. Avoid green peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and white potatoes. These foods containsolanine which interfers with enzymes in the muscles and may cause pain.Headaches(Chronic)Along with the recommended supplements, it is necessary to deal with any contributing factors such as:
  3. 3. constipation, hormone balance, eye-sight, and other stressors.For chronic headaches, try a short 24 hour fast with water and lemon juice. Follow the next day withapples, sprouts, salads and a small amount of brown rice. Keep the diet to whole, unprocessed foods asmuch as possible. Keep the colon clean. Drink lots of fresh vegetable juice. Include wheat grass juiceand other green drinks. Avoid chemical laced foods, wheat, salt, sugar, dairy foods (especially cheese),condiments, sulfites and MSG.Hepatitis(Liver Disease)For liver disorders, for 2 to 4 weeks eat only fresh "live" foods such as salads, fruit and fresh juices.Include carrot/beet/cucumber juice every day. Have green drinks 3 times a day. Use the MasterCleanser. Include artichokes for liver protection. Drink burdock, milk thistle and dandelion herb teas.Avoid alcohol, all raw fish and shellfish, animal protein, saturated fats, sugar and highly processedfoods.Hypertension(High Blood Pressure)For hypertension, go on a liquid diet one day every week for 2 months to improve body chemistry andreduce blood fats. Drink beet/celery/carrot/parsley juice often. Drink aloe vera juice every day. Havecitrus fruits daily. Eat a magnesium and potassium rich diet which includes: all green leafy vegetables,bananas, sunflower seeds, fish, garlic, brewers yeast. Avoid refined foods, caffeine, salt, sugar, friedand fatty foods, heavy pastries, soft drinks, avocados, cheese and other dairy products.HypoglycemiaFor hypoglycema, a diet high in fiber is very important. Include fish, chicken, non-starchy vegetables,asparagus, green beans, okra, celery, watercress, parsley, alfalfa, Jerusalem artichokes, and all greenvegetables. Try parsley/watercress/carrot/ celery juice to build the blood. Eat plenty of sprouts. Usegreen drinks between meals. Small amounts of fruit are okay. Avoid fruit juice, refined sugar,processed foods, soft drinks, bread, pasta and bagels as they all contribute to the problem.Immune SystemFor immune system support, begin a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably uncooked), nuts andseeds, small amounts of grain and other foods high in fiber. Follow a fasting program once a month torid the body of toxins that can weaken the immune system. Foods to include are fish, chicken, broccoli,cabbage, cauliflower, parsley, green beans, apples, green salads, buckwheat, and millet. Have greendrinks daily. Use spirulina, especially while fasting. It is an easily digestible food that aids in protectingthe immune system. Include chlorella and garlic as these foods contain germanium, a trace elementbeneficial for the immune system. Include ginkgo, burdock, echinacea, red clover, and ginseng herbteas.LymphaticFor lymphatic problems, start with a short fast using the Master Cleanser to clean the blood and liver.Keep the bowels clean. Potassium broth made with onions, celery, garlic, potato peels and parsely isvery healing. Eat lots of high fiber vegetables including: asparagus, beets, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers,string beans, turnips, flax seeds, blueberries, figs and prunes. Include vegetable juices. Drink burdockroot, red clover and dandelion teas. Have a fresh salad every day. Jump on the trampoline to stimulatethe lymph system. Avoid sugar, white flour products and fried foods.MemoryFor memory, minerals are essential for a healthy brain and nervous system. They also are important forthe over-all health of the body. 70% of the diet should be uncooked vegetables. A high fiber diet is very
  4. 4. important. Include green drinks for micro-nutrients. Good brain foods include: eggs, fish, soy foods,sea vegetables, seeds and nuts, avocados, brewers yeast, brown rice, tofu, wheat germ and molasses.Too many high carbohydrate foods have an adverse affect on memory. Avoid alergy triggering foodssuch as wheat, shell fish, corn and dairy. Avoid sugar, fried foods, tobacco, and alcohol.Nervous/BrainFor nerves and the brain, eat plenty of nuts and seeds. All leafy greens are good. Include salmon andcod for essential fatty acids. Include broccoli, cauliflower, onion, garlic, wheat germ, avacado, brownand wild rice. Drink carrot and celery juice. Add flax seed meal or flax oil, green drinks and lecithin.Avoid caffeine and sugar.OsteoporosisFor osteoporosis, eat high calcium containing foods such as broccoli, chestnuts, clams, dandeliongreens, kale, most dark leafy vegetables, hazienuts, flounder, molasses, oats, oysters, salmon, seavegetables, sesame seeds, soy beans, tahini (sesame butter), tofu, turnip greens and wheat germ.Include garlic, onions and eggs. Limit intake of almonds, asparagus, beet greens, chard, and spinach asthese foods are high in oxalic acid which inhibits calcium absorption. Avoid citrus fruits, sugar,caffeine, soft drinks.PMS/MenopauseFor PMS and menopause, eat at least 50% fresh, raw foods. Include soy foods as much as possible. Eatsalads with plenty of green leafy vegetables, especially kale and dandelion greens. Eat white fish andsalmon. Include whole grains, sunflower, and sesame seeds, almonds, pecans, walnuts, cabbage,broccoli, seaweeds, bananas, avacado and black strap molasses. Eat lots of fresh fruit. Drink 2 quarts ofwater/tea every day. Drink black cohosh, chamomile, and horsetail teas. Avoid fatty foods, dairy,caffeine, and refined foods.ProstateFor prostate problems, eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, brusselsprouts and cabbage. Include yellow and deep orange vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, squash andyams. Have fresh vegetable juice every day. To nourish the prostrate gland, have zinc rich foods everyday such as seafood, spinach, sunflower seeds, whole grains and especially pumpkin seeds. Include beepollen, apples, cantelope and berries. Make a smoothie every day with green superfood powders andflax seed meal. Drink saw palmetto, burdock root, nettles and buchu herb teas. Avoid dairy products.RespiratoryFor respiratory issues, the body needs to be cleansed of excess mucous. Lower bowel cleansing isessential. Short fasts along with "cleansing diets" and a positive attitude will speed healing. Eat plentyof green leafy vegetables, sprouts, sunflower seeds, black beans, garlic, fresh fruits. Include calciumrich foods to rebuild and relax the nerves. Drink red clover herb tea. Avoid dairy, bread, pasta and otherstarchy foods.StressFor stress, the diet should be 50% to 70% raw foods. Also include carrots, yams, kale, parsley, turnipgreens, collard greens, swiss chard and red peppers. Eat protein and mineral rich foods with each meal.Include seafoods, eggs, green drinks, soy foods, sprouts, black strap molasses, sunflower seeds, millet,wild rice and lentils. Drink herb teas including chamomile, ginkgo, alfalfa, gotu kola, valerian andlicorice root. Avoid caffeine, all processed food, dairy, and sugar.
  5. 5. ThyroidFor low thyroid, try 75% raw foods diet for 1 month to balance the thyroid. Include parsely, watercress,apples, alfalfa, kelp, molasses, prunes, seeds, nuts, poultry. Add seaweed to your meals as it is verynourishing and iodine rich. Drink carrot/celery/parsley juice. Include green drinks containingchlorophyll. Avoid broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables as theysuppress thyroid function. Avoid refined foods, saturated fats and sugar.