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Classifying Polygons by their sides

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  1. 1. Geometry Polygons Mrs. Brenda Rodriguez 5th and 6th Grade Math
  2. 2. Menu • Objective • Instructions • Theme: “Polygons” • Activities • Glossary
  3. 3. Objective • You’ll classify polygons be their sides Instructions • Match the polygon with its correct classification. • Tell whether the polygon is always regular.
  4. 4. Polygons • A polygon is a closed plane figure that is formed by three or more segments called sides. • Each side intersects exactly with two other sides at a vertex. Triangle 3 sides Quadrilateral 4 sides Pentagon 5 sides Hexagon 6 sides Heptagon 7 sides Octagon 8 sides
  5. 5. Choose the best answer: a) Triangle b) Quadrilateral c) Octagon Choose the best answer: a) Triangle b) Quadrilateral c) Hexagon Choose the best answer: a) Heptagon b) Pentagon c) Octagon
  6. 6. Regular Polygons Regular polygons are polygons with sides of equal length and angles of equal measure. Polygons that are not regular are irregular figures. Regular Irregular
  7. 7. Classify the polygons as regular or irregular a) Regular b) Irregular a) Regular b) Irregular
  8. 8. Glossary • Segment is a part of a line, it has two endpoints. • • • Intersects are lines in a plane that meet at a point. • Vertex – a point at which two sides of a polygon meet. • • Angle – A figure formed by two rays with the same endpoint. •
  9. 9. Correct
  10. 10. Incorrect
  11. 11. Correct
  12. 12. Incorrect